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13 Super-Fast Natural Hair Wash Routine Tricks That Actually Works!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Your natural hair wash routine is one of the most important routines when it comes to our hair journey! But how to get it done right? I totally understand your frustration because I had the same questions plus it was affecting me the negative way.

But working it out with myself and my hair I was able to implement this really simple and fast natural hair wash routine tricks that you can also follow and get your natural hair was routine up, running and done in no time.

13 Super-Fast Natural Hair Wash Routine Tricks That Actually Works!

13 Super-Fast natural hair wash routine Tricks That Works

When it comes to natural hair routines what I’ve found out is that it doesn’t take much skill to achieve something.

Really, it doesn’t!

What it takes is determinations and trial and error.

Let me quickly outline what I’ll teach you in today’s natural hair wash routine tips and then I will break it down and conclude towards the end!

Yo! Let the fun with your natural hair wash routine begin:

  1. Choose the right Wash technique
  2. Choose your Wash tools & Products
  3. Make it easier by sectioning your Natural hair
  4. Prepoo your hair Like never before!
  5. Let the washing begin!
  6. Use hair clippers to hold each section
  7. Apply shampoo to the roots and rinse through.
  8. No Harsh Chemicals! Why You need to Avoid Shampoos with harsh chemicals!
  9. Wash fewer times if using shampoo with sulfate!
  10. Always follow up with a deep conditioning routine
  11. Detangle your hair girl!
  12. Air-dry your natural hair with an old t-shirt
  13. Awesome, Style your hair as usual!

Choose the right Wash technique!

When it comes to your natural hair wash routine, finding the right technique is vital. before you conclude you need to try at least once both ways and then conclude.

I Like to break them to break them into this two categories:

  • Washing in sections
  • Washing carfree

Washing your hair all free

What does it mean to wash your hair all free? Well for me I like to think that keeping your hair out of sections is a way to wash your hair faster.

I’ve also found out that this can cause my hair to kind of tangle easier so I proceed with the next option.

You can do this method if you’ve recently big chop and your hair is fairly short but once your hair starts growing I believe that you will need to section them for much better results.

Washing in sections

Washing my hair in sections is one of the best things I could do to my hair during my natural hair wash routine.

I started doing so once my hair was thicker and had grown.

To do so you need to have the right tools and decide on the number of sections you’ll section your hair into.

Now if You have a good length of hair you could go for the classic four section hair and use some basic plastic hair clips to hold each section.

This one is what I use and they have been so helpful during and after my wash day!

13 Super-Fast natural hair wash routine Tricks That Works

Choose your Wash tools & Products

Next, in your natural hair wash routine, you want to have a good overview of the products you’ll be using as well as the tools you’ll need.

When I need to wash my hair I’ve seen that I normally use these items. They could be a good start for you to also have.

  • simple white t-shirt
  • plastic hair clips
  • A Shampoo
  • A Conditioner
  • A Deep conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Wide tooth comb or Detangling Comb
  • (optional) a simple yet effective pre-poo recipe

Let me break each item down and why do you need to have them:

A simple white t-shirt

It has been said so many times and I think many naturals are right, a plain old t-shirt will help you protect your natural hair from the dryness that the common towels can brand.

Some plastic hair clips

Hair clips are great when you need something to hold all that glorious hair that God has given us!

I always have them around and this or this are some great options to go with.

This or this plastic hair clips are great options to start with.

A Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is really important. Shampoos are known for containing some harsh chemicals so the best way is to find a shampoo with fewer chemicals or get a sulfate-free shampoo.

I’ve created a list of 10 amazing sulfate free shampoos that you can check out here.

A Conditioner

If you don’t have time to deep condition your hair you can add conditioner and leave it in for few minutes.

The purpose of it is to add moisture to your hair strands and make it softer or as we call manageable.

A Deep conditioner

I think deep conditioning is one of the best things that could happen to our natural hair.

You should always try to deep condition your hair in order to keep it hydrated the best way possible.
If you’re on the search for some good deep conditioners this list of amazing deep conditioners will amaze you (let’s not talk about the fact that they are all under $12)!

Awesome, let’s move on!

Leave-in Conditioner

Just make sure to have a leave-in conditioner which is always a good thing to add to your hair before proceeding with styling products.

What’s the purpose of a leave-in conditioner?

Well, to nourish and add moisture to your hair while it prevents breakage.

You can get some suggestions for some good leave-in conditioners here.

Wide tooth comb or Detangling Comb

I had asked a question in my exclusive facebook group and many Queens answered that they used their hands and others a detangling comb (or any comb wide enough to detangle).

3 Shower Combs Hair Wide Tooth Dry Wet Gently Detangles Thick Long Durable Salon

So my take on this is you need to invest in a good and simple detangling comb like this one or maybe this (cheaper) one.

I have two types. a simple shower detangling come like this and I recently bought a Denman brush like this.

