How To Detangle Natural Hair Better Than Yo Mama!

Why learning how to detangle natural hair is vital? Because if your natural hair is a tangled mess you will have a difficult time embracing it!

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Does it sound familiar? I had the same problem with you, I hated detangling my natural hair.. don’t get me wrong, it’s still time-consuming but I’ve found these steps below to be helpful!

So if you’re like me and want to learn how to detangle natural hair then keep reading!

How To Detangle Natural Hair Better Than Yo Mama!

How To Detangle Natural Hair Better Than Yo Mama!
How To Detangle Natural Hair Better Than Yo Mama!


My mother use to do a good job detangling my hair when I was little, don’t know about you but let’s not talk about my fathers attempt!

If you know how to detangle natural without breakage I salute you!

We all know by now how much of a journey it can be to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair and if you want to add detangling into the game, just let it go.

One thing that you really need to make sure is that you know how to do is properly detangle your hair.

Since learning how to detangle natural hair can help you grow and keep your hair healthy, detangling is something that most are doing wrong.

Here is some helpful information on how to properly detangle natural hair without breakage.

We will start off with some of the benefits of detangling natural hair, why should you do it in the first place?


The most obvious reason to detangle natural hair is that you want to grow your natural hair.

When your hair is matted and tangled, your hair is much more prone to breakage. Look, there is a big difference between shedding and breakage.

Shedding is something that all hair types do.

let’s talk generally here, our hair sheds about 100 strands a day. If you want to know if your hair is shedding just have a close look at the hair you’re loosing.

If the hair has a white bulb at the end then the hair has gone through the natural shedding process. It’s very healthy, and you have nothing to worry about.

Now the problem is, breakage, yeah! Anything from heat, excess friction and maybe the wrong products can cause your hair to break.

Therefore, You will be are able to retain your hair length when your hair is nice and detangled

I can say that having a detangled natural hair leads to another benefit which is less pain. Since your curls are already tight and curly, detangling them could surely cause pain especially if you’re trying that using a comb!

If you want to be able to manage your natural hair then you should consider learning some pretty helpful ways to detangle your hair.

In order to enjoy the good part of natural hair which is the ability to style your hair in different ways, learning how to detangle natural hair could be of much help.

So, please save yourself a lot of extra time-consuming trouble while you’re styling your hair between washes, you should always detangle your hair.


It’s been said that there is a lot of speculation surrounding what the best method is for detangling natural hair without breakage.

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There is not a one size fits all method for detangling natural hair.

I think that a lot of it is determined by your hair type. If you have thick and tightly coiled hair, you may find it difficult to detangle your tresses without the aid of some type of conditioner with great slip.

I have tried detangling my hair without a conditioner and with one, I surely went for a hair full of conditioner with slip.

If you have finer hair you may be able to use just water. The only thing that is sure when it comes to detangling natural hair is the fact that you must always use some type of liquid aid when doing it.

I know it’s so time-consuming, especially if you have long hair but if you neglect to do this, your hair will break.

Your hair even tho is easier to deal with when it is wet, it also is much more vulnerable.

If you have high porosity hair, then you have hair that is prone to damage since it typically already is damaged.

So, you cannot detangle the hair when it is soaking wet like some of the other hair types can.

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Running a comb through your high porosity hair while it is soaking wet will only damage your hair more. Try to, wait until it is about 25-50 percent dry until you start to do your detangling.

DO what your hair likes if you see that half-dried hair with leave-in conditioner detangles better than soaking wet hair, go through that route.


It has been said many times, again and again, that the best way to have healthy hair is to keep your hands out of it. The less you manipulate your hair, the more likely it is to grow.

That’s why many swear about protective styling.

Learning to not detangle your hair all the time yet not trying to neglect detangling is something that requires time and trial and error to find the right way that you can keep your hair detangled yet not over manipulated.

The best thing to do is to detangle your hair every time you either change hairstyles or wash your hair. Simple.

How To Detangle Natural Hair Better Than Yo Mama!
How To Detangle Natural Hair Better Than Yo Mama!

If you notice that you’re having to detangle more than twice a week, that’s a notice that you’re over-manipulating your hair.

So to cut things short, the best thing to do is to limit having your hands in your head at all.


What works is what works for you. Your hair sheds about 100 strands a day.

Check how much hair you lose during your detangling session, if you’re loosing too much hair then you’re doing something wrong here.


I think it’s best that you detangle your hair after every single wash. Why?

