11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!

What are some hair steamer benefits and why should you be using a hair steamer? Will it help you grow your hair? Will it make it softer?

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Today we are talking all about hair steamer benefits and why you need to give a hair steamer a try!

11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!

11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!
11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!

I’m sure you’ve seen steamers in salons and often hairdressers use them on you whenever you get a hair treatment.

After using the hair steamer at the salon, your hair comes out feeling soft, smooth, and of course, super manageable. 

Is it worth getting one at home? What exactly is hair steaming?

What is Hair Steaming?

Hair steaming is the process of using moist heat to help open up the hair follicles and pores on your scalp to allow better absorption of moisture.

Your hair is always being exposed to the natural elements, and it often leads to dry and brittle hair, which can increase breakage.

So that is why steaming your hair helps moisture to deeply penetrate your hair.

What is a Hair Steamer?

A hair steamer uses steam from purified water to moisturize your dry hair.

It uses electricity to make the water in the built-in reservoir boil. The boiling water produces steam, which comes out of the dome-like part of the steamer where you would normally sit under with your natural hair pulled up around your head.

How Does a Hair Steamer Work on Natural Hair?

Since our hair type is tightly curled, the curls make it difficult for your hair’s natural oils to travel from the scalp to the ends of your hair which will result to your hair becoming dry, coarse, and hard to manage.

You need a hair steamer apart from the fact that your hair receives from the root to tip, moisture which makes it becomes soft and smooth provides some benefits  

Benefits of Using a Hair Steamer

A hair steamer at home provides your hair with so many incredible benefits so let’s get into 11 of them!

1. Get rid of toxins and buildup 

Steaming your hair and scalp on a regular basis allows the toxins from the scalp to be flushed out.

The steam helps purify and cleanse your scalp and hair.

It helps open up the pores and the hair cuticles so the impurities can come out. The heat from the steam may also help break down buildup caused by hair products such as hair sprays, gels, and similar products.

The steam is powerful enough to break buildup down without drying out your hair and scalp.

Once the impurities are out, you can easily rinse hair and feel cleaner than ever.

2. Allows deep conditioners and other treatments penetrate the hair shaft

Deep conditioners work best when the hair is able to absorb it properly.

In the case of natural hair, the tight coils and curls often make it hard for the treatments to absorb fully. Heat from the steamer can assist with this problem.

A hair steamer opens up the hair cuticles in the individual hair strands so they can receive the treatment directly to their core.

When products are delivered where they are needed the most, hair becomes properly moisturized so it looks gorgeous. 

3. Improves elasticity 

Steaming hair allows you to shape and style hair easily without any worries of hair breaking off the way it does when you brush it dry.

Steam can help hair feel more elastic so that it does not break when easily when you style it.

The steam also allows moisture to penetrate deep into the hair shaft so it becomes more moisturized than ever. A well-moisturized hair is not brittle and won’t break easily.

4.  Promotes better hair growth

Hair grows better when it is properly moisturized and when it doesn’t break easily.

Hair that does not break easily won’t feel dry, have frizz, and be prone to split ends. It will keep growing the way natural hair should and you never have to worry about breakage and hair fall. 

That’s what a hair steamer can do for you!

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5. Give love back to your curls

We do so many things to our hair and sometimes we just have to give them time to chill. Using a hair steamer gives back to your curls the love they need after all the styling they have gone through!

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6.Increases Moisture Retention

Moisture retention is a major deal in your natural hair journey.

Retaining moisture is crucial to accomplishing amazing styles such as twist outs, bantu knot outs, roller sets and so on.

When your hair has moisture you are able to obtain and KEEP definition.

So, in this case, a hair steamer will help you increase moisture retention.

7. Enhanced curls

When you increase moisture retention you will also get definition because it will help reshape and boost your curls.

It will not change your hair texture but it will make your hair look different and better.

8.Strengthening hair

Steaming your hair helps create stronger strands which are more “elastic” The elasticity of your hair will help you keep an eye on the health of your hair.

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What this means is do your curls snap back to their original state after they are stretched.

Steaming provides the moisture needed to keep yours in a strong elastic state.

This is key for those who are struggling in their transition because it may be difficult to calculate your elasticity when the line of demarcation is weak.

Building strength in your hair will help in styling and length retention as well.

9. Refresh and Rejuvenate

Steaming your natural hair allows a session of re-moisturization without having to re-wet your entire head. This way your hair feels refreshed and it’s actually rejuvenated.

11. Opens the cuticle of your hair

With your hair cuticle opened from the warm vapor being placed on it, your hair is getting more nutrients than it would if you just tried to simply refresh your curls/or style by adding the conditioner.

It’s great because it opens the cuticles and allows the nutrients to penetrate your hair strands.

What is some great Hair Steaming Products and Brands to Try?

If you want to try hair steaming your tresses, there are some brands that you can check out.

1. Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer 

This one is good for its price and it can be carried along to almost everywhere.

Its design is similar to a handheld vacuum cleaner or a bigger hairdryer.

The ends are dotted with prongs where the steam comes out.

These prongs can also serve as hair shapers so you can easily style your hair as you steam. The Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer is lightweight and easy to use. 

One thing to notice with this one is that it might take a while to steam all your hair.

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2. Red Pro Hair Therapy Steamer 2 in 1 Hair and Facial Steamer 

This has a dome-like structure where you can sit under it and the steam will come out to moisturize your hair.

It can be placed on top of a table but it’s kind of huge in size. 

3. Skin Act Deluxe Hair Steamer 

This one has a stand so you can place it on the floor.

It is similar to the salon type of hair steamers that you see with a built in timer that stops the steam automatically.

A hair steamer is a great way to moisturize natural hair without adding too much hair product.

When you are using it, it means you are moisturizing your hair with just water and not chemical based hair moisturizers.

How often can I steam?

You can steam your hair every 1-2 weeks when you wash your hair.  You can also use it in the middle of the week or whenever you need to refresh your curls!

11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!
11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!

There you have it, 11 Matchless Hair Steamer Benefits For Thriving & Wowing Hair!

Have you tried hair steaming before?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen


I'm here to share with you some amazing and helpful hair resources for your natural hair in order for it to thrive and grow healthier and longer!

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Folic Acid 400mg

Folic Acid or folate, helps all of your tissues grow and various cells work. These tissues include skin, hair, nails and organs. It also helps prevent birth defects such as anencephaly and spina bifida, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hair, Skin and Nails Multivitamin

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Omega-3 Fish Oil

Most of the benefits you'll get from Omega-3 fish oil are from their long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which are called DHA and EPA. These are the healthy fats linked to the oil'sheart-healthy benefits, and they're also beneficial for your hair and skin.

Zinc 25mg

Zinc is a vital mineral for healthy hair, skin and nails. Learn why dermatologists recommend zinc for hair growth and how zinc consumption can prevent hair loss. A good zinc supplement for hair loss will supply a good amount of the mineral, as well as other key hair nutrients such as biotin, vitamin C and iron.

Hair Tools

Trimming hair shears / scissors

Hair-cutting shears are scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair. Hair scissors are significantly sharper than scissors, and designed specifically for cutting hair.


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