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5 Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller

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For those doing combating fine or diminishing hair, a lovely updo can seem like the hardest conceivable thing to accomplish. Unexpectedly, the right updo can really make your hair look more full and more voluminous. There are only a couple key things to remember. One, steel clear of high-pressure haircuts, exhorts Jamie Powell, hair specialist and originator of Maggie Rose Salon and Naturally Drenched. That is essentially an extravagant method of saying styles that require your hair to be pulled back too firmly: “They can be truly harming to your hair and in reality even increment balding,” she cautions. (Furthermore, that is clearly the last thing you need in case you’re managing diminishing strands.)Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller


5 Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller

5 Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller

5 Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller

Loose, Low Pony

Start by adding texture to your hair, another easy way to create the illusion of volume, says Abramite. In this case, she suggests using a large curling iron to create waves from mid-lengths to ends. Before you pull your hair back (loosely), at the nape of your neck, use a cushion brush to backcomb the top half of your hair. And to add even more volume, you can even tease the ponytail a bit, adds Powell. Both stylists suggest leaving a few face-framing pieces hanging out to make the look more special than your average pony.

Halo Braid

This style makes for lots of drama while simultaneously making sure any thinning areas, typically most noticeable around your hairline and part, aren’t exposed, says Powell. It requires the most effort of any of the looks on this list, but is fairly easy to master once you get the hang of it. Ideally, create this on second-day hair so that it has more grip and texture, and mist on a liberal amount of dry shampoo at the roots, and a texture spray throughout to absorb oil and add volume throughout.

Part hair on the side, and create a French braid, starting at the hairline, and working all the way down the side of the head. (Keep the braid fairly loose so that you’re not tugging too much on the fragile hairs around your temples.) Repeat on the other side of the hair, then criss cross the braids at the nape of your neck and pin in place. Try that same tugging technique as with the French twist, to create more volume. You can also use the tip of the handle of a fine-tooth comb to gently pull out each plait and further add more texture.

French Twist

“Begin by curling your hair to create lift and texture throughout,” says Abramite. Gently back comb just the roots with a cushion brush, then gather the hair at the back of your head in the center. Twist the ends upwards, creating a vertical roll that extends from the nape to the crown. Pin in place, then gently tug on either side, an easy trick that will make the twist appear fuller and thicker.

Tousled Chignon

In case you missed it, the chingon is back in a big way. But a super sleek take on the style can make your hair look thinner, not to mention requires it to be pulled back tightly, which, as mentioned, is a no-go. Instead, try this more textured take on the trend. Use a large curling iron to create waves from roots to tips, then spray a texture spray all over, suggests Abramite. Create a loose pony at the nape of your neck and backcomb it to add fullness. Wrap the hair in a circular shape and pin above the hairline. And if some pieces fall out, don’t stress—it’s all part of the intended effect you’re going for.

Top Knot

After curling hair with a big curling iron, sweep it into a loose pony on the very top of the crown of your head. “Leave out some pieces to drape around the face to create movement and more width,” says Powell. Back comb the pony, hit it with some texture spray, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, pinning to secure.


5 Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller

5 Updos That Will Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Fuller


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