15 Best How To Moisturize Dry Curly Hair Hacks That Works!

Ever wondered how to moisturize dry curly hair? I mean you have done it all and yet learning how to moisturize dry hair seem so hard! Stay with me because I’ll show you exactly how!

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Learning how to moisturize curly hair can be a tedious task especially when you’ve tried it all and nothing seem to be working.

So you keep asking yourself, how to moisturize hair naturally in order to get the best results?

15 Best How To Moisturize Dry Curly Hair Hacks That Works!

15 Best How To Moisturize Dry Curly Hair Hacks That Works!

Before we dive into these tips, I want you to understand a few things about your hair and why it’s always dry.

This is why your hair is always dry!

When you come to think, there are a few reasons that cause your natural hair to be dry.

If you want to learn how to moisturize dry curly hair you need to know why your hair is dry.

The first one is that your scalp needs to produce natural oils to moisturize your hair. If that doesn’t happen it could be one of the causes your hair to be dry.

For real!

This could happen over time, due to age the number of oils your body produce naturally slows down which result in dryer skin and of course it can affect your hair, leaving it dry.

Another thing that could be happening is that that the condition or structure of your hair is causing the moisture to escape, which leads to dry hair.

You need to know that a strand of hair is made up of three main segments.

At the center is the medulla or core, (which is the supporting structure)

Surrounding the medulla is the cortex, which forms the middle layer.

The cortex gives your hair its shape, resilience, elasticity, and curl.

The Causes Of Dry Hair and How To Solve it.

What could be the cause of your dry hair?

There could be a variety of causes such as:

but here are a few, and what you can do to restore moisture to your dry hair:

All those tools that make your natural hair look amazing such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers.

They could be a big part of the reason your natural hair is dry.

Here are a few ways to deal with this issue:

how to moisturize curly hair heat tools

Protect your hair strands before heat application.

When you use a heat protectant they work as a barrier between your hair strand and heat that comes from all those tools (dryers and irons).

This can help protect your dry hair from thermal tools.

Still, want heat? Try Ionic tools!

Why use Ionic thermal tools? The makers of these types of products explain that positive and negative ions exist in all substances, and when wet, hair is positively charged.

Ionic hair dryers inject the hair with negative ions, allowing water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair.

As a result, dry hair is rehydrated.

Reduce the amount of heat used.

You can still use your heat tools but turn down the temperature setting.

Why? a lower heat setting will be much better for your hair and cause less dryness.

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Now that we have a clear picture on our moisture game let’s get into these 15 Best How To Moisturize Dry Curly Hair Hacks That Works!

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1. DRINK WATER My Sistah!

How to moisturize dry curly hair using water? Is it even possible?!

Did you know that drinking water can be actually good for your hair?

You can add moisture into your hair but just drink a glass of water.

Water is necessary because If your body is dehydrated, then your skin and hair will be since your body is 75% water.

When your hair and skin is healthy it is a great indication of hydration so keep that awesome bottle of water next to you!

Therefore, we need water to function in every way possible. Hence, we should drink as much water as possible to keep our skin and hair moisturized.

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2. Have you tried the “LOC METHOD”?

There are so many ways to moisturize your hair and the LOC method is one of them.

Learning how to moisturize dry curly hair using the LOC method is fun and easy.

If you are not familiar with what LOC stands for it’s: Liquid, Oil, and Cream.

The LOC method  is a way of sealing in moisture for your natural hair using  the right ingredients such as:


  • Water is the best moisturizer for our natural hair or leave-in
  • oils such as jojoba, almond, castor or coconut oil
  • a cream such as shea butter.

How to do the LOC method?

  • Apply the moisture (water or your leave-in)
  • Next, apply the oil
  • Last the Cream

You have to make sure to use oils and cream that work for your hair.

Try different oils and creams and pick the ones that work best for you!



I know we all have busy lives but when it comes to our hair you should always condition after you cleanse your hair.

What is a hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture and appearance of hair.

A conditioner moisturizes the part of the hair shaft that the natural oils from our scalp cannot reach because of the coily nature of your hair.

Make sure the first ingredient should be water since water is the best moisturizer for natural hair.

You don’t have to condition your hair all the time, conditioning should be only a couple of times per week.

If you’re in a hurry you can simply jump into the shower and drop a dollop of conditioner in your palms, add a little water, rub hands together and gently apply this to your hair, especially to the top, which tends to get the frizzies.

The real purpose of conditioning your hair is to add moisture to the hair shaft after the shampoo has stripped the hair and raised the cuticles.

You want to get a moisturizing conditioner with natural ingredients that will properly moisturize the hair.



Another way to add moisture into your hair is by this: Keep your hands OUT of your hair! Touching your curls will make them dry out faster.

