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How to Grow 4c Hair Faster Than Your Momma!

Learning how to grow 4c hair faster is one of the best things you can do! 4c natural hair growth Is possible! I can totally relate when you want long 4c hair and your hair is a type that makes no sense but it’s not hard for you to grow your 4c natural hair! From choosing the best products for 4c hair growth to how to wrap your 4c hair, life has it good that we are here to share and support each other with tips and tricks for the best 4c hair growth.

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome to my Natural hair Blog! Here i share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

I made a special page for you all (my lovely queens!) with helpful resources like coupon codes, discounts and products that will help you and me in our hair journey! I'll also be sharing different Best Selling Products for natural hair as i discover them!

Natural hair cheat sheet - grow your natural hair

I think we can learn to embrace and have fun taking care of our hair, so join me and let's do it together(Join My Exclusive Facebook Group to get instant access to me  and let's build a community beyond hair)! 

Lastly, i have a gift for you! We've all been there, The struggle to grow and maintain out hair Long! Ugh, i know trust me! My hair was stuck at shoulder-length for the longest till i finally passed it :) Now my hair is all the way to my bra strap!

I made this to help a sista out! You can get your free Natural hair cheat sheet guide to longer hair here

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

What Are some great implementations that can contribute to longer 4c natural hair growth? well, today I’m sharing with you 12 tips that can improve your 4c natural hair growth and help you achieve long 4c hair without breaking the bank.

How to Grow 4c Hair Faster Than Your Momma!How to Grow 4c Hair Faster Than Your Momma!

What I will be sharing with you in a glance for long 4c hair:

  • Wash your hair often for a Clean Scalp
  • Take A Combination of Biotin / Omega 3 / Zinc & Multivitamins
  • Don’t rip through knots and tangles
  • Trim your hair regularly and do it yourself.
  • Don’t use lathering shampoos too often. (dry kinky hair out–>breakage)
  • Deep condition every week
  • Want 4c hair growth? Up your Protective Style game!
  • Minimal manipulation for faster growth
  • Avoid drying products such as hard gels and daily styling.
  • Use a product that has lots of slip.
  • Invest in the best products for 4c hair growth

So are you still thinking of growing 4c hair? I’m also in, let’s do it!

Without further ado let’s get things started in order for you to learn how to grow 4c hair faster and practice it on your hair, keep trying, soon you will have long 4c hair!

Want long 4c hair? Wash your hair often for a Clean Scalp

I know you want 4c natural hair growth but why do you want to grow your hair when your scalp is screaming… Wash me today!!!

Wash days are something else i know, especially when your hair gets longer and longer but if your are trying to learn how to grow 4c hair faster you need to work on your scalp and keep it clean.

Build ups can close your hair pores and we need them to be as clean as possible in order for your hair to grow.

In my previous post 15 Daily Routine For Natural Hair Growth i shared the benefits of treating your scalp with care and the use of apple cider vinegar for a cleaner scalp!

Take A Combination of Biotin / Omega 3 / Zinc & Multivitamins

Vitamins can help you reach closer to your hair goal but i tested it and i have to say that the only thing it requires is for your to be consistent in taking them.

Here is what does Biotin do to your hair:

Biotin is needed because your hair is made of keratin which is a type of protein.

Biotin will help your hair and nails grow healthier by providing a essential ingredient in the process of hair growth!

Here is what does Omega-3 fatty acids do to your hair:

Omega-3 fatty acids helps your skin fight against dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.

Your hair needs this essential ingredient in order for moisture to not leave your skin. Omega-3 fatty acids also helps your follicles to open which promotes healthy hair growth!

Here is what does Zinc fatty acids do to your hair:

Zinc is a mineral that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Most dermatologists suggest clients to take zinc for their 4c hair growth (actually any hair type!) because it can prevent hair loss.

Here is what does a multivitamin do to your hair:

The big question i always see and to be honest i also had that question..

Do multivitamins help in 4c natural hair growth?

Well yes if you feel like your diet is lacking some vital ingredients.

The purpose of a multivitamin is to incorporate individual vitamins into your daily diet without you having to eat that much food!

