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11 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing Every Lady Should Know

Everyone fantasizes about having perfect, flowing hair! Smoothing, on the other hand, will work like a genie in a bottle for you if you are a hair-obsessed person who actually has no time for hair care! You can have this treatment done before any big event, and you’ll be ready to flip your gorgeous mane. But hang in there! It will, without a doubt, make you appear prim and proper. However, you should be aware that it has numerous consequences. If you’ve had a smoothing treatment before, now is the time to think about getting it done again. If you’re a first-time user, however, take a breather and acknowledge these side effects. I’m confident you’ll thank me at the conclusion of this article! So sit back and unwind; I’ll walk you through the entire procedure. Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing.

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Hair smoothing treatments, also known as keratin smoothing or Brazilian blowouts, work by breaking certain bonds in your hair and gluing them back together in a sleek new pattern.

The first step in the salon procedure is to shampoo your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Your hair is then straightened with a solution. After that, your hair is blow-dried and flat ironed at a high temperature. This forms a waterproof seal, allowing the hair strands to keep their new structure for 3 to 6 months.

Keratin hair treatments may produce pleasing results, but they can have a slew of negative side effects.
Let me go over them with you:

11 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing Every Lady Should Know


1. Hair Loss that is Consistent


Hair loss may or may not influence your appearance, but it is important to consider more than just the cosmetic element. After all, it could indicate that your health is failing.

The most prevalent negative effect of hair smoothing is hair loss. Hair follicles become weak and separate at the roots as a result of overuse of toxic chemicals and heat, resulting in hair loss. Hair strands lose their inherent strength and begin to break as the month’s pass.

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Hair fall is the most prevalent side effect of hair smoothing, according to Dr.K.Harish Kumar, MD, DVL. Hair follicles become weak and separate at the roots as a result of overuse of toxic chemicals and heat, resulting in hair loss. Hair strands lose their inherent strength and begin to break as the month’s pass.

2. Dizziness, bleary eyes, and rashes on the skin

Hair straightening treatments contain strong chemicals that might cause nausea and dizziness. A burning sensation around your eyes and itching in your larynx are also possible. This therapy has an effect on your scalp and hair.

The skin is your body’s most delicate organ, and it is easily damaged. Because the chemicals are only supposed to be used on your hair, they might cause blisters or rashes on your head, face, and neck if they come into contact with your skin. Hair smoothing treatments also contain formaldehyde, which causes your skin’s epidermal layer to become gritty, itchy, and red.

So, as you can see, beauty has a lot of baggage!

3. Damage to Natural Hair Texture Save iStock Damage to Natural Hair Texture

We used to adore our hair, regardless of its texture, when we were young. However, as we grew older, our curiosity led us to endure dangerous operations in order to make our hair ‘parlor-ready.’

The amino acids and disulfide bonds in your hair strands are broken and rebonded during the smoothing treatment, temporarily giving them a new structure. As a result, your hair’s natural texture is lost.

4. Extreme Dehydration

For the first few months, keratin smoothing makes it a lot easier to manage your wild curls. However, after a few washes, it may produce excessive dryness. Toxins that change the structure of your hair strands cause them to break down from root to tip. Chemicals seeping into the scalp, causing it to become flaky, is another cause of dryness. Toxic sediments that stay on the hair strands make them brittle as well. To avoid dryness, it is necessary to oil your hair frequently.

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5. Split Ends

When you find one split end, you know a large army of split ends is following closely after! It can take anything from a few weeks to months to get rid of them (without cutting your hair). Split ends can be caused by exposing your hair to high-temperature heat during a hair smoothing treatment. These chemical treatments rob your hair strands of their natural moisture, resulting in split ends. Split ends not only harm your strands but also weaken your hair follicles.

Dandruff Dandruff Dandruff Dandruff Dandruff Dandruff Dandruff Dandruff Dan

Dandruff is without a doubt one of the most irritating hair problems. It takes away all the good stuff and leaves your poor scalp in shambles. Dandruff, in fact, can be a forerunner to a variety of other hair issues, including scalp inflammation.

Chemicals used in hair smoothing treatments build up on the scalp as sediments. These sediments aid in the production of dandruff flakes, which cause itching, hair loss, and greasiness.

7. Uncleanliness

Imagine waking up every day with greasy, stinky hair. Hair greasiness is caused by the overuse of hair lotions and serums to keep hair smooth. Serums and lotions are frequently recommended to prevent hair from damage, however, they may not be effective if used too frequently. Serums can flatten your hair and make it look oily if you use them frequently. Dandruff and other hair problems can be caused by excessive greasiness.

Hair Loss No. 8

You could assume your hair is getting pampered if you go to the spa on a regular basis. However, it is getting exposed to a variety of pollutants! The density of your hair may be reduced during a smoothing treatment due to breakage and thinness induced by the flat iron’s high temperature. Hair loss split ends, and discoloration may result as a result of this.

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9. Discoloration of the hair

Hair darkening is a major side effect that may not be apparent right away. Premature graying of hair can be caused by the use of serums during the hair smoothing process, followed by powerful chemical-based shampoos that are recommended after keratin treatment.

10. Health Risks

Beauty comes with its own set of drawbacks, one of which is health concerns. The chemicals employed in keratin smoothening have been linked to lung and skin disorders. Inhaling these chemical compounds might cause breathing difficulties and other respiratory issues.

When it comes to hair smoothing, people with sensitive skin should be extremely cautious because these chemicals can cause itching, redness, and breakouts.

11. Stress

Let’s face it: hair smoothing necessitates a significant amount of dedication. Maintaining smoothed hair and making it look beautiful takes a lot of time and effort. It’s possible that the stress of polishing each strand will take its toll on you. Not to mention the large sums of money you’ll have to spend on expensive serums and shampoos to keep the smoothing look.

Healthy hair, as the ancient adage goes, is a sign of perfect health. You must strike a balance between natural and artificial hair care procedures if you want flawless hair. There are always natural alternatives to keratin smoothing for treating your hair.






There you have it, 11 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing Every Lady Should Know

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