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10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by nks_admin

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Smooth, sparkly bolts a la Jennifer Aniston aren’t absolutely out of reach, regardless of whether you don’t have a celeb-level hairdresser (not to mention a Hollywood-size excellence financial plan). There are a lot of simple deceives you can use at home, no salon trip fundamental! Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

1. Wash with cold water

Indeed, it tends to be difficult in winter, yet this is a reliable method to get smooth hair. The virus doesn’t simply make you need to shrivel up — it does likewise to your hair. Warmth makes the hair fingernail skin (the external layer of every individual hair) open, while cold makes it close up. Flushing with cold water urges your individual strands to remain level.


2. Smudge, don’t rub

At the point when you venture out of the shower, it’s enticing to envelop your hair with a towel and give your head a decent rub to eliminate the overabundance of water. Try not to do it! Scouring messes up your hair and can cause breakage, and it additionally supports frizz. All things being equal, utilizing your towel to smear away on top of your head. Give the more extended segments of your hair a delicate press with the towel to dispose of additional H2O.


3. Utilize a defensive serum

In the event that you need gleaming locks, odds are you blow-dry your hair — and if it’s a straight style you’re after, a level iron’s probably included also. In spite of the fact that these do make a sparkling appearance ok away after some time harm from ordinary warmth styling will really diminish the radiance and corrupt the smooth surface of your hair. At the point when you can, back away from the warmth stylers and give your hair a vacation day. Furthermore, when you do turn up the warmth, first ensure your hair with a serum-like Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Serum ($18,


4. Get normal trims

Regardless of whether you’re developing out your hair, staying aware of ordinary trims is key for smooth strands. Regardless of whether your foundations look astounding and cleaned, harmed and split closures will demolish that figment.


5. Do an aloe veil

Aloe vera doesn’t simply assist with consumption — it likewise contains compounds that support sound hair development. It additionally has a comparable organization to keratin (the protein that is the fundamental structure square of your hair), permitting it to effortlessly infiltrate hair. To do, weaken a modest quantity of aloe (the gel from several bits of the plant is vital — in case you’re utilizing a readied aloe vera gel, ensure it doesn’t contain liquor) in some warm water. Sift through hair, allowed it to sit for 30 minutes, at that point flush.

6. Make your hair a smoothie

For a genuinely liberal cover that is unimaginably mellowing, squash together one ready banana with 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt until you have a smooth glue. This combo is insane saturating, and a treat for your scalp just as your braids. Rub it all through your hair, and put on a shower cap (or another thing to shield banana from getting everywhere!). Following 45 minutes, wash and clean.


7. Make an explaining flush

Up non-abrasiveness and sparkle — and eliminate aggregated item developed (yuck!) with an apple juice vinegar wash. It assists with reestablishing your braids’ pH balance, disposes of gunk, and shuts everything down fingernail skin. The best part is that it’s super-basic. Weaken a quarter-cup of juice vinegar in one cup of water. After your ordinary shower schedule, pour it through your mane. Work it through from roots to closes, at that point flush out (and truly, on the off chance that you need shockingly better outcomes, wash it out with cold water!).


8. Brush with care

Taking a brush directly to wet hair is a formula for frizz and breakage. For smooth strands, utilize a wide-toothed brush on clammy hair. Working in areas, begin detangling at the finishes and work vertically. Annoyed by hitches or potentially a delicate scalp? Spritz your hair with an item like It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product ($18, before you head into the conflict.


9. Try not to wash more than required

“Second-day hair” is all over the place, yet not on the grounds that it’s super-simple. Except if you have hair that is insane slick, you presumably don’t have to shampoo consistently. Over-shampooing can strip your hair of its characteristic oils, which help give it sparkle and forestall harm. Test with skirting a day to discover a timetable that works for you. Not open to going absolutely au normal? Utilize a dry cleanser like Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8,, at that point basically style not surprisingly.


10. Attempt an at-home fixing treatment

Those pictures of beauticians wearing gas veils has essentially put everybody off salon fixing medicines, which however compelling are likewise packed with dreadful synthetic compounds. The Keratin Earth framework ( is sans formaldehyde and flaunts characteristic fixings — and rave surveys. With every day cleanser and conditioner and month to month medicines, it restrains even the hardest frizz.

10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro



There you have it, 10 Easy Ways On Home Remedies For Silky Smooth Straight Hair Like A Pro

How do you restore your natural curl pattern after heat damage?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!




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