How to Do a Wash and Go on Natural Hair for Maximum Results

so, how to do a wash and go on natural hair? That’s a question I had when i went natural and you will agree with me that it’s not that simple as “wash and go” right?

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Every style has it’s struggles and this one is no exception. That’s why I’m taking my time on this one!

We are talking all about wash and go’s girl!

How to Do a Wash and Go on Natural Hair for Maximum Results

How to Do a Wash and Go on Natural Hair for Maximum Results

There are some styles that make you just go searching for gels and all that stuff just to see your curls, right?

Well, today I am talking all about wash and goes and before I start i want you to ask yourself these few questions in order to understand how to do a wash and go on natural hair.

What are some really important questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking of doing a wash and go?

  1. Do I really embrace shrinkage?
  2. Do i like the way my hair looks when i see it freshly washed with no products in it?
  3. What happens if i don’t see any definition or curl? Will I still like it?

Why do you need to ask yourself this questions?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

If you agree with all three questions you are ready for a wasn and go.

If not, then maybe you won’t really appreciate your hair in that state and the best way to deal with that is… to pause and try another time.

Sometimes we are just not ready for things we want to do.

And that’s totally okay.

Before we learn how to get it done right, let’s start with the basics real quick.

I love it when I can help you by breaking things down for you.

That’s the best way to learn how to do a wash and go on natural hair.

So, what is a wash and go for natural hair?

You might be a veteran in natural hair care or you could also be a newbie which is totally normal to get lost in the terms.

If you’ve stumble across the term wash and go and you wondered what is a wash and go for natural hair i’ve got you girl!

Wash and go is used mostly in the curly hair community to define the act of wearing your hair in its natural curl pattern without manipulating it with styles or tools such as braiding or even stretching using a blowdryer.

This can be done or damp or dry hair but what I want you to know is that the goal is to capture your curl definition.

This happens when your curls are saturated with moisture and we all know that water is the top source of moisture!

Note that if you do a wash and go on dry hair you won’t get the same results as if you did it on wet hair.

Now that you know what a wash and go is let’s move into finding out how to do a wash and go on natural hair.

Awesome! So, how to do a wash and go?

I’ll break it down into four simple steps for you in order to help you.

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As we go on you can also watch some great examples via videos if you’re a visual person like me!


If you want to know how to do a wash and go on natural hair and get the best results, we will start off with a clean head of hair.

Wash and detangle (better co-wash using a conditioner which is less harsh than a shampoo) your hair and rinse with cold water.

Note: rinsing with cold water will ensure that we’ve closed the cuticles in order for the moisture to be locked in which will also give shine and less frizz to our hair.


With your head upside down

scrunch your favorite leave-in and oil into soaking wet hair

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Note: Scrunching distributes the product evenly without disturbing or stretching out the curls.

Next apply the oil and moisturizer together (in order to manipulate your hair less which will result in less frizz and the extra moisture from leaving the hair wet creates shine.).


Using a silk scarf or microfiber wrap create a pineapple with all of your hair on top of your head. DO NOT TOUCH until hair is completely dry.


When you are ready to leave take your hair down and shake your head.

You can always use your hands to arrange your curls but remember the more you touch the more you frizz.

 What are some of the basic wash and go products

You can’t learn how to do a wash and go on natural hair without knowing the product you need to know, don’t you agree?

There are so many wash and go products out there when it comes to wash and go products but some have gained the love of many.

I’ll note down seven wash and go products that are doing a great job.

I won’t talk much about each of them but let’s get into some awesome tricks you can do in order to get the best results!

Easy wash and go for short natural hair tricks & mistakes (and not only short hair!)

Learning how to do a wash and go on natural hair won’t guarantee you a head full of curls, in fact you will make mistakes.

We all do!

Mistake: Your hair isn’t clean. 

If you wan’t to get a successful wash and go you need to understand that your hair needs to be really clean.

In our time and age we all don’t have time for regular washes.

Many go on a no-wash marathon and others use only water.

Whatever you decide to do know that it can have a negative impact on the result of your wash and go.

Trick: Instead of washing always with a shampoo which is harsh for your hair you can go for a light conditioner with great slip.

