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13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

The best transitioning hairstyles for short hair is the ones that you love the result. Let’s face it ladies, if the style does not speak to you then it’s not the best for your transitioning style list!

When i was transitioning i tried so many styles that i was overwhelmed with how versatile our hair can be!

But it’s always a good thing to gain some inspiration when it comes to styling our hair before we go out the door!

Some of this styles look easy and they actually are!

The only thing that’s stopping you from achieving them is you!

So let’s get into the fun part and have a look at this 13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair!

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair


13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

The Halo Transitioning Queen Style!13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

This style is relatively simple to do and looks really neat and professional. When i was transitioning this was one of the styles i tried to achieve and girl let me tell you that it looked goood 🙂

It can be accessorized with minimum jewelry or you can also go bold on the earings since this style is really that simple.

All you need is your fingers, a comb to do a good parting in the middle and some basic braiding/ cornrow knowledge.

You can always ask you sister do this style for you or get it done in a saloon!

The Bun me Up Transitioning Style13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Who told you that buns are not cute? I always get facinated when i see those gorgeous air hostes walking by with their elegant hair bun!

Buns are a great way to style your hair while transitioning.

The are not only low key maintainance but they look great if you do them on freshly washed hair. You can read 7 Best how to slick back natural hair techniques that will help you perfect your bun style starting now!

I think we all can agree that hands down Eco Styler gel is one of the best options when it comes to choosing the right gel for this style.

The Flat curly Shaped Transitioning hairstyle!

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Looking at this style… when you are in search for transitioning hairstyles for short hair you can already tell that this style is the bomb! I think it’s effortless and pretty at the same time.

What you have to master in order to get this style is to have  a good leave in conditioner and some curl rods in order to curl the ends of your hair.

The flat twist at the front section add’s a unique sense of style and for this style i would say less is more.

So accessorize your hair by using bobby pins and minimum jewelry like some pearl stud earrings.

The Braid me flexi Transitioning style

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Flexirods are really good for curling the ends of your hair especially now that you are transitioning because the ends of your hair is straight.

The braids will mix things up and create a sense of agreement between your curls and your chemically processed hair.

Make sure your hair is clean (washed well and free from build up) and properly prepared, meaning well moisturized in order to get a long lasting style.

The Corntrow Bun Styled Queen!13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

We talked earlier about how buns are a great way to style your transitioning hair but here is a combo of two awesome styles. Transitioning hairstyles for short hair without cornrows are incomplete!

Cornrows with a bun! Part your hair into four or five sections as you see above and cornrow each section following by securing them with a bobby pin.

This way the ends of each section remain un-braided for a fuller look on your bun.

Complete this look applying your favorite gel at the edges and why not on the cornrows and cover it with a satin scarf.

The end results will amaze you!

The Curly straight puffy Style!

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Because not everyone is comfortable with heat free styles this will totally make you fall in love.

I am a length lover, that means i always want to see my hair length and the progress i’m doing. Although most transitioning hairstyles for short hair are not heat based.

With some of this styles it’s impossible to know how well your hair is growing.. here comes the heat (use with caution tho!).

Straighten your hair in order to blend both textures using a blow dryer or a flat iron for better results.

Bump the ends to create a curly look and part the top part into a loose ponytail.

You can’t go wrong with this style!

The “Oh What do i do” Curly Style

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

If you haven’t ask that question yet, i’m sure at a point you will!

What do i do with all this hair?!

If you ran out of styling options you can always use perm rods to create a curly look that will serve your needs of the moment.

This will work best for short hair but medium to long hair can also turn out great!

The High Bun Curly Bangs Chic

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Bangs are really into style especially with a high bun style! Jewelries like hoop earrings totally do this style a justice.

For my winter weather ladies i love this turtleneck top that comes in the same color as her hair.

Fierce style!

The Mohawk Blended curls Style!13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

The Mohawk style i must say it’s not the easiest style to do but it’s a glam style if you are wondering what style to try for a night out with loved ones.

In order to get this style right you need to section your hair using a comb and lots of bobby pins to hold those curls or you could get some elastic head bands for each large section.

Jewelry wise you can go large or minimum, it’s totally up to your hair game!

The Tuck it in Transitioning Style

13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Just chill and tuck those ends in. If you’ve done enough to your hair already maybe it’s time for a break.

Try this style using a elastic headband in various colors to add some flavor to the style.

The one side flat twisted bun!13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Sometimes i get tired of the middle parting, do you feel my pain?

I’m sure you’ve felt like that before! So this style comes to break the norm with a side part, twisted front and bunned back!

Love the simplicity in this style!

The Curl galore Situation Style!13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair

Perm rods without parting your hair will leave you with some lovely curls as shown above.

The trick here is to use a afro comb to pick the root of your hair to create that necessary volume that this style needs in order for it to stand out.

Let’s not forget to apply gel to the edges and cover just the front section with a satin scarf to lay down those baby hairs!

The “Ain’t No body got time for that” Transitioning Style13 Trendy transitioning hairstyles for short hair


This is for the lazy days…When all things fail try a cornrow and bump the ends with perm rods for a curlier look.

There are days you won’t want to go through all the fuzz of a style and just having your hair in a protective style!

There you have it, 13 transitioning hairstyles for short hair that will give you many styling options while transitioning to natural!

Wishing you a good transition,

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