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How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water

We are learning how to grow natural hair with rice water today! Well, rice water is not only for eating purposes, but it can also help your natural hair grow!

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in case you want to look for an immediate difference in your hair’s healthtry using rice water for natural hair. Rice water has been historically used for hundreds of years in China and Japan.

In reality, the Yao women of China are credited with having the longest hair in the world. With lengths of over six feet, their hair seems strong, thick, and shiny.

How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water


How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water
How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water

Using a DIY concoction like rice water is almost always beneficial to hair, but getting started can be a challenge. Making rice water at home takes special preparation, but it will be easy to do once you learn how.

In this post, you’ll find out about the benefits of rice water and how to make it at home to improve the health of your natural hair. You’ll know all about this amazing rice water hair rinse by the time you finish reading.

Rice water is the starchy water left over after rice is cooked or left to soak. It is thought to make the hair smooth and shiny, as well as help it grow faster.

This article looks at the beauty benefits of rice water hair treatments and whether scientific research backs up the purported results.

Where did using rice water originate?

According to Medical News Today, Japanese women living during the Heian period kept their hair healthy by bathing it in rice water.

There’s a similar anecdote regarding the Yao women of China. Many Yao women have very long hair that doesn’t begin to gray until they reach their 80’s. They credit their hair’s length and color to a rice water mixture, according to Vogue.

But now the rice water secret is everywhere. A quick YouTube search will produce tons of rice water beauty experiments and recipes.

Using rice water for hair

Rice water is surprisingly helpful to hair because it contains an impressive array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. If you’re suffering from alopecia or thinning, rice water can be a real game-changer.

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How To Make 4C Hair Soft And Curly

Rice grains contain 75–80 percent starch. It is starchy water that remains after soaking or cooking rice. Rice water is thought to contain many of the vitamins and minerals contained in rice. These include:

Let’s get into more details about it:

  • Amino acids. These nutrients are the building blocks of protein. Rice water contains 16% protein, making it an effective DIY protein treatment. Use it to strengthen your hair, and add sheen by smoothing the cuticle.
  • Inositol. This nutrient is found in rice water and acts to increase hair elasticity, making the hair more strong and flexible. This flexibility helps to create a more defined curl pattern.
  • Selenium. This mineral destroys Malassezia, the yeast responsible for dandruff. Killing off the yeast can help hair to grow healthy and thick.
  • Magnesium. If you have hard water, you probably have calcium buildup on your scalp and hair. This film can smother hair follicles and leave hair hard and brittle. Magnesium will help to dissolve the calcium and uncover hair follicles so that your hair can grow.
  • Folic acid. Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid helps to thicken and strengthen hair. You can get it by eating fruits and veggies, but using rice water will allow your hair and scalp to absorb it topically.
  • Thiamine. As you probably know, stress is a significant cause of hair loss and maintaining a stressful lifestyle can lead to thinning. Thiamine is also known as vitamin B1, and it can help reverse hair loss by relieving stress. This vitamin will give your hair shine and bounce.
  • Niacin. This nutrient is also called vitamin B3. It can transform dull and weak hair by improving blood circulation, repairing follicle cells, and reducing scalp inflammation. Applying it directly to the scalp will help to stimulate hair follicles.
  • Vitamin K. As you age, your skull can become more calcified. This calcification can affect the hair follicles and cause hair loss. Vitamin K works to lift calcium buildup so that the follicle can push keratin out and grow hair.
  • Pitera Yeast. Pitera is a unique yeast found in fermented rice water. It works as an anti-aging elixir for the skin and hair by helping to regenerate cells and rejuvenate the scalp. Fermented rice water is more effective than plain rice water, and it doesn’t take much more effort, so it is well worth the extra time.
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Advocates of using rice water for hair believe it:

  • detangles the hair
  • makes hair smoother
  • increases shine
  • makes hair stronger
  • helps hair grow long

Rice Water For Hair Growth

Rice water restores the pH balance of your hair and creates the perfect environment for growing hair when applied at the root. It will moisturize the hair, heal the scalp, and add manageability.

Rice water is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and it is used by the Yao women of China to achieve long hair. Use this hair rinse, along with a healthy diet and careful hair regimen to grow longer and thicker hair.

If you want to wash your hair with rice water instead of shampoo, try washing hair with cooked rice water if you’re following a no-poo regimen.

Why? Rice water contains saponins that work like mild cleansers. It will provide nutrients, soften the curls and stimulate growth while cleansing the scalp.

How to make rice water

There are several different ways to make rice water, including


Soaking is the quickest way to make rice water.

To use this method:

  • take ½ cup of uncooked rice
  • rinse thoroughly
  • place rice in a bowl with 2–3 cups of water
  • leave to soak for 30 minutes
  • strain the rice water into a clean bowl

Fermented vs. plain rice water

Some rice water advocates claim fermented rice water has more benefits than plain rice water.

According to a 2012 study, fermented substances have a higher amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants may combat hair and skin cell damage, which is why they are typical ingredients in beauty products.

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To ferment rice water, follow steps 1–4 of the soaking method. Before straining, leave the rice water to stand at room temperature for up to 2 days, allowing it to ferment. Strain the rice water into a clean bowl before use.

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Another way to make rice water is by boiling the rice. Cover ½ cup of rice with double the water typically used for cooking. Cook the rice in boiling water and strain the rice water into a clean bowl before use.

How to use rice water

Rice water can replace your regular conditioner. To do this, a person should:

  • wash your hair with a shampoo
  • rinse thoroughly with water from the tap
  • pour rice water onto their hair
  • massage the rice water into the hair and scalp
  • leave on for up to 20 minutes
  • rinse hair thoroughly using warm water from the tap

People with dry and sensitive scalp

People with dry and sensitive scalp should not overuse rice water. Restrict the use of rice water for no more than once or twice a week.

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Protein-Sensitive hair: Avoid using too much protein

Rice water contains a lot of proteins that may lead to protein overload. Protein and moisture treatments are very different and excessive use of one of them can eventually harm your hair.

Usuallyin case your hair is stringy and limp it means that your hair desires extra protein, whereas in case your hair is tough and coarse, it normally has an excessive amount of protein.

if you have protein-sensitive hair, your hair will turn even more dry, stiff and brittle quickly after using hair products with an excessive amount of protein. once this occursprevent using any protein products for some time and just use moisturizing products untilmost excellent protein-moisture balance is accomplished.

How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water
How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water

There you have it, How To Grow Natural Hair With Rice Water

Have you tried rice water before?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!




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