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This will help you keep your hair moisturized yet clean.

You’re using way too much and too many products.
Mistake: We all have done this with so many styles!

Layers of products yet not needed!

When you overdo it with the products your wash and go will end up taking forever to dry but the worst is that you will have so much build up later on.

Another thing is you will be financially stretched due to using so many products so often.

Trick: Invest in few good products and stick to them in order to always get the best results in your wash and go. 1-2 product is an ideal number after your cleanser.

Your application and technique need work.
The two most common problems that come up are that most people are not applying styling product while in the shower on soaking wet hair and those who are not distributing the product from root to tip.

Applying products to soaking wet hair actually allows you to use less product.

The water helps in distributing the product throughout your hair. As for getting the product distributed root to tip, I always suggest that people think of it like flat ironing to get the hair straight.

Part small sections to make sure you’re getting great coverage and that you’re hitting up those roots.

7. You need to adjust your expectations.
Your curls are unique and beautiful and that’s the reason I asked you those questions in the beginning.

You need to love your curls and accept whatever pattern you end up seeing which might not be what you expected.

It’s totally okay and beautiful!

Love this post on how to maintain your wash and go.

How to maintain your wash and go

Moisture is key. When wearing a wash and go, it’s important to moisturize your hair daily.

Spritzing with water and applying a leave-in conditioner or oil such as coconut oil will certainly add and keep moisture in your hair.

2. Have a consistent night routine. For this step, many naturals employ the use of the “Pineapple” method for this step (throwing the hair up into a loose pony at the top of your head in order to provide stretch).

You can also band the hair in order to stretch it.

Just remember to utilize your satin scarf and/or pillowcase to keep your curls from drying out or frizzing.

Activate those curls! When you take your hair down in the morning, it may be a little stubborn.

Using a curl activator such as Cantu For Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream will help activate your curls by defining them and adding moisture and shine.

Overnight preservation

Now your hair has dried and it’s flat and crispy. I know, I hate it too, but here’s a big tip: sleep on it!

Even if you do not like the way it looks for first-day hair, you have five to six more days to go with defined, soft, voluminous hair.

I choose to not scrunch or pick my roots because this shortens the longevity of my wash and go.

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Don’t disturb the curl. Throughout the day, it will be tempting to play with your curls but if you want your style to last all week, do your best to refrain!

Playing in your hair too much will definitely cause the curls to frizz up.


how to do a wash and go on 4c hair video ideas

This is a really simple video and for those that have short hair, this helps a lot.

Notice how she sections her hair before starting the process.

Using this product she applies it to each section and combs it out using her fingers and topping it with an oil such as coconut oil.

Next is a gel, note that you need to be gentle!

For all those that are on the go and not having time for wash and no’s this is for you!

15 minutes is all that you need.

After the color that came out pretty nice, she starts with clean head of hair and use this product that i also used when I was newly natural!

Apply on all your hair, note here we don’t section out our hair and next we go with my favorite Jamaican castor oil.

Best wash and go natural hair videos

Let’s have a look at few great tutorials on how to achieve the wash and go of your dreams.

What to note:

Your curl pattern will define your curls so don’t worry if your hair doesn’t look like hers.

Section your hair into four sections using hair clips and starting from the back.

Using Eco styler black castor and flaxseed and shea moisture strength and grow and restore lotion which will work with the jane carter solution nourish and shine which works as shea butter (note it’s the key to this tutorial).
Note: In this video, we wash it and part into small sections using as I am coconut cowash and as leave-in kinky curly knot today and eco styler as a gel and just a Denman brush and fingers.

Note: In this video, we will need shea moisture Jamaican castor oil strength leave-in conditioner shea moisture coconut style milk and shea moisture coconut curl enhancing smoothie.

No gel in this video.

Next, to have a bomb wash and go you will need to wash your hair and deep condition your hair with a shower cap for 40 minutes.

If you use heat you could get done faster.

It’s a wrap! Now you know how to do a wash and go on natural hair!

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These following posts will be so helpful for you:

What is your wash and go routine and how did you learn how to do a wash and go on natural hair?

xo, Queen


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