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Why Some People Will Never Grow Their Natural Hair

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

You know what? Some People Will Never Grow Their Natural Hair. let’s face it. It’s true and many of us have fall into that trap and give in into the idea that our natural hair will never grow.

Why do you think this is happening? Let’s talk about it because it’s something we have to address and find a reason to break that reason!


Why Some People Will Never Grow Their Natural Hair

Why Some People Will Never Grow Their Natural Hair
source: @tk-wonder


It’s really exciting when you first see your natural hair pattern. What a joy.

The you keep going and transitioning and suddenly you go ahead and big chop!

Yay, Kudos!

(btw if you’re still transitioning this 13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair will inspire you!)

But after going and going your hair seem to get stuck at this length…

is it the end of your hair growth cycle? (you should also check out this 15 Daily Routine For Natural Hair Growth!)

Bellow are few reasons why i believe some people will never grow their natural hair. But i will explain how to turn that into your advantage if you keep on reading:

  • You believe it won’t grow
  • You have no patience with your hair!
  • You tend to get jealous with other women’s hair
  • You give up on your regimen to fast
  • You have no real desire to grow it
  • You get a cut every time it starts to grow
  • You speak negatively about your hair
  • You don’t feel your hair is beautiful enough


You believe it won’t grow!

It all starts with your mind. What are you believing? Do you really believe that your hair can grow?

Or you’re still stuck in the mentality of the fact that our hair has been tagged with the label of “non growing hair”?

Here is how to change it:

Believe in yourself, believe in your hair! Turn your negative view on your hair growth into a positive one and you will see things changing right at that moment.

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You have no patience with your hair!

Oh lala! this is  big one.! How many times have you think of just cutting it all off again?

Or i should say go back to the relaxers? Girl, i totally feel you on this one.

I admit things get hard at times but you know what?

*come a little closer sister 🙂 *

it gets better by time. Yes i said it!

Working on your patience when it comes to your hair will help you and your hair to develop into a better version of yourself.

Here is how to deal with this: When you come into a difficult moment in your hair journey and those impatient feelings come in remember that you’ve come a long way with your journey.

Take a break.

Let your mind clear up and find a way out with a clearer mind. There you go 🙂 Feeling better already?

You tend to get jealous with other women’s hair! (Whoa!)

Yes you transitioned for 3 years, yes you big chopped 2 years ago and yes she transitioned for a year and big chopped 3 months later and her hair is longer than yours!

What have you done wrong? Why can’t your hair be growing in a normal state?!

The feeling of exile and disappointment comes in and you start getting jealous of other people’s hair progress.

Oh yeah, it happens to every one of us, you’re not alone. but what can you do about it?

Here is how to deal with this: Learn to walk on your line.

Looking at what others have achieve should only come as a source of inspiration to become a better you.

When you see someone doing well, be happy for them and their hair journey and look towards working on yours so you can inspire others.

Because truth be it, someone is feeling just like you.

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You give up on your regimen to fast

That’s why finding the right regimen for you hair is important. When you follow someones hair regimen, it’s something that has worked for them.

You shouldn’t take it as a written perfection, instead you should implement it into your hair journey and see how it works for you.

How to deal with it: If your hair regimen seem too much of a work or it’s not bringing the right results, stop what you’re doing right now.

Sit down and write down what has worked and what has not.

Eliminate the non working routines and exercise new practices that will give you better results.

You and your hair will instantly feel a revived energy with the new hair regimen!

You have no real desire to grow it!

It’s one thing to want to really grow your hair and another to just like the idea of growing your natural hair.

If you really want something no matter what you will work towards achieving your goal.

Do you really desire to grow your hair or it’s a idea that sounds nice!

If you are comfortable rocking low cuts then maybe this growing of a hair thing is not gonna do it for you.

How to deal with this: ask yourself the simple question, Do I really want to grow my hair? You will get the answer right away!

You get a cut every time it starts to grow!

I’ve seen many people get into the habit of cutting their entire progress once they see a little growth.

No, please don’t do that if you want to grow your hair.

unless your hair is growing like a spaghetti (lol) then you are probably cutting away all your progress.

What are the benefits of trimming?

Trimming is different that cutting a lot of hair off. If you want to know how to trim your hair better i recommend you reading how to trim your hair at home.

How to solve this: Learn the difference between trimming your natural hair and cutting it off!

We need that hair girl!

You speak negatively about your hair!

You know there is power in our words? Have you spoken negatively about your hair?

Believe it or not it has a impact on how your hair responds because if you don’t believe in your hair then you will speak it out.

how to solve it? Speak positively about your hair. yes your hair is dry but you’re working on it and it’s gonna bounce right back.

Yes it’s growing slowly but you believe with some good practice your hair will reach your desire length.

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You don’t feel your hair is beautiful enough!

Oh the hair texture debate! No matter what hair texture you may have you always will see another’s woman’s hair and think of this as a beautiful hair.

No wrong about that, in fact you’re right and you should  even tell her 🙂

But having the thoughts of your hair not being pretty enough is gonna really affect you in the long run.

How to solve it? See you hair every day and be thankful that you have such a beautiful hair because you really do have some unique hair on your head.

Let’s Wrap it up!

To wrap it up let’s conclude what we’ve discuss.

I want you to believe that your natural hair will grow by building your patience.

Getting jealous of other’s will only harm you and make you give up on your regimen which is not what you really want, right?

Build that real desire that will move you to grow your hair but also be aware of your cutting and trimming habits so you don’t cut off your progress.

Speak positive into your hair journey and always remember that your hair is beautiful just like you!

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