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Amazing Low Porosity Hair Characteristics You Must Know!

Low porosity hair characteristics! Wohoo!  Wait…. hold on a minute…What’s that again?! Ha! I knew you where just like me wondering what’s all that fuzz about hair porosity!

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome to my Natural hair Blog! Here i share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

I made a special page for you all (my lovely queens!) with helpful resources like coupon codes, discounts and products that will help you and me in our hair journey! I'll also be sharing different Best Selling Products for natural hair as i discover them!

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Let’s find out about it and look into some amazing low porosity hair characteristics that will help us take care of your natural hair even better!

When i first went natural i never even knew what was my hair porosity level! Honestly speaking i’ve need many women going the same path but it’s interesting to know what type of hair porosity we have!

Insane Low porosity hair characteristics You Need to know

Insane Low porosity hair characteristics You Need to know

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Today we are looking into what and how we can know few of the low porosity hair characteristics and how we can care better for our hair in order for it to be healthier and eventually grow!

Let’s start by answering few basic things about porosity and look into some products that can help us care for our low porosity hair better.

Low porosity hair characteristics You Need to know!

What is a porosity?

In order to know the low porosity hair characteristics you need to first understand what porosity means.

According to Porosity and Permeability  Porosity is a measure of how much of a rock is open space. This space can be between grains or within cracks or cavities of the rock. Permeability is a measure of the ease with which a fluid (water in this case) can move through a porous rock.

What does it mean to have low porosity hair?

If you have low porosity, it means your cuticles are a little tight and pretty resistant to receiving water and moisture.

Low porosity hair

How do you know if you have low porosity hair?

The Float Test: Take a couple of strands of hair from your comb or brush and drop them into a bowl of water. Let them sit for 2-4 minutes.

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If your hair floats, you have low porosityIf it sinks, you have high porosity.

How do you moisturize low porosity hair?

If you don’t know the basics of how to moisturize your natural hair daily check this helpful post right here that will give you all the details!

Let’s have a look at a more specific way of moisturizing low porosity hair. Here are few tips and tricks you could follow:

  1. Use heat to open the cuticles to let the moisture in (hot water, heated deep conditioners, etc.). If you aren’t opposed to the hair dryer, you can use it to heat your conditioner while it is on your hair. …
  2. Use lighter products.
  3. Reducing build up is key.

You can also watch this helpful video bellow for my visual sistas!


natural hair porosity

What products to use for low porosity hair? Here are 3 products i think will work nicely for you if you see this low porosity hair characteristics

  • Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment.

    If your hair is dry and you need some Intense pampering for dry hair try Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment. It Moisturizes without build ups and have a lovely sent of citrus and levander!

    Few words from ladies that got some pretty good results:
    “I’ve used this for years and cannot find a better deep conditioner that is protein-free.”
    “I will never be without this product again! It has completely saved my hair.”

    “I love the scent, and this is the only conditioner we’ve found for our daughter’s hair”

  • Softsheen-Carson Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator.

    This product is for natural or curly hair and it restores your curls and smoothes your hair without making it greasy or stiff!

    Here are few words from some ladies that loved it:
    ” It definitely tamed it and made it more manageable and defined. ”

    “Low porosity 4c hair and I love this. It keeps hair moisturized but not greasy.”

    “Love this product! Best thing for my daughter’s hair when styling her curls day to day.”

  • SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

    This Shea moisture product tend to do really well! Rozanne said she lives by this stuff as it makes her curls bouncy and soft!

    Meanwhile Jenni can’t believe the difference it has made to her curls! My one caution is not to use too much of this product because you might over do it and end up with build up!

Is it bad to have low porosity hair?

low to normal porosity with an intact hair cuticle is ideal. Hair that is too porous has a difficult time maintaining a moisture and protein balance.

This is often caused by chemically altering the hair, and/or heat damage which creates vulnerable areas throughout the hair strands.

What oils are good for low porosity hair?

  • Grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil strengthens the hair and is great as a heat protectant when used with another heat protectant.
  • Argan oil. Its natural properties are a tremendous boon for a scalp plagued by dandruff and irritation. Argan oil is rich in natural phenols that are beneficial to hair follicles.
  • Jojoba oilJojoba oil can easily seep into the follicles and dissolve the sebum buildup, clearing up the blockage and facilitating the growth of new hair.
  • Apricot oilApricot seed oil has oleic acid, which is an omega-9 fatty acid and a wonderful emollient that makes hairand scalp softer
  • Pomegranate oil. The high antioxidant and vitamin content in pomegranate seedoil increase blood circulation in the scalp and strengthen blood vessels, increasing hairgrowth.
  • Sweet almond oil. Using almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair.
  • Hemp seed oil enhance the growth of hair on the scalp in a number of ways. Among these is through the Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9 fatty acids, which are necessary in stimulating growth.

Can you change the porosity of your hair?

Regular chemical processes, including heat, can change the hair’s porosity over time.


No matter what hair porosity type or level you have know that your hair is beautiful and learning how to take care of it might take time but it’s worth it!

Give this techniques a try and you will see some pretty solid results and improvements in your hair routine.

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