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Pretty simple, huh?! It works tho 🙂


What’s your night routine like?

A great thing to do is at night, cover your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf to retain moisture while you sleep.

In case you didn’t know, silk is an animal protein fiber, while satin is a fiber weave.how to moisturize hair naturally night routine

There are differences between the two, but either one will prevent moisture loss overnight, along with normal snags and split ends from friction.

Keep that hair on point even asleep!

6. PRE-POO? Say What?!

Prepooing adds moisture to your hair follicles.

By now you should have noticed that shampoo will strip your hair of product build-up, dirt, and oils, but prepooing preps the hair for the harsh ingredients that strip it if you are using a sulfate shampoo by keeping the natural oils from our scalp to keep our hair moisturized.

How to prepoo?

add oil, conditioner, honey or eggs to your hair before shampooing your hair.

What oils to add?

  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • castor oil or
  • any carrier oil of your choice

Then, distribute it evenly all over your hair strands from the ends to your scalp and cover with a plastic bag or conditioning cap, and sit under a hooded dryer or steamer.

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When we talk about moisturizing your hair let’s remember the products we apply on our hair.

What’s your favorite moisturizer? Is it a water base?

Did you know you can’t moisturize your hair without water?

In fact, you may already use a range of products and conditioners to moisturize your hair, but a true moisturizer will have water listed as one of the first two ingredients.

How will you find a water-based moisturizer?

Find a product with water as the first ingredient with other natural ingredients like oils and creams that will keep the moisture locked in.

A great product would be Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner.


Steaming can help you add moisture into your hair.

Hot steam raises the cuticle so that the products applied are easily absorbed into our hair shaft.

If you’re a low porosity natural, steaming your hair will ensure that the products are fully absorbed into the hair shaft since the cuticles are always closed and can only be lifted with heat.

Great options for streaming alone is using a Q-Redew handheld steamer or using the Secura S-192 hair steamer.

9. Still dry? Use a thick, natural oil to seal in moisture!

There is a way to learn how to moisturize dry curly hair using oils.

Sometimes you need to use a thick, natural oil to seal in moisture from a water-based moisturizer.

Such as castor oil, avocado oil, or an anti-humectant like shea butter (I love shea butter by the way!)


There are tools that can help with your moisture such as satin hair scarfs and so on!

You can invest in a satin pillowcases/hats/sheets.

The satin material keeps the moisture that is already in our hair from getting out as how it would with cotton pillowcases/bonnets/sheets.

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Also, use satin scrunchies when you want to put your hair into an updo or ponytail.

Next, use a shower filter.

This is a great investment as well because the chlorine that is in water can wreak havoc on our hair by making it dry and brittle.

11. Trimming can help you learn how to moisturize dry curly hair.

Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends, brittle ends, and single strand knots. This will help your hair grow and retain moisture in the long run.


This is a cool way to keep the moisture in!

Don’t rinse all your conditioner out of your hair.

Don’t rinse your conditioner out, Instead, standing away from the stream of the shower, simply fill your cupped hands with water and splash this over your head.

That’s it.


We all need a clean scalp, Shampoos cleanse the scalp and hair shaft of any product build-up, dirt, and debris from the outside elements that may penetrate it.

We know that shampoos are intended to rid the hair of sebum, sweat, styling products, and environmental dirt.

If your hair is clean it will hold moisture much better.

You should use a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo for your hair.

I love this list of awesome sulfate free shampoos to try!

14. How to moisturize dry curly hair using the right stuff

When you find the right stuff such as conditioner you will see a difference!

Look for one with ingredients that hydrate hair including shea butter, vegetable oils, jojoba oil, cetyl esters, olive oil and wheat germ.

Also look for conditioners that contain humectants – ingredients that soak in moisture from the atmosphere – such as panthenol, vegetable glycerin, and sorbitol.

15. How to moisturize dry curly hair using deep conditioning

We talked about just conditioning your hair easy and on the go but what about deep conditioning?

At least once or twice a week, deep condition your hair using a rich, thick product and keep it on at least 15 minutes.

For better results, heat it up with a blow dryer or wrap a warm, damp towel around your hair.

Your curls will thank you if you get this right!

A good deep conditioner choice is TGIN’s honey miracle hair mask.

You can also try some DIY deep conditioners for great results!

Place a plastic cap over your hair once you have already applied your deep conditioner.

Deep conditioning allows our hair to retain moisture in the days after styling.

Deep conditioning can take between 15-45 minutes and allows the cuticles to raise and the shaft to be infused.

There you have it, 15 Best How To Moisturize Dry Curly Hair Hacks That Works!!

What’s your favorite way of moisturizing your natural hair?

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xo, Queen


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