How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss

Learning how to define curls on short natural hair can be a challenge when you have all that hair and don’t really know how to style it, right? Having define curls on short natural hair is pretty cool but how do we get it right?!

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How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss

How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss
How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss

Here are some important steps to a defined hairstyle but remember, doing what your hair loves is the best way to define your curls!

Section your hair

Separate your hair into workable sections not necessarily perfect but should be secured together with clips or simple braids or twists.

Detangle each section

Once your hair is sectioned, hydrate your curls with a moisturizer and why no use the LOC method or your favorite leave-in-conditioner.

Moisturize and seal

After you have nourished your hair strands it’s time to seal in your moisture! Sealing in your moisture helps to protect your hair against breakage and retains length.

Now that you know how to make sure your hair is well kept it’s time for some defining moments!

The Finger Coiling Method

This method requires a bit more time when compared to method #2 but this method gives your hair a lot more definition and it will last longer.  This method also works best on soaking wet hair.

1  After cleansing and conditioning, be sure that your hair is completely detangled.

2  Moisturize and seal in the moisture with oil. This is an important step to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated before applying your styler.

3  Apply your styler to each section and comb through or use a Denman brush to distribute your styler throughout your hair evenly.

4    Take very small sections of hair and twirl around your finger until a coil forms. Move on to the next section until all of your hair is coiled.

5  Be sure to use a water bottle to spray your hair occasionally while coiling. This will keep your hair as wet as possible. Remember that your hair should be super wet to get optimal results using this method.

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6  Apply a light mist of heat protector and dry your hair using a hood dryer for best results. Be sure that your hair is completely dry to avoid frizz.

The Sponge Method

This method works well with women that have a short amount of time under their sleeves.

It only takes a few minutes. You can use any twist or curl sponge for this method. You can also use your hand or a towel.

 I find that that the sponge technique works best on hair that is damp or dry (not soaking wet) and on shorter hair lengths.

  1. After cleansing and conditioning, be sure that your hair is completely detangled.
  2. Moisturize and seal in the moisture with oil. This is an important step to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated before applying your styler.
  3. Apply your styler to all of your hair. No need to section.  Just be sure that your hair is well saturated with the styler and evenly distributed with your wide-tooth comb or Denman brush.
  4. Take your sponge and make circular motions around your whole head of hair. You will notice that your hair will start to form small coils. Try to keep the sponge close to the scalp for more definition.  See video below.
  5. Apply a light mist of heat protector and dry your hair using a hood dryer for best results. Be sure that your hair is completely dry to avoid frizz.

Let’s get into some ways to define your hair with styling methods!

The Bantu Knot-out way

Bantu knot-outs are simple heatless ways to get defined curls and can be done on different lengths. If you rock short hair you’ll need to divide your hair into smaller sections. For longer hairstyles the section sizes are flexible. Here’s how to get Bantu Knot-out curls: 

  • Twist and wrap the section of your hair against itself like a screw
  • Wrap it against itself at the base
  • Tuck the ends at the base close to your scalp or secure with a pin
  • Leave to dry/set overnight
  • Unravel and fluff

The Flexi Rod Sets

Flexi Rod Sets use Flexi rods to achieve curls that range from tight curls to big and bouncy curls. The bigger the rod, the bigger the curls, the smaller the rod, the smaller the sets. Here’s how to achieve Flexi Rod curls.

  • Decide on the size of the curls you want and use the suitable flexible rods.
  • You can start on damp or dry hair. Damp hair takes longer to dry and could be shorter due to shrinkage while dry hair gives more length but less definition than damp, in some cases.
  • Section your hair with a rat tail comb.
  • Detangle as desired
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner and sealant, or a setting lotion/foam
  • Twist the section of your hair around a Flexi Rod
  • Twist both ends of the Flexi Rod to put your hair in place
  • Repeat all over your head
  • Unravel when dry and style

The Straw Sets method

Straw sets are similar to Flexi Rod Sets but are a more economical choice. They are also great for short hair and best styled on wet/damp hair. Follow all the steps in the Flexi rod procedure to achieve a straw set, however, substitute your Flex rods with straws. 

The Twist and Braid Out style

Twists and braid outs are the fastest and more simple ways to curl natural hair and extensions. While twist outs give more definition, braid outs give more volume and length. 

  • Apply a gel or curling custard. (This is optional)
  • Braid/twist each section.
  • Unravel when dried, separate curls and fluff for more volume.

Curling Wand

A curling wand gives you instant curls and is the fastest way to curl your hair. After sectioning and detangling your hair, follow the steps below.

  • Apply a heat protectant
  • Twist the section of your hair around the curling wand and hold about an inch at the ends
  • Release your hair after a minute. Repeat all over your hair

Finger Coils

Finger coils are best for achieving small spring-like coils. To get perfect finger coils, all you need are your fingers, some products and patience. 

  • Start on wet or dry hair. The latter gives more length
  • Moisturize and seal
  • Apply some gel or curling cream to your fingers
  • Twirl small sections of your hair
  • Allow to air dry
  • Style as desired

Wash & Go or stay? (Joking!)

If you want to get curls defined with the wash & Go method then curls often are achieved with a bit of product and quick natural hairstyling techniques.

This is on of the easiest way go get curls that are similar to your natural curl pattern.

You can go ahead and follow the steps below to get more defined curls, length and volume (it takes more than just wash and go… just saying!).

  • Rake a gel or curling cream into your hair after washing and moisturizing
  • Use a Denman brush, the shingling method or praying hands method to get more definition
  • Lightly twist hair or use banding method to stretch
  • Air-dry overnight or use heat
  • Takedown twists/ bands
  • Apply some of your favorite oil to get rid of crunchiness, if any
  • Style as desired

Try some Curlformers

Curlformers are great if you wanna try some long spiral curly hairstyles. 

With practice and lots of youtube tutorials, it get easier with, so don’t be worried if you find them intimidating to use at first!

Wet Set are still in

Want a classic way to curl your hair? Try a wet set!

All you need are some plastic rollers, pins, a setting lotion, and a hairdryer if you need to dry your hair quickly (because some of us are pretty busy most of the time).

How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss
How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss

There you have it, How To Define Curls On Short Natural Hair Like A Boss

How do you define curls on your short natural hair?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

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