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How To Stop Hiding Behind A Wig And Start Rocking Your Natural Hair!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Okay if you are having some hair on your head then this is for you! If you’ve make the decision to go natural and you’re still not comfortable with your hair then this will be extremely helpful because let’s face it, things can get tough at times despite we all wanting to learn how to grow our natural hair!


How To Stop Hiding Behind A Wig And Start Rocking Your Natural Hair!

How To Stop Hiding Behind A Wig And Start Rocking Your Natural Hair

This Post is not for everyone that’s wearing a wig.

This is for anyone that feels that their natural hair is not beautiful enough to be seen by others!

I read the other day on byrdie this article about different natural hair stories and this is what got my attention:

“I remember during my days working as a stylist at a retail store during one of my college breaks, a co-worker asked me if it was possible for my hair to grow past my shoulders. That wasn’t the weirdest part. She then went on to say, ‘I never see black women with long hair that’s their own. It’s always like a wig or something.’

Believe it or not there are ladies out there that are going through this and it’s up to us to share a word or two and help a sister out.

So Let’s get into the juicy part of this discussion, bellow are what we will be talking about so you can know what to expect:

  • “But, Why is my hair like this”!
  • “I am so tired of my hair”!
  • “It’s not pretty”!
  • “I can’t take care of it”!
  • “No style suits me!”
  • “I Need a specialist in natural hair”!

So yeah, Back in the days we where used to relaxing our hair and doing all the jazz stuff to our natural hair in order to make it look pretty.

But in our time and age natural hair has become the norm! Woop!

“But, Why is my hair like this”!

God did no mistakes when He gave you your hair! You might ask yourself why do you have the hair that you have?

All i can say is that you have it on your head, love it and nurture it and it will flourish.

I love this quote from this huffingtonpost article:

“I braced myself for ‘the big chop’ and prepared to make my debut into the sisterhood of the kinks and curls.

It’s really sad when many of us don’t see the actually beauty in the uniqueness of our hair.

How to deal with it: Learn to embrace what God has given you! It will make it easier for you and your hair!

“I am so tired of my hair”!

Let your inner self learn to love your hair!

This goes hand in hand with the first action. Once you learn how to accept the uniqueness in your natural hair then next thing is to work on your inner feelings about your hair.

Why do you feel so fed-up with your hair? Could it be the way you’re handling it?

It all starts from within.

How to deal with it: Walk your way through positively thinking about your hair, remember how awesome your hair can be and appreciate it.

Soon or later you will see the hidden treasure in the beauty of your natural hair and will feel happier to rock it out!

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“It’s not pretty”!

Think positively about your hair! Yes this is super duper easy to say but when you do all things possible to your hair and it seem to not grow then what happens next?

Girl… i feel you!

But hang in there with me,

Your hair is pretty, who ever told you else-wise needs some serious eye check up (Oh yes!)

How to deal with it: Remind yourself daily and say to yourself: “I and my hair are beautiful!”

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“I can’t take care of it”!

Learn Most about your hair texture, if you don’t go ahead and do it trust me no one will.

Yes you have a type 4″z” hair type, and you’re not the only one dealing with it so take power in that.

Do google searches on best practises for your hair type, maybe you have fine hair, totally okay with it, just learn what your hair needs and give it!

One thing i’ve come to understand is that once i learned to better take care of my natural hair there was a joy and excitement that came along with it which (which brings me to my next point)!

How to deal with it: Go try something new with your hair, learn, make a mistake and rise up!

“No style suits me!”

I remember in my relaxed days i used to go to the stylist weekly! (Say whattt?!)

Oh yes, they did a great job, but now that i’m natural i tend to love doing my hair by myself.

Be inspired by beautiful hair styles!

That’s one good way of trying new styles when the idea of “no style suits me” comes in.

There are tons and tons of protective, non protective styles out there and believe me or not me being 6+ years natural doesn’t mean i’ve try them all!

I’m am sure that your hair will look absolutely wonderful with so many different styles if you would only take the moment to try!

How to deal with it: hop on to Pinterest and choose a fairly easy style and try it for your next hair do.

Then come comment and let me know how you did!

“I Need a specialist in natural hair”!

Look, no one is perfect when it comes to natural hair. Learn how to do your hair yourself is one step into many more to come.

Think it as a way to train yourself in case you have girls (if you already do kudos!).

You need to up your game on being a specialist for yourself then you think of others.

Occasionally we all need some papering here and there and i totally rock the idea of you visiting a stylist specialized in our hair texture.

How to deal with it: Educate yourself via YouTube videos, reading blogs and trying what you’ve learned.

Then you will turn out to be the best hair specialist you ever knew!

Let’s Wrap it up, shall we?

Start by believing in your hair and that God makes no mistakes while you slow down with your hair.

Your hair is really pretty and i know you can do better taking care of it by trying a new style at a time and by that way you will find your go to styles.

Last and not least become your own hair specialist!

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xo, Silvy

2 thoughts on “How To Stop Hiding Behind A Wig And Start Rocking Your Natural Hair!”

  1. Hello. Grateful to b natural again! Woo-hoo!!! Viewing all the beautiful natural styles on You Tube and Pinterest made me fall in absolute love with Natural hair. My hair is 4c or maybe 4d. Lol.I’ve been natural for about 6 months now. However, I love it and try to keep it moisturized daily because it has been dehydrated for so long(wigs.) I love my natural journey and am looking forward to the results that will follow.

    1. Hey hey Stephanie dear!!
      Wow, 6 months? That’s awesomeeee!! You’re gonna do so well this time, I can sense it 🙂
      Keep up the great work and hey, don’t be a stranger!

      Looking forward to hearing from you anytime 😉

      xo, Queen

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