How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!

Searching for the perfect LCO Method For Natural Hair Success? Here are some great tips and tricks on how to use the LCO method.

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How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!

How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!
How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!

In the event that you’ve just attempted the LOC Method and need to explore different avenues regarding something different, you might be interested about difficult the LCO Method for natural hair as another option.

The LCO Method is a defensive procedure that assists with guarding the hair against contact and to secure dampness, much the same as the LOC Method does. Be that as it may, in some cases it assists with changing the request for your daily schedule to get the outcomes you need.

My LCO strategy item suggestions:

1. Fluid


2. Cream

​Are You Frustrated With Your Dry And Breaking Hair?

3. Oil

In this article, you discover how to utilize the LCO Method to hold sound length on natural hair.

What is the LCO Method?

The LCO Method represents Liquid-Cream-Oil and it is a useful method to watch and shield the hair from regular mileage. For instance, doing this technique can shield from wind, UV beams, and contact.

Contact is brought about by straightforward things like a shirt neckline, the rear of a couch, or a go raking over the hair. Indeed, even the twists themselves can cause contact as they slam into one another.

The LCO Method expects to forestall rubbing by covering your natural hair with assurance you can wear without upsetting your hairstyle.

Layering on creams and oils subsequent to hydrating your hair can assist with fixing the strands and keep hurt from entering through the fingernail skin to harm the pole.

Step by step instructions to Do the LCO Method

To do the LCO Method, you’ll need:

Utilize plain water, aloe vera juice, or a water based leave in conditioner.

Twisting or smoothing creams, function admirably for the cream for LCO Method.

Fantastic LCO Method oils are Butta Cream, Jojoba, avocado, or coconut oil.

On the off chance that you are doing a wash and go, knead the items into each strand without separating excessively. On the off chance that you are doing a curve out or interlace out, you’ll need to part each cluster of hair first, at that point apply the items in the LCO request to every little area. That way, the items will cover each strand.

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Start by wetting your hair. It’s in every case best to totally absorb your natural hair the shower since it will assimilate a great deal of water. However, once in a while it’s not advantageous to wash up. For this situation, a water shower jug will work. You can put two tablespoons of your preferred conditioner to help detangle and add slip to your water splash.

Apply the cream. Back rub it into each strand to ensure the supplements infiltrate through the fingernail skin.

Apply oil(s). Get done with it is possible that one supplement thick oil, or a mix of a few oils.

Style not surprisingly. As a rule, the LCO Method is brilliant for styling and it is most likely all you need.

LCO Method Steps

The LOC Method steps are:

Stage 1:

Continuously put water on your hair as the initial step. It’s ideal to altogether splash your hair with water from the shower, yet you can likewise utilize a water shower bottle. Searching for something other than plain water? Attempt aloe vera squeeze or rice water as a substitute. Or on the other hand you can likewise utilize a water-based leave-in conditioner during the week, however ensure it is watery with the goal that it doesn’t bring about item development.


Stage 2:

You have bunches of decisions with regards to selecting a cream for the LCO Method. You can go with a leave-in conditioner, a twist cream, or a smoothing cream. Pondering about some particular LCO Method items?

functions admirably for a light cream, while

work as a thick and heavier cream.

Stage 3:

You’re placing oils on your hair in the last advance, yet it is as yet conceivable to enter the hair shaft through the cream layer on the off chance that you utilize the correct oils. Search for oils that enter and still secure. Coconut and avocado function admirably in this progression. Jojoba oil and shea margarine will likewise assist with securing. You can likewise have a go at utilizing a mix of oils to get the advantages from each. Butta Cream is a simple to-utilize mix of oils that keeps the hair saturated.

How Often Should I do the LCO Method

Recurrence relies upon how quick your hair loses dampness. Your curly hair is generally powerless to breakage and harm when it is dry. The LCO Method can assist with keeping it saturated and this will help you in holding length.

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In the event that your hair is short and dry, remoisturize much of the time. You presumably need to do the LCO Method two times seven days if your mane gets dry rapidly.

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Intend to do the LCO Method something like each time you wash your hair, which ought to be about once every week.

On the off chance that you utilize quality items, you’ll have the option to go 4-5 days before you have to do the LCO Method once more. Do your LCO Method during the week with a water splash bottle when your hair starts to get dry.

You ought to likewise consider hair type and porosity. Look at the accompanying notes:

LCO Method for 3c hair and LCO Method for 4a hair. 3c and 4a hair types can profit by the LCO Method. Be that as it may, you may not require overwhelming oils and thick creams. Attempt lighter items. Utilize a light leave-in for your cream, and jojoba oil for your oil.

LCO Method for 4b hair and LCO Method for 4c hair. 4b and 4c hair types have the most requirement for the LCO Method. Your skin’s sebum makes some hard memories going down the strand, and this outcomes in extra requirement for insurance. You’ll most likely best with doing the LCO Method two times every week and utilizing overwhelming oils and creams.

The LCO Method isn’t only for curly hair. Any hair that loses dampness rapidly can profit by layering items on the hair. The LCO Method can help transitioning hair and loosened up hair as well.

LOC Method versus LCO Method

The LOC Method is another procedure that is much of the time talked about in the Natural Hair Community, and it’s likewise a phenomenal method to ensure your mane.

The LOC Method implies fluid oil-cream, while the LCO technique is fluid cream-oil.

There’s some conversation that the LOC Method works best for high porosity naturals and that low porosity naturals can utilize either the LCO or the LOC Method.

The most significant thing here is to utilize a layering technique—regardless of which you pick. Layering your items will give you preferable insurance over combining them all.

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Along these lines, evaluate both the LCO and the LOC Methods to see which one you like best.

There are two additional procedures you may have known about likewise—the LGO and the LOG Methods. These strategies utilize a gel rather than a cream.

LCO Method for High Porosity Hair

On the off chance that you have high porosity hair, you likely experience difficulty keeping your hair saturated. High porosity hair will in general be exceptionally permeable, and that implies water can enter without any problem. However, it likewise implies that water can exit rapidly as well.

The LCO Method will assist you with covering your hair so water can’t exit so without any problem. The key is to consistently apply your water first, and to apply the items before your hair dries.

Both the LCO and the LOC Methods will assist with guarding the hair shaft and to secure in the dampness you place on your hair.

LCO Method for Low Porosity Hair

Low Porosity types have a one of a kind test. It tends to be hard to get the hair to absorb water. Low porosity hair is shinier that high porosity hair in light of the fact that the fingernail skin are shut.

Be that as it may, the hair can’t promptly ingest water in light of the fact that the fingernail skin are regularly shut.

The LCO Method will assist with shielding your strands from harm. The key is to ensure you detangle and apply your items in the shower where there is warm steam.

Utilizing oils and creams in your routine will help, paying little mind to your hair porosity type since they’ll grease up your twists. Your natural hair will have the option to slide separated simpler, so it will tangle and break less.

By and large, the LCO Method is a fabulous method to ensure your mane and hold the length you make a solid effort to develop.

How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!
How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!

There you have it, How To Use The LCO Method For Natural Hair Success!

Have you tried the LCO method?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!


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