The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight! 

Have you heard about deep conditioning overnight? Yes! We are talking about it today! Is it worth the try? Doing it way too often, can it harm your lovely curls?

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The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight!

The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight! 
The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight!

Deep conditioning your hair should be a weekly practice in every transitioners’ journey. Eck! It should be a weekly practice in everyone’s hair regimen. We all know the benefits our hair derives from it, and consequently us, when we see it shiny, bouncy, strong, elastic and growing. But this only happens if you don’t engage in practices that delay or destroy such benefits as is the use of heat or hair dye. However, there are other practices that can put a hamper on your healthy hair goals. This is the case if you do overnight deep conditioning. It is damaging your hair!

Overnight deep conditioning is damaging your hair and you should stop doing it! If this is something you normally do you, read this article and know why you need to stop this. If this is not you, then get informed and alert you cousin, your  BFF or your natural sista.

Why Do People Do It?

I never condition my hair overnight because I can’t go to bed with wet hair saturated with conditioner and in a cap. It feels weird to me. Strangely, doing a pre-poo with oil is not maybe because I do it on dry hair. Anyway, I’ve read and watched a few video tutorials of ladies who do it and speak wonders of it. Here are some of the claimed benefits:

  • No need to moisturize and seal as often
  • Hair feels soft, light, elastic
  • Hair feels light
  • Easier to detangle
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Gosh, this sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I thought so as well and wanted to try it myself despite not liking the idea of sleeping with wet hair. So, because I am a very cautious person and like to predict consequences I started digging for information that could discourage me from doing it since I already had the pros from several vloggers. Hold and behold! I found it!

Here Is How To Make Coarse Hair Soft And Silky!

Overnight Conditioning: Helpful or Harmful?

In short, sleeping in deep conditioner is not recommended or even necessary. The saying “too much of a good thing is bad for you” definitely applies here. To illustrate, you wouldn’t take more than the prescribed dosage of medication to get rid of medical symptoms faster, because you know the results of an overdose could be harmful. In the same way, deep conditioning overnight can have an adverse effect on your hair.

Hair products come with directions for a reason. Deep conditioners are formulated to penetrate the hair shaft to heal dry, brittle hair. Tests have been done behind the scenes to determine how long it’ll take for that to happen effectively without damaging the hair.

But is there such a thing as too much moisture?

How “Over-Conditioning” Can Be Harmful

Let’s break it down:
As moisture is absorbed into the hair shaft, the inner structure of the hair – its cortex – swells. This causes tension on the hair shaft as it expands. As your hair dries, it contracts back to normal. However, the constant expanding and contracting of the hair cuticle results in what’s called hygral fatigue. Too much water being absorbed into the hair cuticle can cause it to become more fragile and less elastic over time. The continuous stress of wetting and drying can even lead to breakage.

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Wash And Go 4C Hair: All You Need To Know!

Sleeping with deep conditioner on the hair puts you at risk of damage in the form of hygral fatigue, because there is too much moisture penetrating the hair shaft. It’s like forcing yourself into clothing that’s too small. You may be able to squeeze into it as it stretches to accommodate you. But, over time, that piece of clothing is now permanently stretched more than it should be and may even begin to rip. Since our strands are not meant to expand and contract so quickly, practices like overnight conditioning can have the complete opposite effect we were hoping for.

How to Deal With Hygral Fatigue

You may be experiencing the results of hygral fatigue if you find that your hair feels gummy when it’s wet, or if it doesn’t go back to it’s normal state after it has been stretched. Breakage and shedding can also be signs of too much moisture and the need for more protein.

In addition to using deep conditioners as directed, adding protein to your hair care regimen can strengthen the hair to balance things out. However, you can find yourself on the other end of the spectrum by overdoing it with protein. Too much protein can cause the hair to become brittle and dry, leading to breakage. Balancing moisture and protein with our Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner can solve that!

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Sure, we naturals love the feeling deep conditioning gives our hair, but there is such as thing as too much. With the right balance, we can have our healthiest hair yet!

How To Moisturize 4C Hair With These Super Tips!

Deep Conditioning: Effect of Time and Temperature/Heat

Increasing the time you leave conditioner on hair allows more of it to adsorb with a maximum adsorption at 20- 30 minutes.

[W]hen conditioner is heated to 35°C, at 10 minutes there is slightly more than 5% on hair and at 30 minutes there is slightly more than 10%. Therefore temperature increases adsorption. The rule however remains the same in terms of no further conditioner sticking to the surface after 30 minutes.

So How Long Should I Deep Condition?

Well, after reading that
1) Conditioning over 30 minutes does not provide any additional benefits as adsorption plateaus
2) Conditioning for hours at a time causes a change in the keratin that results in softening and weakening.

The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight! 
The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight!

There you have it, The Truth About Deep Conditioning Overnight! 

How do You deep condition?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

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