How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear

Yess!!! I love mini twists! But how to refresh mini twists without spoiling them? I asked myself! So today we are looking into ways to refresh our mini twists.

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How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear

How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear
How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear

Mini twists last longer anywhere from three to six weeks which is better than larger twists because they are so small, they tend not to frizz and age as quickly.

For those who want to leave their natural hair alone for several weeks at a time this is a great thing to notice.

The good thing is that your mini twists last longer and they also allow for more versatility in styling.

Since they are so small, it is much easier to achieve a range of styles than with larger twists.  A lot of the styles can mimic those on loose natural hair.

What to Take Note When it comes to Mini Twists

Mini twists can take hours to a day or two to install or takedown.  If you have to be somewhere or you just do not have the time or patience this can be a challenge.

If you want to have some patience, watching a few movies or television shows can help pass the time.

When it comes to needing to be somewhere, some women prefer to start their mini twists in the front or along the perimeter of their hair so that they can “fake the finished look” (Haha, I do that also!) if they haven’t completed the twists in time.

Watch Out for Knots and Locking with Mini Twists

Single-strand knots and locking are more likely to occur in mini twists than in larger twists, especially if you have tightly-coiled, kinky strands.

In order to prevent locking, try not to wear this style for longer than four weeks.  Five or even six weeks might be pushing the limit, but then again, if your natural hair can handle it, then go for it.  (Twisting technique also matters; the tighter and stronger your twisting, the longer you can wear the style.)

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One more thing to take note is that redoing the twists (weekly or biweekly) along the edges and nape may be necessary to minimize locking and meshing.

Here are some of my tips for healthy mini twists:

1.    Stretch the hair prior to twisting either by doing a blowout or banding. Stretching will help to reduce tangles and snags during the twisting session. Stretching also helps with parting to ensure that the lines are straight on your head when twisting. This helps to avoid borrowing hair from different sections because parts are not defined.

2.   Shampoo the hair even in twists. There are different methods that can be used when shampooing twists to ensure that they are not disturbed, such as putting a stocking cap over your hair to shampoo. I like to wash my hair in twists as normal, but adding the product to my palm and smoothing it through in a downward motion. Remember to rinse thoroughly!

3. Deep conditioning is also possible with mini twists – Combine water and Aloe Vera Juice(I love this stuff) in a spray bottle, and spray all over the hair for moisture. Add your conditioner of choice or pure oil (I use coconut oil) ensuring that every section is coated thoroughly. Sit under a steamer if you have one or just cover with a plastic cap for an hour or two. Rinse as normal, (I like to leave a little product in after my rinse especially if I use just oil.)

4. Styling – I just love styling my mini twists! Mini Twist styles are so versatile because you have so many options especially with hang time from having the hair stretched.

Twists offer texture which makes the look of the style different from what your natural hair would typically look like without them.

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14 Best Hair Product For Two-Strand Twists

Here are 12 tips for increasing the wear of your twists:

1) Twist on dry, stretched hair.  
Twists done on wet hair tend to frizz faster than those done on dry, stretched hair.

2) Use a twist pudding.
Use a twist pudding to twist your hair.  This step will help to add hold to your twists.  The pudding can be made from a simple mix of gel, a butter (e.g., shea), and a little oil (optional).  Be sure not to use too much pudding.

3) Refrain from using moisturizers with humectants.
Prior to twisting, do not use a humectant-based moisturizer.  Humectants draw moisture from the air and can cause your twists to frizz faster.

Glycerin, propylene glycol, and honey are just a few examples of humectants.  (If you absolutely cannot do without humectants, then neglect this step because health comes before beauty.)

4) Use the rope/Senegalese twist method.
Take two strands, coil each one upon itself, and then twist.  The coiling makes for smoother, longer-lasting twists.

5) Wear a silk/satin scarf to bed.
Bonnets are fine, but scarves will lay down any frizzies and keep the style looking fresher longer.  Be sure not to tie the scarf too tight.

6) Wear a silk/satin scarf under your shower cap.
The scarf will reinforce protection of your style from the water and steam.

7) Keep moisturizing to a minimum.
If you are spritzing your twists daily, then your style will not last long.  Find a moisturizer or sealant that can allow you to go days, or even a week, without reapplication.

8) Keep washes to a minimum.
A good twist style can usually survive 1–2 washes before it is time for a redo.  If you are washing more times than that during the week, your twists will not last long.

9) Braid your twists before washing.
Doing this will help to keep your twists intact and minimize frizzing.

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10) Airdry in braids.
Not only will this minimize frizzies, but it has the added benefit of minimizing shrinkage.

11) Redo the perimeter only.
Re-twisting the twists on the perimeter (particularly after a wash) will give your overall twist look a fresher appearance.

12) Wear smaller twists.
The smaller the twists, the longer-lasting the style.  Bigger twists tend to unravel and frizz faster.


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Some things you should know is that if you lack patience, then mini twists may not be for you.  Patience is needed during the installation and takedown in order to avoid breakage.

If you wash your hair frequently, then mini twists may also not be for you.  Washing the protective style can encourage single-strand knots and lock over time.  Naturals with tightly-coiled hair should be extra cautious when wearing this style is sure to monitor their hair for meshing and locking.

If you desire a long-term protective style that offers versatility but does not quite have the patience to install mini box braids, then these sorts of twists may be a viable option.

If you have fine strands, then there is a chance that mini twists may not be for you.  I find that a lot of fine-haired naturals experience more single-strand knots, tangles, and ultimately breakage with this style due to the diameter of their strands.

At the end of the day, do what works for you and your hair!

How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear
How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear

There you have it, How To Refresh Mini Twists For Longer Wear

How do you refresh your mini twists for longer wear?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!



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