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20 Amazing Twist Out on Dry Hair Tutorials

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Here are 20 Amazing twist out on dry hair Tutorials every natural must watch! Twist out on dry hair is a really simple yet complex style but the results are absolutely breathtaking.

When i first went natural twist outs was one of the styles that made me run for my life 😀


Because my hair was so short that i tried my best to keep it from shrinking!

So today i’m sharing with you this 20 amazing twist out on dry hair tutorials that will turn your mess into a story!

20 Amazing twist out on dry hair Tutorials

20 Amazing twist out on dry hair Tutorials

Lets first see what is twist out:

twist out is a great-looking natural hairstyle that can be done after wearing your hair in twists. Varying the technique can create different styles, from a very defined twist to a looser twist that shows off more hair volume.

3 products for a great twist out on dry hair:



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How To Get The Perfect Dry Twistout | NATURAL HAIR

April Bee

 Can i achieve a twist out on old hair? Yes but don’t forget to detangle your hair prior to styling. Use a comb or finger detangle.
But what what is finger detangling?

To finger detangle is simply to gently separate the dry hair with your fingers.

Not combing through but just separating into sections as big or as little as you want them to be for twisting.

Bomb Twistout for Dry Natural Hair!

By Yahya TheGreat


DRY TWIST OUT IN 1 HOUR On Natural Hair!

Judith Kryztals

On dry hair you would apply a small amount of your favorite leave in conditioner to your separated hair. Just enough to moisten but not to totally saturate.  The same applies to your favorite butter or oil.

How To ⇢ FLAT TWIST-OUT on DRY Natural Hair

Michelle B

The flattwist out consists of parting hair into cornrowed sections but flat twisting the hair and allowing them to set before unraveling them for your desired style

Natural hair tutorial | Twist out w/ @EdenBodyWorks

Nik Scott

 Remember: what works for my hair may not work for yours.

How To | twist Out Routine For Dry Hair | Entwine Couture Hydration Line

QUICK Fluffy Twist Out on Old, Dry HAIR ft. FrizzFreeCurls

Kimberly Cherrell

You should always find what techniques work best for the look that you want to achieve.

QUICK Hair tutorial | 2 Hour Twist out on Dry, Dirty Hair | | Chadel Mathurin

Chadel Mathurin

It is important that my hair is clean and conditioned, Hair is like a sponge; it can only absorb so much.

Natural Hair| Result Of Dry Twistout On Blown Out Hair

Nyla Helene

Blown out Twist out! (dry hair)


Try doing a twist out on stretched blow out hair for a beautiful result!

TWIST OUT (on dry hair)

Kimberly Holden


Flat Twist Out Dry Hair | Natural Hair | askpRoy


Soft and Fluffy Twistout on Natural Hair

JourneyTo WaistLength

How To Achieve The PERFECT Twist Out EVERY TIME!!! | Natural Hair

My Natural Sistas

Natural Hair | DEFINED Chunky Flat Twist Out with perm rods


Flat Twistout on Blown Out Hair Using CURLS Creme’ Brule’


Natural Hair | Twist Out 

Tonya Evett

Natural Hair Tutorial: Flat Twist Out {Requested Update}


Bantu Knot Out On Dry 4C Natural Hair

Laila Nassali



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