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9 Amazing Wash and Go Natural Hair 4c Tutorials that Actually Works!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Today we are talking wash and go natural hair 4c tutorials! Oh yeah, girl! Life can be good but life can be even better! What happens when your wash and go doesn’t come out as expected?

It can be easy to just give up but I know if you keep trying one day you will get it right. Let’s have a look at these 9 wash and go natural hair 4c tutorials and not only.

Some of these tutorials will surely work for any type 4 natural hair, Queen!

9 Amazing Wash and Go Natural Hair 4c Tutorials that Actually Works!

9 Amazing wash and go natural hair 4c Tutorials that Actually Works!

The first wash and go natural hair 4c tutorial is by my lovely LiveNaturallyLove!

In her technique, she defined hair kinks and curls, reduce frizz shrinkage all with one simple wash and go!

Okay, that’s a lot of promises right?

Steps to achieve this lovely wash and go:

  1. Sections your hair into bantu knots (note: make sure your hair is as detangled as possible prior to sectioning and cleansing. This will ensure that the process will be much easier).
  2. cleanse your hair using Apple Cider Vinegar (You can try her recipe here).
  3. Start applying your ACV mix to each section at a time, first to the roots then to the entire hair sections followed by twisting your hair back and bantu knot it.
  4. Next you want to apply your favorite conditioner and in this case, she is using this conditioner by Giovanni.
  5. Rinse the conditioner after you’ve done that for all your hair sections and apply your favorite oil or oil mix. In this case, she is using her oil mix which you can find here. Rinse it out thoroughly.
  6. Apply your favorite shea butter mix, If you want to try her recipe girl I got you, here!
  7. Then you want to grab your favorite gel and section your hair into smaller sections working each large section at a time.
  8. Apply your gel from the end of your hair then apply some more towards the roots. Make sure all your hair strands are coated with gel.
  9. So her is her trick: twist your hair till half way through and use plastic hair clips like this one to hold the section. This is a great trick to keep your natural hair from shrinking.
  10. You want to do that for all the smaller sections of your hair. When you’re done with all the sections of the one large section take an elastic hair band and hold all the twists together.
  11. You will need defuser for this step (If you have a blow dryer and just need a diffuser extension these will work for you but make sure it fits your blow dryer or get one that’s for your blowdryer type).If you don’t have a blowdryer diffuser then check this diffuser out!
  12. Start diffusing your hair as seen in the video starting from the roots, then to the ends of the hair. Remove the elastic band and stretch the sections and blow dry it.(She does that because once you unravel you will find most of your hair srand is still wet between the root and the ends so this will give it a good stretch and dry all in one!).
  13. Once your hair is dry start separating each tiny sections that naturally separates using your fingers and ..

Whoaaaa you’re ready to go!

Okay, this is for super dry hair days.

In this wash and go natural hair 4c tutorial we start with sectioned hair using hair clips and mist your hair with water (you just need a spray bottle like this one and water in it!) and apply curl enhancing smoothie to each section and comb using your fingers and apply your leave-in conditioner (she uses this).

Continue with Eco styler gel and be generous with the quantity and using your fingers as she does you are trying to define your curls.

Do that for all the remaining sections, water, leave-in conditioner, Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, use your fingers to detangle and your favorite hair gel in generous amounts.

Shake your hair after each section helps define the curls as she did.

Once you are done with all your sections just go back and separate your curls and don’t forget to shake.

Note from Queen: This tutorial doesn’t help your stretch your curls so note that the shrinkage will be super real with this tutorial

Okay, this wash and go natural hair 4c tutorial is for those with lots of hair… let’s get into it!

On freshly washed and deep conditioned hair mist hair with aloe vera gel (love this one) with helps with your hair ph balance.

Note you need to section your hair for best results and as always get some plastic hair clips like these for better sectioning.

Apply your leave-in conditioner (she uses this) and smooth it into the entire section of the hair using your fingers.

Next, take your oil and coat your strand with oil (she applied this oil) before applying any gel to avoid dry hair!

Next take your favorite gel (she uses a DIY gel but haven’t released a tutorial on how to do it so I love this tutorial for a DIY flaxseed gel!) else you can use this.

Smooth it well for best results. To keep the frizz away apply some water to your section.

Do this for there remaining hair sections.

