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The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Natural hair workout struggles? Here is what you need to know when you are working out while rocking your own natural hair.


The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

Working out with natural hair is an endeavor and an undertaking for ladies with finished hair. Summer is drawing nearer, and numerous normal ladies are considering looking acceptable and how their common hair will be bunched up.

Working out with normal 4C hair can be straightforward with an alternate way. Squeezed hair is more diligently to keep up with an activity regimen.There are straightforward styles to wear for naturals while working out. Exercise can be muddled relying on your surface and hairdo.

It is ideal to wear squeezed hairdos in a braid while working out. It is frequently suggested for basic upkeep of common hair to shake short, trimmed trims for exercise center participants.

Exercise can cause the hair to develop because of the expanded water admission, blood flow, and a decent eating regimen. It is anything but an awful thing to take in more water and eat more advantageous.

Your body and hair will get the compensation for the entirety of your development. A more grounded body and sound hair with care are superb explanations behind remembering exercise for your life.

Numerous ladies of shading abstain from turning out due to wrecking their hair. Notwithstanding, exercise can be acceptable for hair growth with including a hair routine.

We should recollect that the perspiration isn’t causing hair development. It is the dampness and blood flowing that advances hair development.


Workout hairstyles for natural hair can be short haircuts, two strand twists, and ponytails. The beauty of two strands is the ability to untwist the hair after a workout to wear a bouncy, twist out.

Working out is needed for great hair, skin, and most importantly your health. These natural styles offer versatility with less frizziness after a workout.

An exercise regimen while having natural hair is a constant topic of discussion within the natural hair community. Naturals with longer hair tend to use the pineapple method, wear a silk scarf or a head wrap during intense workouts.

Some people sweat excessively on their scalp, and it’s almost impossible to have sweat, proof hair. Strength training, yoga, and cardio are great forms of exercise for natural haired women.

Strength training makes it simpler to maintain your hair and work out. Natural hair styles require maintenance and daily upkeep with or without exercise.

Mohawks, hi-tops or cropped cuts work well for natural hair enthusiasts that workout regularly.  Hair growth happens when you least expect it.

You may notice more length or volume due to the change of adding exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Protective styles work well for natural hair too.

Two strands and braids are great natural hair styles for a workout regimen. An exercise routine can naturally trigger better hair care habits.

Working out forces some naturals to pay closer attention to their hair and create a better hair regimen. This can ultimately build and grow the hair with a maintenance plan.

Natural hair is often dry and brittle. Some people notice that their hair feels differently after they exercise.

Use a tube of shampoo that is sulfate free and gives your tresses a deep conditioning treatment. This will be critical for those who sweat tremendously while having an intense workout session.

Some people say cardio encourages hair growth, but the truth is the exercise is not increasing your hair growth. Hair growth is coming from your lifestyle change.

Eating right and exercising can give you a healthy body and healthier hair. All types of exercise will encourage hair growth due to the accidental steam treatment from exercise.

Pilates and yoga work well for those that do not want to mess up their natural hair. The most important thing is to be active.

Healthy hair will often come from a proper diet, exercise, and healthy hair care.


Short Naturals can apply penetrating oils or conditioner and put a plastic cap over a short, cropped haircut along with a cute silk scarf or hat during their workout.

You may get a miniature steam or conditioning/hot oil treatment during the workout. The moisture will encourage growth.

However, sweat can create an odor. You may need to co-wash your hair and apply penetrating oils like olive oil or coconut oil.

Use essential oils along with the penetrating oils such as lavender or lemongrass to mask the odor. It is often hard to protect your natural hair when exercising because natural hair can shrink.

Two strands or braids are perfect for protecting your natural hair while exercising. These styles can stay intact during an intense workout.


You can shield your hair from working out with the base utilization of items. Apply modest quantities of cream based items or oils.

Working out can cause sweat and unmanageable hair. Abstain from putting on such a large number of items and oils before work out.

This will limit the perspiring and untamed hair. Low effect exercise will shield your hair from working out as well.

It assists with acknowledging and comprehend that your regular hair has its very own psyche. Regular hair will frequently not remain set up with or without working out.

Normal hair is frequently huge and difficult to oversee for certain naturals consistently. Acknowledgment of your regular hair surface is important to keep up an exercise routine.

It is simpler to acknowledge that the idea of sweat evidence hair won’t probably exist.


Pulling long, straight hair into a ponytail placed at the top the head is helpful. Naturals that want to keep their natural hair straight may have to co-wash once or twice a week and then towel dry or use a microfiber towel for the best results.
Keeping natural hair straight while working out is a task. Yoga and light cardio are best for keeping natural hair straight.

It is encouraged for most naturals to avoid using a blow dryer or using excessive heat to dry wet hair after exercising as excessive heat will dry out your hair and cause breakage. Maintaining your hair while working out is possible with large ponytail holders or placing the hair in a bun for best results.


A large percentage of sweat is water, however small traces of other chemicals our bodies produce such as salt is in it as well. Since sweat is made up of not just water it will dry your hair out without the proper hair care regimen and products.

It is recommended to deep condition hair once a week to avoid breakage and dryness. Sweat is moisture coming from your pores.

The moisture has a love and hate relationship with our natural hair but doesn’t have to be the enemy. Working out and sweating with natural 4c hair is easier to maintain daily.

You can shampoo and condition more frequently with short natural hair after workouts. Working out with short hair requires less worry and more focus on workout results.

Deep conditioning is a requirement for all hair types regardless if you work out daily or a few times a week


Working out with straightened natural hair is a challenge. It is recommended do a rod or flexi rod set on straightened natural hair if you are going to work out.

This style works well to camouflage the frizziness from working out. Low impact workouts are best for straightened hair.

The best way to keep natural hair from reverting takes patience in figuring out what works best for your hair. It will take some trial and error.

Some naturals sweat a lot on their scalp, and the hair will become puffy at the root and straight on the ends. Maintaining a blowout on natural hair when working out requires placing your hair in a ponytail placed at the top of the head or in a bun.

Some naturals ultimately decide to avoid straightened natural hair during the summer or intense workouts. Natural hair is easy to maintain with a healthy hair regimen.

You can work out and keep cute hairstyles. braid outs, twist outs, even tapered natural haircuts are likely the best choice for workouts.

Protective styles are easy to maintain for those working out daily too. Braids and two strands will hold up nicely just add a headband.

Natural hair is great, but a healthy body is even more important. Avoiding or limiting workouts to keep a hairstyle is not worth possible sickness or additional health issues.

Remember A healthy body can produce healthy hair.

The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

There you have it, The Ultimate Natural Hair Workout Guide!

How do you care for your natural hair while working out?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

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