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Why Taking Care of 4c Hair Is So Hard and 8 Ways to Change it!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

When it comes to taking care of 4c hair there is something about this texture that makes us think that it hard. I totally agree with you that our hair is no joke, seriously!

Washing your hair for 1+ hours? Girl i almost got into trouble for staying way too long inside that shower since i was sharing the bathroom with others as well.

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But why have we labeled taking care of 4c hair as so hard?

Let’s talk about it as sisters for a moment, because this matters…



Why taking care of 4c hair Is So Hard and 8 Ways to Change it!

Why taking care of 4c hair Is So Hard and 8 Ways to Change it!

❤️ Sis, Before we continue Here are some helpful posts that will help you (you can check them out them later!✌️):

Below are eight things that can significantly change the way you see your hair, let’s have a look at them and we will discuss each one of them:

  • Don’t think negatively about your texture.
  • Don’t rip through knots and tangles
  • Don’t Hold on to your ends for length
  • Trim for less Single Strand knots
  • Don’t limit your styling because of your texture.
  • Explore a stylish cut and shaping new life.
  • Minimal manipulation
  • Embrace Shrinkage

Oh boy, let’s get them!

If your 4c Texture could speak: “I’m Beautiful too”..

taking care of 4c hair

What happens when we start thinking negatively about our hair texture? We start seeing it differently.

Complains start coming in concerning the way our texture looks and reacts to products in comparison to tutorials we’ve seen on YouTube.

Her hair looks nicer than mine“.. and the story goes on and on.

Taking care of 4c hair is truly nice easy but you starting off with a negative though concerning it makes it even hard.

Solution: Make up your mind that no matter what texture you have on your head, it’s beautiful and you are going to work hard to bring out the beauty within those kinks.

Girl,Don’t rip through knots and tangles!

taking care of 4c hair

Who haven’t done it? If you haven’t at least experienced it once in your natural hair journey you haven’t lived!

Detangling is part of the process of taking care of 4c hair but when the time is limited i don’t think you can stay there and leave that knots free.

You have two options, to rip it off and go your way or to calm down and detangle.

Solution: Find some free time when it comes to taking care of 4c hair because the knots and tangles are real. Patience is needed in  order to not rip of your progress along with your knots!

Don’t Hold on to your ends for length.. let it go!

taking care of 4c hair

This reminds me of the time i was relaxed and was on the journey of growing my hair out.

Oh those ends was my everything, thin or think i wasn’t ready to let them go. Why? I was holding on to the length.

Years later i root for health over length.

Don’t be like me, taking care of 4c hair incorporates healthy ends which eventually will promote longer hair in the long run.

This brings me to my next point which is..

Trim for less Single Strand knots baby!

taking care of 4c hair

Single Strand Knots! The enemy of every 4c haired girl!

Okay not only 4c because it’s spotted in most of the hair textures now a days. Neglecting single strand knots can be harmful to all that progress you’ve achieved during your entire hair journey.

Better to face it and fight against it than to overlook it, this is one of the reasons why 4c and 4 type hair seem so hard to manage.

Thankfully there are ways and styles that can help you reduce the possibility of getting single strand knots.

I trim my hair at home and i do it with joy because the benefits of trimming are so many and i totally recommend you reading this tips on how to trim your hair at home.

Don’t limit your styling because of your texture.

taking care of 4c hair

Your hair wasn’t created to remain in a short state, when you set your mind in a certain way, it starts to function that way.

There are endless styles you can try with your 4c textured hair which brings me to the conclusion that learning to love and care for your hair is vital.

Once you do that you will see that taking care of 4c hair will become a exciting thing to do rather than a chore of the day.

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Explore a stylish cut and shaping new life.

taking care of 4c hair

Bored with your hair? Yes, you are not alone! I get bored pretty fast myself that’s why i’ve tried almost many styles.

A nice theory is to explore a styling hair cut or hair shape that will add life into your hair.

Another option is to experiment with a new cut and color although i don’t really go for coloring my hair if you’re on the bolder side this could be a great option for you!

Minimal manipulation

taking care of 4c hair

When it comes to embracing your hair, a tiny bit of much work can frustrate you to the point of rejection.

One easy trick is to minimize your hair manipulation when things get tough by diving into the world of protective styles.

Yes, you got me right. Go get yourself some twists and leave that hair to take a break.


I loved what Taylor Anise said in huffington post 4C Naturalista Women Share Their Best-Kept Hair Secrets post and i quote:

“I have found what works for my hair is just two simple rules: wash it once a week and leave it alone.”

Doing too many things to our hair many times is the cause of all our discomfort and stress. Sometimes we have to let our hair be and do it’s thing.

Embrace Shrinkage

taking care of 4c hair

Last and not least, embracing shrinkage is one of our biggest struggles ladies.

I know one way of taking care of 4c hair is to keep it stretched as possible in order to avoid knots and tangles but this can cause you to hate seeing your hair shrink.

When i went newly natural i didn’t want to see my hair shrink because it became so short and you could hardly see no length.

We often get so caught up with length (by the way i loved this post from curlynikki about how to grow 4c hair) and hair growth that we forget to embrace every moment of our hair journey and make it special.

Make shrinkage part of you, it really is already!

No when i do a braidout towards the end of the day my hair puff’s up and shrinks, I love seeing it doing it’s thing and i think it’s something unique that only our hair texture can do.

learn embrace everything special about you!

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See you in my next one,

xo, Queen!


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