Note from Queen: I really find her technique easy to follow although we didn’t see the end results so this tutorial is just for you to have different alternatives when it comes to wash and goes on 4c hair!

Try it for yourself since it’s fairly easy and see how it works for you!

This wash and go natural hair 4c tutorial is for those that want a dry wash and go! Make sure your hair is wet and section your hair into four section.

Apply your gel (she uses this) a very heavy-handed amount to your strands.

Next, apply your get which in this case is the Eco styler (Argan) and finger detangle and apply your cantu curl activator which will help activate the curls.

Lastly, she applies a butter to coat each strand.

Repeat the process to all your sections and add some water mixed with aloe vera juice if needed. Make sure you leave your hair to air dry!

Bam! Ready!

This tutorial is by no means for a type 4c texture but the results are great and why not learn how to achieve it.

Who knows, it might work for you!

Products used:

Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing RinseDesign Essentials Deep Moisture Milk SouffleLotta Body Curl & Style MilkEco Styler Olive Oil Gel Lotta Body Foaming Mousse

Sharting by shampooing your hair she uses this shampoo because it cleans the hair leaving it moisturized. Rinse it and deep condition your hair (I love this conditioner).

Twist your hair into sections and make sure your hair is super wet.

Take a spray bottle full of water and as usual clips for your sections!

Spray your hair with water and apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and rub the product into your hair.

Next, she uses the curl and style milk, next eco styler gel (which I love!) and it’s gonna add super definition to the curls and end she ads the lotta body foaming mousse.

That’s it!

Start with clean and deep conditioned hair and section it into four sections.

You can mist your hair with water and split that sections into 4 sections and she is using a defining curl cream and she applies it to her hair strand.

Next, she uses the anti-humidity cream for less frizz and she seals everything in with an oil or a mix of oils.

No finger coiling or diffusers int his tutorial!

If you love more volume and less definition then this is for you. Just wash and go. Simple and quick!

In this tutorial, we are embracing our curls as well as shrinkage!

Products used:

She is trying this line of products and I must say she got pretty good results.

So let’s get into the wash and go tutorial! I liked the results but she didn’t show much so I added it just in case you want to follow up.

What you can take from this you need to pineapple your hair the night before.

Would love to see more of the demonstration tho… Just saying 😉

This is for super defined wash and go on type 4 hair!

Loving it, Let’s do this and it’s without gel! Like wow!

We start on dry hair and moisturized (applying leave-in, oil, and cream), section your hair into 6 smaller sections (let me tell you I love the background music!).

In this wash and go natural hair 4c tutorial she is using the shingling technique which means you put some products on your hair and work your hair with your fingers until they start defining themselves.

Section that first part into two sections and spray some water into it following with your leave-in conditioner not forgetting the ends of your hair.

Next use your defining cream to each section patiently!

Apply some water and keep working on your hair with your fingers until you’re satisfied with your curl pattern but be gentle with your hair and apply the cream or leave-in when you see your roots, not that defined.

To stretch your curls you want to twist each section till you’re done with all sections. Leave them to dry for better results but remember to no twist too hard!

The purpose of the twists is to just elongate the curls without messing up the pattern.


Products she used:

  • – The Mane Choice Soft As Can Be Revitalize & Refresh 3-in-1 Co-Wash, Leave-In, Detangler
  • – The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Oil & Honey Daily Moisturizer & Sealing Cream & Daily Restorative Spray
  • – Camille Rose Naturals The Leave-In Collection – Herbal Tea


Last wash and go natural hair 4c tutorial but not least this is a lovely wash and go tutorial. Not specifically for 4c hair but hey why not check out how it turned out!

Coat hair with your conditioner and next use a moisturizing hair milk to coat your strands and take your favorite gel using your fingers to define your strands.

This tutorial works with air dry so you want to leave your hair to do it’s thing while drying.

Apply a lightweight oil to add a finished look to your curls and separate your culs for more volume without bothering your curls much or use your hair pick to thicken up your hair roots!

Finnish the look using your fingers to complete your wash and go style!

Whoaaa so much knowledge in a post! I Loved all these wash and go natural hair 4c tutorials!

Love it? Share this or save it for later!

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xo Queen


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  1. My hair cannot handle products with aloe veto. I makes my hair hard and dry. I’m having a hard d time finding products for my 4 hair without it. Suggestions please!!

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