Snap…&*$#@! Don’t rip through knots and tangles!

Detangling time is precious. Rushing when it’s time to detangle can result in you ripping through knots and tangles.

(If you want the best technique for growing 4c hair through detangling I would say using your patience! haha, to joke!)

I recommend you take your time to style your hair and in case you cant deal with the tangles you face, use a slippery conditioner and gently detangle.

Your curls will thank you and your 4c hair growth will start showing!

Growing 4c hair? Trim your hair regularly and do it yourself.

If you want to properly get the right method to how to grow 4c hair faster you must understand one thing.

Your length will come when health comes!

Growing 4c hair? Then don’t hold on to dead, thin ends because they will cause your hair to spit and end up experiencing breakage.

If you want 4c natural hair growth, trim your hair when you see it’s needed because when your ends are healthy your entire hair will respond positively! Here are some great tips on how to trim your hair at home.

[bctt tweet=”length will come when health comes!” username=””]

Don’t use lathering shampoos too often. (dry kinky hair out–>breakage)

Lathering shampoos tend to dry our hair out therefor its recommended to use sulfate free shampoos. I love this list of 10 Best Shampoos for Curly Hair Without Sulfate!

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Deep condition every week

But how to grow 4c hair faster? Glad you asked!

Deep conditioning for 4c hair growth relates to bringing moisture back to your hair strands. Our hair can get really dry very easily and that’s why it’s recommended to at least deep condition your hair once a week.

There are some great deep conditioners out there that can improve and help with growing 4c hair without you having to break the back! I really like this list of 12 Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair Under $15. On Budget right there!

If you are a DIY lover then you will love this 20 Insanely Amazing Deep Conditioner DIY recipes !

Minimal manipulation by prolonging Your Protective Style!

Yesss, i totally love doing protective styles, especially in winter seasons. They are easy, quick (depending on the style) and gives you the benefit of taking a break from styling.

What are some great protective styles to try? Well my favorite is mini twists so far because it has the benefit of allowing me to see my length yet keeping my hair protected.

What are some of the benefits of Protective Hairstyles for 4c hair growth?

If you want to grow long 4c hair you must try any type of protective style.

Bellow are four reasons protective style works well for long 4c hair growth:

  1. Helps growing 4c hair by protecting from the elements and weather;
  2. Maintenance of moisture while your hair remains protected;
  3. Length retention is a powerful benefit;
  4. Stylish look from various excellent styles to choose from.

Bellow, I share some great examples of protective styles that will help you implement this method of how to grow 4c hair faster:

  1. Single Braids
  2. Mini Twists
  3. Bantu Knots
  4. Sleek Buns
  5. Ponytails
  6. Head-wrap
  7. Cornrows
  8. Halo Cornrows


Yes to 4c hair growth by avoid drying products such as hard gels and daily styling

Yes, hard gels are totally great for slick buns and wash and goes. No doubt about them.

But haven’t you see how dry they can make your hair if you leave them way too long? This is one of the reasons i believe you should watch the amount of products yours using on your hair.

Test and check the results of this hard gels and the amount of time styling your hair using them.

Want 4c natural hair growth? Use a product that has lots of slip.

Yes to conditioners that have tons of slip because let me tell you something my sistah (in a African dialect :D) this our hair needs it so much!

I almost got frustrated with my hair one day when it was un-detanling .. don’t loose your patience.. thank God i didn’t chop off all my hair !!

Do a trial and error and go for the one with the most slip (make sure it’s not super expensive because it’s just for detangling).

Invest in the best products for 4c hair growth!

When it comes to taking care of your 4c natural hair choosing the best products for 4c hair growth is something you don’t want to skip.

But you might ask,

Queen, what are some of the best products for 4c hair growth?

Well glad you asked.

I believe that there is no single product that’s best for 4c hair.

The best products for 4c hair growth is often discovered by you.

It’s a combination of different best products for 4c hair growth but in order to get it right, you need to master your hair regimen.

