Try these curly natural hair Tricks for Bomb Curls

If you are in need of some curly natural hair tricks to turn your average hair day into creation of curls then this post is for you sis! We are looking into great ways to turn your hair into curly with simple techniques that you can do at home!

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Try These Curly Natural Hair Tricks For Bomb Curls

Try these curly natural hair Tricks for Bomb Curls
Try these curly natural hair Tricks for Bomb Curls

Whether you want to switch up your natural hair curl pattern, further enhance your texture, or simply try a new ‘do, there are plenty of methods for achieving a gorgeous, voluminous fro.

Just a word of caution: using heat-free ways to curl natural hair is the way to go because you don’t want to ruin your beautiful texture.

1. Finger Coils

Though I’m not the most skilled natural. The process involves nothing but a great curl cream, preferably a hydrating one, and your fingers. Easy peasy! It’s definitely one of the best ways to train your curls and enhance your from birth texture.

2. Bantu Knots

They may take a little practice if you’ve never tried them before, but bantu knots can create some of the most luxe curls. Feel free to keep them in for a few days prior to the take-down for an edgy natural style.

3. Flexi Rods

Available in a range of sizes, flexi rods form around your hair with ease. They can be done or dry, stretched hair, but using damp tresses works just as well. Leave them in overnight and pick hair out in the morning for a head-turning ‘do.

4. Perm Rod Set

For a big hair, don’t care look, make perm rods your go-to stylers. They create the smoothest-looking curl. When done on damp nautral hair, just be sure to let them dry completely before the take-down (I’ve learned from experience how terrible they come out when hair is left even the slightest bit damp).

JayHairBigga’s tutorial shows how a perm rod set takes a life of its own on day two and three hair, and the curl porn will instantly drop your jaws.

5. Two-Strand Twists

One of the easiest methods for giving natural hair all-over curls comes with using two-strand twists. For even more definition, finger coil the ends of twists or secure a small flexi rod to them. Pineapple the ‘do overnight with a silk scarf and it’ll surely last for days.

6. Flat Twists

Slightly more advanced than the two-strand method, but still doable, are flat twists. They use a pseudo cornrow braiding technique that gives many naturals definition at the root, too. Just keep in mind that they will require patience and practice if you’ve never tried this type of styling.

7. Braid Out

A braid out can be done one of two ways: using free-hanging plaits (similar to a twist out) or with cornrows if your braiding skills are up to par. Either way, you’ll end up with a very defined look. Mini Marley’s tutorial completes the style with free-hanging braids that yield results worthy of several Z-snaps.

8. Straw Set

Doing a straw set is a DIY method comparable to using flexi rods. Simply grab some drinking straws and go to work, wrapping small sections of your hair along them. Secure the hair and straw together with a bobby pin, and voilà!

9. Curl Formers

It doesn’t get any easier than curl formers. You simply clip your strands around their inner hook and pull through. Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but IKnowLee’s tutorial shows how you can nail the ‘do in minutes on damp hair.

She sits underneath a dryer, but this step is not absolutely necessary. You can sleep in the formers overnight, although it may be slightly uncomfortable. A smooth, looser curl pattern is the beautiful end result that looks as though you used a curling iron or wand.

There’s no need to ever pick up a hot tool again. These heat-free curling hacks open up the door for hair that slays each and every day.

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I hope these tips are helpful but in the meanwhile here are some extra important things you should do to make sure your curly style stays awesome.

Don’t Daily Shampoo your hair

Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed as frequently as straight hair. Frequent shampooing can stretch and stress out fragile strands, and dry out thirsty curls. However, the conditioner is your friend. Welcome that friend into the shower with you frequently, applying conditioner even if you don’t shampoo your hair.

Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

Think of your curly hair as fine cashmere. You wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater with a harsh detergent, and you shouldn’t cleanse your curls with a harsh shampoo. Use a mild shampoo or a low-lather cleansing conditioner that will refresh your hair and scalp without stripping away alot of its natural moisture and oils. Many curly girls even go a step further and dilute their shampoos or cleansing conditioners with distilled water.

Sectioning makes all the difference

Rubbing, scrubbing, swirling or piling your hair on top of your head while shampooing can be disastrous for curls.

This type of manipulation leads to the type of tangles you don’t even want to think about. Instead, break it down.

Divide your hair into four sections—more if it’s super thick. Twist or clip away all but the first section. Apply a small amount of shampoo or cleansing conditioner to your scalp and work it in thoroughly.

Then gently squeeze it down along the lengths. Repeat on each of the sections. Then rinse in the same sequence—section by section, starting at the scalp and squeezing the suds out of the lengths from top to bottom.

Cool the hot water!

Yes, a cold water shampoo and/or rinse doesn’t make for the most luxurious hair washing experience. But cold water will snap those cuticles shut, which in turn will lock in moisture, make your hair shinier and reduce frizz.

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Helpful Low Porosity Hair Tips For Stronger Hair!

Deep Conditioner a lot!

After shampooing, apply a deep conditioner. Choose a formula that answers the needs of your hair. Is it dry?

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Pick a moisturizing formula that contains humectants like glycol, glycerin or good quality oils. Is it weak? You’ll need a protein reconstructor with silk amino acids or keratin to restore strength.

As with your shampoo and pre-shampoo formulas, work this formula into your hair in sections to be sure it’s applied thoroughly. Avoid the scalp—that’s not where you typically need moisture.

Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the conditioner evenly. Then let the conditioner go to work. Place your hair under a plastic cap or hood dryer for 10 minutes, or cover it with a towel for 20 minutes and let your body heat do the work.

If you’re using a moisturizing conditioner, and your hair has absorbed most of it, you may not want or need to rinse. But if you’re using a protein conditioner, rinsing is essential.

These formulas could cause your hair to become brittle and lead to breakage if left in the hair. In these cases, if you feel you need more moisture, opt for applying a leave-in conditioner after rinsing out the protein conditioner and before styling your hair.

Be a Hair Conditioner Junkie

With curly hair, it’s always a delicate balance between moisture and protein. Alot of the first and your hair could become limp and mushy. Alot of the latter, and it may become too stiff and brittle.

Always monitor the condition of your hair and adjust your conditioner as needed. Factors like the time of year (humidity in the summer vs. dry winter air), or your body’s own cycles can change up your moisture/protein balance and require a switch in the shower.

Try these curly natural hair Tricks for Bomb Curls
Try these curly natural hair Tricks for Bomb Curls

There you have it, Try these curly natural hair Tricks for Bomb Curls

What trick have you tried for your curly hair styles?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen


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