When you wash your hair, you’re pulling, tugging, and rubbing your hair together all over the place to get it clean.

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Most of the time, that type of manipulation can cause tangles. The only way to make sure your hair doesn’t come out in clumps is to detangle it.

Another smart trick is to do it either time (before washing or after washing).

Now I like to detangle my hair with my fingers before wash lightly then if needed use a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower when my hair is loaded with conditioner.

It also depends on the style you had prior to detangling.

Styles like braids or sew-ins might need a bit of detangling (a lot actually) before wash and again after wash to make sure there are fewer tangles.

But if the style that you just rocked was something simple like you just flat ironed your hair then you can save your time and skip the first detangling session.



I know what you’re thinking, Queen this is impossible.

Here is how to detangle super knotted hair:

  • Start by getting the hair damp.
  • Part your hair in 6-8 sections (depending on hair thickness).
  • Put a generous bit of oil like coconut oil (on each section) before working on it.
  • Finger detangle each section before running a comb through it.
  • next, you want to take a comb to the section (Using a wide tooth comb, start from the ends and work your way up the root.)

Why do you want to finger detangle?

The reason is you can actually feel the knots with your fingers as you work your way through the hair, so you’re less likely to experience any breakage.

You can always add a conditioner to help with the process.


When it comes to matted natural hair it’s a little bit more difficult that knotted hair. When the hair is matted, you can’t really part it.

What you have to do is, you need to focus on getting the hair softened first before trying to detangle.

After getting your hair damp, put a generous amount of conditioner into the hair.

Allow it to sit for about twenty minutes before proceeding to part hair into small sections and working a comb through the hair.

Here is another way to detangle matted natural hair:

Some women believe that wetting the hair actually makes it more matted because the hair starts to shrink.

So you can keep your hair dry and slowly pull the hair apart by finger detangling.

Since the hair is dry, don’t use any comb, but your fingers;

Remember, the most important thing when detangling natural hair without breakage is to not soak your hair in water.

Extra Helpful Tips to Detangle Your Natural

Detangle in sections
After my hair is nice and lubricated, I like to separate it into about 6-8 sections. Detangling your hair in sections can make life so much easier.

Focusing on one section at a time is much less stressful than trying to detangle your whole head at once, and it ensures that you’re getting all of the parts of your hair.

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Detangling in sections also enables you to separate the hair you’ve already detangled from the hair that still needs to be detangled.

You can use plastic hair clamps or duckbill clips to secure your sections and make even smaller sections if needed.

It is always a good idea to twist or braid the section after you are finished detangling it, to prevent it from tangling up again!

Use a Proper Comb or Brush
Combs and brushes are great for detangling, but some combs and brushes are better than others.

I recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a brush with hard, wide bristles and a rubber base.

Combs with tiny teeth are not as easy to detangle with as wide-tooth combs, and can cause more breakage than necessary. Invest in combs with teeth ½ an inch apart or wider.

Boar bristle brushes are not very good for detangling curls and kinks. The tiny, soft bristles tend to catch onto the hair and cause snagging and breakage.

Instead, try using a brush with wide, plastic bristles and a rubber base. The plastic bristles won’t catch onto your hair, and the rubber base bends to accommodate your hair, making for smooth detangling.

The Denman Brush is an example of this type of brush. Avoid using brushes with balls at the end of the bristles, as curly hair can catch onto the ends.

I love the next tip,

Start From The Ends and Work Your Way Up
Don’t begin detangling from the middle of the root of your hair!

You can’t detangle downward from the middle of the ends below it are tangled. Instead, begin detangling from the ends of the hair.

Hold the ends of your hair with one hand and detangle with the other hand. Once the very end is detangled, begin detangling an inch above that.

Continue detangling from a point higher than the one before until the section is completely detangled!

Wet and Condition Your Hair
Try wetting your hair thoroughly, then apply a generous amount of a slippery conditioner to your hair.

When the hair is damp and lots of conditioners are applied, it is in a very ideal state for detangling.

The water and conditioner provide lubrication and slip to the hair, which will make it super easy to detangle.

Much like car parts need lubrication to move smoothly, your hair needs lubrication in order for your comb or brush to glide through.

The more slippery your hair is, the more easily your comb or brush will go through it. Wet hair with lots of slippery conditioner in it can make for easy, breezy detangling.

Just be sure to be very gentle with your hair, as wet hair is very weak and can break easily.

So there you have it, ladies!

How do you detangle your natural hair?

What to read next? I’ve got ya sis!

xo, Queen


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