If you want a suggestion of the best products for 4c hair growth as well as a good regimen for 4c natural hair then have a look at my post on The Ultimate Natural Hair Regimen Strategy For Hair Growth!

You will find a range of best products for 4c hair growth!

And that’s a wraaaaap, you’re on your way to long 4c hair! Hope you enjoyed and learn how to grow 4c hair faster with simple yet sure ways!

The 4c Hair Growth Mistake You can’t afford to do!

If you’re like me the 4c hair growth is your goal but there are few things we could be doing wrong and that could be having an impact in our 4c hair growth journey.

Don’t rip through knots and tangles!

If you feel a knot with your fingers/hair tool, stop and use your fingers to gently remove strands from the knot.

Doing so will prevent unnecessary breakage. You may find that the root of the entire knot was only a couple of strands.

Growing 4c Hair Hacks You need to try!

Growing 4c hair can be a challenge but remember your 4c hair is beautiful! These tips below should give you that extra boost when it comes to growing 4c hair!

Let’s talk about growing 4c hair with products!

When it comes to growing 4c hair you should follow the directions on your products because some may work and some may not work for your hair type.

Evenly work your product into your hair!

If you want to get that extra stretch while growing 4c hair you should apply your products well in order to help you with detangling.

No, detangle? No washing!

Growing 4c hair that’s not detangled is a pain, trust me so don’t wash hair that hasn’t been detangled.  Try and remove the knots if possible to ensure that they dont cause you any setbacks.

Comb or not to comb?

Don’t comb dry or soaking wet hair but instead, you should lightly moisturize or spritz with water to make it pliable. Finger detangle also helps in this care.

Thanks for reading today’s post, do me a favor,

Share share share and pin it for others that want 4c hair growth can enjoy as you did!

There you have it, How to Grow 4c Hair Faster Than Your Momma!

What is one thing that has helped you grow your hair so far?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen



I'm here to share with you some amazing and helpful hair resources for your natural hair in order for it to thrive and grow healthier and longer!

Where to buy Natural hair Products in Great Prices!


Amazon : You will find amazing natural hair products that will help you maintain your hair in good affordable prices. Plus they ship worldwide!


eBay : What i like about Ebay is the fact of shipping prices base on the country you're buying from and the seller's rating system.

Sally Beauty

Sally beauty  :They have a variety of products for natural hair! You can also check Sally's Coupons and Discounts on Sally Beauty products - all in one place.  Remember, Free Shipping On Any $25 Order!

iHerb : I love using iherb to get hair vitamins in really low prices. Use the coupon code bellow for a 5% off your next order!

Hair Products Discount code

iHerb Discount Code: WOM674 Get  5% off their next order, regardless if you are a new or current iHerb customer! Amazing right?!

Hair vitamins for growth

Biotin 5000mg

Biotin 5000mg can help you hair grow because your hair is made of keratin, which is a type of protein.  Biotin is also a nutrient that helps us keep a young, attractive appearance since it plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin.

Folic Acid 400mg

Folic Acid or folate, helps all of your tissues grow and various cells work. These tissues include skin, hair, nails and organs. It also helps prevent birth defects such as anencephaly and spina bifida, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hair, Skin and Nails Multivitamin

As all multivitamins they offer more that what we asked for! To maintain shiny, healthy hair and provide the nutrients your hair needs, maintain a balanced diet with these top vitamins for hair growth. That's why taking a Multivitamin for hair, skin and nails covers them all!

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Most of the benefits you'll get from Omega-3 fish oil are from their long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which are called DHA and EPA. These are the healthy fats linked to the oil'sheart-healthy benefits, and they're also beneficial for your hair and skin.

Zinc 25mg

Zinc is a vital mineral for healthy hair, skin and nails. Learn why dermatologists recommend zinc for hair growth and how zinc consumption can prevent hair loss. A good zinc supplement for hair loss will supply a good amount of the mineral, as well as other key hair nutrients such as biotin, vitamin C and iron.

Hair Tools

Trimming hair shears / scissors

Hair-cutting shears are scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair. Hair scissors are significantly sharper than scissors, and designed specifically for cutting hair.