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Best 6 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss While Sleeping

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Hair loss is one of those things that always feels like an uphill battle. Brushing, shampooing, and even sleeping are all necessary activities, but they seem to increase shedding by causing friction. Ways To Prevent Hair Loss While Sleeping.

Making certain lifestyle modifications to your sleep routine, rather than counting your losses (literally), can make a tremendous difference. For starters, it can protect your hair from damage (PSA: A lot of hair damage happens at night). Because your epithelial hair follicle stem cells are activated while you sleep, taking proper care of your hair will help you grow more hair faster.


Best 6 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss While Sleeping



Choose a pillowcase made of silk or satin.

Silk pillowcases are frequently discussed, and for good reason. Silk’s smaller fibers, compared to cotton’s, reduce friction caused by rubbing your head on the pillow (particularly significant if you’re a tosser-and-turner). Cotton pillows also absorb moisture from your hair, leaving your strands dry, frizzy, and vulnerable to breaking.

2 If your hair is wet, don’t sleep with it wet.

Although there are few things more wonderful than slipping into bed with freshly bathed hair, bear in mind that damp hair is the most fragile. If you wash at night, make sure to properly dry your hair to avoid straining and damage while you sleep. Excessive heat is also bad for thinning hair, so allow yourself an extra hour or two to let your hair air dry.

3 Apply a hair mask to your hair overnight.

In the morning, hydrated strands mean reduced breakage throughout the day. Overnight hair masks are an excellent technique to provide much-needed nourishment and hydration to your hair. “It’s similar to sleeping with a night serum on your face,” says Trey Gillen, SACHAJUAN’s hairstylist and Creative Director of Education. “Many vital elements in overnight hair masks increase hair elasticity, hair integrity, and assist slide down the hair’s outer surface layer for shinier, more manageable hair.”

4 Apply scalp treatment to your hair.

Aside from hair masks (which are normally applied to your strands), a treatment applied straight to your scalp might also be effective. “Scalp treatments are quite beneficial while sleeping,” Gillen agrees. “They contain chemicals that promote the formation of healthy hair cells. SACHAJUAN Hair Control Treatment ($55; is an excellent approach to strengthen hair follicles that have been weakened.” If you prefer a more natural approach, apply aloe vera or coconut oil.


5 Before going to bed, detangle your hair.

Those with thinning hair may dread brushing it, but according to Gillen, detangling your hairs before night will reduce hair loss over time. “Tangles can transform into dreadlocks while you sleep, causing more to emerge when you have to brush your hair in the morning,” he explains. This procedure will also increase blood circulation (which will aid in hair development while you sleep) and distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair, reducing the amount of friction between the strands while you sleep.

6 Never wear a night cap or tie your hair up.

Tight ponies, for example, are one of the hairstyles that are detrimental to your hair. When they’re worn to bed, though, the damage is multiplied by two. While it may appear to be innocuous, the tension from wearing your hair up for several hours can cause traction alopecia. If you absolutely must keep your hair out of your face, consider a loose braid (tied with a soft scrunchie rather than an elastic) to reduce pressure and prevent tangles—also it’s a terrific way to wake up with heatless waves the next morning.

Gillen also advises against wearing sleep hats (unless they’re made of silk), contrary to popular assumption. “They can pull hair out from the roots and harm your hair follicle if they are excessively tight on the head and rub in one spot,” he explains. “It also goes against the assumption that you want to sleep with as little friction as possible.




There you have it, Best 6 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss While Sleeping

How do you grow your hair super fast overnight?

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