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passion twist hair styles are the new bomb hairstyles but what do you do when you don’t know how to rock them?

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How To Rock Passion Twist Hair Styles Like A Boss!

How To Rock Passion Twist Hair Styles Like A Boss!

How To Rock Passion Twist Hair Styles Like A Boss!

I love protective styles because they give my hair a break and boost my hair growth if you haven’t heard of a protective style before then here are some benefits of doing protective styles:

  1. Protective styles can afford your hair the luxury of relaxation and wellness that a maintained look can achieve for the three to six weeks it is styled in a low to no manipulation alternative.
  2. A protective style is designed to retain growth while growing your hair longer and keeping hair soft during the process.
  3. A protective style gives you the opportunity to change up your look and try something totally new while your hair takes a needed break from heat and styling products.

The point is to reduce the damage daily maintenance with heating and styling products can do to natural hair. Once the protective hairstyle is removed, hair growth and breakage is natural. Your style should be moisturized and maintained during wear. Choose styles that require either no manipulation or very little.

Low manipulation styles are styles such as braids, cornrows and twist-outs that are re-braided at night or, buns that are tucked into styles. (Some breakage will occur from daily care and is natural.) These styles are time-saving!

No manipulation styles: twist, braids, flat twist, wigs, weaves. These styles do not require daily combing and a wide-tooth comb or fingers are best to use. Breakage should be minimal if maintained properly.

How to Maintain Marley Twist Hair Like a Queen

What are passion twists?

@BohoBabe on Instagram created this look for her customers who wanted the cute Bohemian vibe but still wanted to maintain her natural look. The style uses some of the same tools you would use to create faux locs or goddess locs but does it not require the wrapping that is involved in those styles.

What makes passion twists special?

Passion twists are different because of their texture. They are youthful, natural, and relatively low maintenance. You can easily style the hair and wear it for a while because the older it gets, the better it looks.

How do I install passion twists?

Make sure your hair is washed, moisturized, and blow-dried for this style. Don’t dry it completely straight so that you’ll have something to grip on and the hair will blend more with the twists. Part your hair into 4 big sections and attack each section piece by piece. You’ll need foam wrapping lotion, Freetress braid hair, edge control.

  • Fluff and split the Freetress hair to make it easier for you to start twisting.
  • Separate one of the big sections into 2 inches smaller sections. Go through your hair with gel, splitting one small section in half.
  • Grab onto the right and left section and twist them around the extension hair. Once it’s tight at the root, start two-strand twisting the hair all the way to the end. Repeat this until you’ve completed one row.
  • Follow all the steps you did in step 2 all over your head.

Here’s a great video that shows the step by step directions for this style by its creator.

How to Maintain Passion Twists

Because your hair will be locked away in these twists, maintenance is a low lift. Make sure you sleep with a bonnet or pineapple. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter, passion twists are a great choice for protecting your hair. Since it’s tucked away in the faux tresses, there isn’t much need for upkeep. Even better, you’ll be able to retain length and additional growth with the duration of your style.

“When protective-styling, make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and that the style protects all of your hair—your ends included,” natural hair blogger HappyCurlHappyGirl told Self. Using a spray-on conditioner is probably the easiest way to lock in moisture. The Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray ($20) is a lightweight option that nourishes dry hair with rosehip, argan and coconut oils.

Aside from hydration for minimized breakage, a clean scalp is imperative for a protective style according to natural hair blogger Ashley Hall. The Mizani Scalp Care Calming Scalp Lotion ($20) features a pointed nozzle for easy spreading while its formulated blend of menthol, eucalyptus, aloe vera, and avocado oils reduce buildup and itch.

Last but not least, you’ll only have to make sure you have a sleep regimen for your Passion Twists. Like most other protective styles, you can toss your twists in a high ponytail known as a pineapple and throw on a satin bonnet or scarf. Alternatively, if you’re a wild sleeper, silk pillowcases will be your best friend.

How Long Do Passion Twists Last? 


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη AprilDanielle (@styledbyaprildanielle) στις

When your passion twists are completed, you can ensure their longevity with a holding mousse.

A touchup can help extend wear for a few weeks. Like other twisted styles, smaller twists last longer and provide both volume and fullness.

For your real hair’s health, make sure your Passion Twists aren’t installed too long. Remember to not to keep your protective style in beyond 12 weeks!

When it comes to liquids, passion Twists are water-friendly. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to go for a swim, get caught in the rain, or just want to wash your hair.

However, use your own discretion when wetting your twists since you don’t want them to begin to unravel.

There you have it, How To Rock Passion Twist Hair Styles Like A Boss!

How To Rock Passion Twist Hair Styles Like A Boss!

How To Rock Passion Twist Hair Styles Like A Boss!

What’s your biggest passion twist hair style question?

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