Both works great depending on your hair needs so do try both if you can and experiment.

A simple yet effective pre-poo recipe (optional)

This is optional but if you have some spare time you should try some pre-poo recipes before you actually wash your hair.

What is a pre-poo?

Well, glad you asked!

Let me put it this way, shampoos tend to strip your hair of moisture and natural oils so what a pre-poo does is that it works like a treatment aid against the action above.

A pre-poo can be something really simple such as a oil of choice, conditioner or even natural ingredients such as honey.

I enjoyed this article on different pre-poo recipes you can try!

I’ve seen pre-poo treatments that combine more than one ingredient or mostly oils so be sure to check this article for pre-poo oil recipes.

Make it easier by sectioning your Natural hair

My next step towards a better natural hair wash routine is to section your hair before actually washing or pre-pooing your hair.

When I was newly natural washing was a breeze and I didn’t even section my hair.

As it grew longer I needed something more quick and effective and I came across the option of sectioning your natural hair before washing it.

This was one of the best decisions when it came to my natural hair wash routine.


It made it a lot easier to wash and keep each section in place which eventually led to fewer matter situations!

Prepoo your hair Like never before!

As I explained above pre-pooing your natural hair can add value to your natural hair wash routine.

And if you want to make it more amazing you can cover your hair with a plastic cap like this one and leave it to sit for a while.

I Love this tutorial on how to pre-poo, check it out:


Let the washing begin! (in sections)

Now you can actually proceed by washing your hair and in my case, I would go with washing in sections.

This video really explains how to wash your hair in sections which makes our life much easier:

Use hair clippers to hold each section

You can choose to bun each section and wash each at a time but what I’ve found that works great is to get some simple plastic clippers like this one and hold each section of your hair.

Rioa 10 Pcs Professional Multicolor Plastic Duck Teeth Bows Hair Clips Hairdressing Salon Hair Grip Crocodile DIY Accessories Hairpins-Non-Slip

They are really affordable and really usable not just for your wash days.

I’ve found myself searching for them when I need to get a style done or even when I need to hold a section that has been blow-dried or flat ironed for the days I heat style my hair.


Apply shampoo to the roots and rinse through

One thing that I advise you to be aware of is that you’re shampooing your roots and rinsing the shampoo through your strands.

Shampoos can be very drying to your hair strands so working them through your scalp and rinsing should do the trick for you.

Best practices are to avoid keeping you shampoo for a long time on your hair.

No Harsh Chemicals! Why You need to Avoid Shampoos with harsh chemicals!

Oh yeah, I mention this in this post, but what you want to do is to get a shampoo that has fewer chemicals.

In our time and age, you can’t get one without chemicals.

But what you can do is get a sulfate free shampoo and this post has some pretty great ones for you to try.

Also, natural shampoo bar can work wonders as well.

Wash fewer times if using shampoo with sulfate!

Unless you’re doing all kind of sports then I don’t recommend you wash your hair as often as possible.

One trick you can do is co-washing (conditioner only wash) your hair with a conditioner and distance your actual shampoo washes.

This article on co-washes will give you more insight into the difference between shampooing and co-washing your natural hair.

By that way, your moisture level won’t always decrease and increase.

Always follow up with a deep conditioning routine

Deep conditioning can be a game changer for many natural and why not for you.

What is deep conditioning and why should you apply it?

Well, If you regularly deep condition your hair you are working your way out to less damaged natural hair.

Deep conditioning can also improve your hair texture and reduce breakage.

So if you are experiencing all that jazz do add deep conditioning to your natural hair wash routine.

If you are a DIY lover then check some of these amazing DIY deep conditioners next!

Detangle your hair girl

Detangling your hair plays a major role when it comes to your natural hair wash routine because it can determine if your hairstyle process will be easy or a struggle.

I’ve tried many times to go through detangling my hair fast and nope, my hair wasn’t easy to manage.

So get that detangling combs I mentioned above or use your fingers to make sure you’re detangling all that beautiful hair right there!

Air-dry your natural hair with an old t-shirt

Towels are great but when it comes to our hair they can tend to dry them out.

Yikes, no one likes that.


Hanes Men's 2 Pack X-Temp Performance T-Shirt, White, X-Large

Another great tip is to use a simple t-shirt that you don’t use or get one like these ones that will be dedicated to the use of drying your hair.

They are more gentle and less stripping compared to some other towels out there.

Awesome, Style your hair as usual!

Now you can proceed with your regular styling. Well done!




When it comes to your natural hair wash routine It’s all about being strategic and knowing what works for you.

Find the right tools as I mentioned above and why not try different other ones that can make your natural hair wash routine faster and of course much simpler.

Break it down into mini processes and you will get the best out of your natural hair wash routine.

If you enjoyed this, hey I also picked this topic that I believe you will enjoy:

Do me a favor and share this if it was helpful to you! (Shhhh, I won’t tell, ha!)

xo, Queen



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