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35 Best Natural hair blogs & Bloggers Every Natural Should Know!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

I must agree with you to the fact that finding Natural hair blogs that will inspire you to learn more about taking care of your natural hair is the best way to go about it if you’re searching for ways to grow your hair. I have been trying to grow my hair for the longest and after learning so many things online i am more than please to share with you this amazing blogs that will help you also succeed in your hair journey! Today I will introduce you to 26 and more natural hair blogs that i believe are packed with loads of information that you will love!


35 Best Natural hair blogs & Bloggers Every Natural Should Know!

Who doesn’t love learning new things every day? you should start right now! And we are here to help start right now!

Growing your natural hair is awesome, trimming your hair and Keeping it moisturized is great! But check this natural hair bloggers for even more tips and tricks for your hair!

Natural hair blogs & Natural hair website

So what are some great natural hair blogs to follow?

With this 26+ natural hair blogs and natural hair bloggers you will learn the basics that will turn you into a natural hair Pro in no time!



    essence magazineThis natural hair website is not a surprise! Founded in 1968 ESSENCE is Where Black Women Come First for news, entertainment and motivation.

    ESSENCE occupies a special place in the hearts of millions of Black women-its not just a magazine but her most trusted confidante, a brand that has revolutionized the magazine industry and has become a cultural institution in the African-American community.

  2. Black Girl with Long

    Black Girl with Long HairBlack Girl with Long Hair is a natural hair website that turned beauty and culture created by and for black women.

    Started in April 2008 by Leila Noelliste, the community has grown into a platform for celebrating the unique beauty and culture of black women.

  3. Natural Hair Mag

    Natural Hair Mag

    Natural Hair Mag is the Biosphere of Natural Hair. They strive to be the Natural Hair community that you call home.

    They are a group of Natural Hair experts who have come together to provide the Natural Hair community a foundation of education. Check this natural hair website for some awesome content for your hair!

  4. NaturallyCurly


    In September 1998, two curly-haired women partnered to publicly address their personal frustrations with the lack of attention, products and services tackling concerns that are today considered some of the utmost important in beauty.

    In their initial frustration, Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber created a simple online discussion board.

  5. CurlyNikki


    CurlyNikki was created to serve as an online “hair therapy session” for those struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair.

    It not only serves as an educational tool, but as a platform for each of you to share your experiences, frustrations, and triumphs of being Naturally Glamorous.

  6. Afrobella


    Founder of Afrobella®. Some call her the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging. Trinidadian-born writer Patrice Grell Yursik created to fill a void and to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of women all shades of beautiful.

    Her award-winning blog shines a loving light on natural hair and the wonderfully wide range of gorgeous skin tones and sizes women come in.

  7. My Natural Sistas

    My Natural SistasMy Natural Sistas was created over four years ago, and what started as sisters simply sharing their natural hair journey has evolved into a beautiful community of women who enjoy learning about how to style and care for their natural hair, fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, and overall heath and wellness.

  8. Silvia Dwomoh

    adding to the list of some great natural hair blogs, upcoming Blogger and Youtuber, Silvia Dwomoh is a Christian, Natural hair Youtuber that shares videos and posts sharing tips and tricks on how to maintain and love your hair.

    She is a Ghanaian, Europe raised YouTuber and Believer of Jesus Christ. Also a web and graphic designer that shares tips on how to  start your YouTube and Blog Career Today.

  9. BlackHairInformation

    BlackHairInformation was initially created as a way to keep the founder’s most useful pieces of information that she had gathered about hair growth online in an organized way.

    But it later morphed into a community website that both helps newbies into the hair growth world and entertains veterans during their hair growth journeys through to maintenance.

  10. Urban Bush Babes

    Urban Bush Babes
    An online publication featuring two friends and passionistas creating the definitive source for natural hair, fashion, health, music, film, lifestyle and arts & culture while living in NYC and Austin.

    Since launching just 3 years ago, UrbanBushBabes has a weekly viewership of 250,000 readers, a combined social media platform of 120,000 and over 50,000 YouTube subscribers.

  11. Hairscapades

    Hairscapades was created by Shelli. what she share will help those who are new to this natural thing, as well as those who’ve been in the “game” a while and are seeking new techniques and/or styles or just love surfing the “hairyverse!”

    She also hope to share our stories and experiences as Hairscapades isn’t just about her, it’s about all of us too!

  12. 4c Hair Chick

    4c Hair Chick mission is to highlight underrepresented beauty, provide hair care education to women with type 4 hair and to disrupt societies definitions of beauty.

    They strongly believe that representation matters.  Beauty for many decades has been defined by media outlets across the world as aligning to a European beauty aesthetic.

    Fair skin, light eyes, long hair are all characteristics we’ve been told by society are prerequisites for beauty.

  13. Long Nigerian Hair

    Long Nigerian hair is a hair blog about growing long healthy hair. It is a sort of online journal for me to record the progress of my hair journey.  I intend to monitor my hair growth month-by-month so that I can keep track of my progress.

    Usually, a journey to a long Nigerian hair should not be restricted to achieving great lengths alone, but it should also focus on health of the hair. A healthy hair will in turn translate into a long hair.

  14. Natural Hair Rules

    Natural Hair Rules offers natural hair care info, hairstyle guides, and inspiration.  This site is dedicated to encouraging others to be who they are naturally. Created by Tamara L. Floyd.

  15. Just Grow Already

    Over the years JGA has evolved from my online journal to a little slice of the web for sharing tips, techniques, healthy hair conversation and inspiration from so many readers. Pop into JGA and join the journey

  16. Klassy Kinks

    The mission of Klassy Kinks is to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world by providing motivational and uplifting content that encourages women to embrace their full selves.

    While the focus is on encouraging women to accept their natural hair texture through proper maintenance, versatile styling, and self-love, also covers a myriad of topics that center around having a healthy, classy, fulfilling, and beautiful life.

  17. Black Hair Kitchen

    BlackHairKitchen (BHK) covers all things Black hair care and beauty with a dash of cultural coverage. Who doesn’t like to be cute and knowledgable?

    Launched in 2013, BHK bridges the gap between the various sectors of Black hair care by celebrating the versatility that women of color have with their hair.

    Whether you need information on how to install a weave, ways to moisturize your coils or what the trendiest short styles are, BHK delivers up to date and insightful info on every topic.

  18. Rehairducation

    We love the fact that this natural hair website owner claims she have always been obsessed with hair.  As a child, she secretly wanted to be a hairdresser but that was not the sort of thing one could easily admit to the average Nigerian parent.

    Although she followed another career path, her curiosity about black hair never went away.

    It is this curiosity that led to her starting a hair journey and ultimately to the creation of Hairducation.

  19. KinkyCurlyCoilyMe

    I Personally Love Jenell and she has been a great source of knowledge when it comes to natural hair. You should also check her on YouTube. Great add into the list of natural hair blogs.

    KCCM natural hair website belongs to Jenell Stewart, the founder and editor in chief of Kinky Curly Coily Me!

    As a child, Jenell dreamed of attending law school and working her way through various political positions in order to become an attorney general. She realized that law and order was not her calling and that she had a passion for education.

    With her books in hand, Jenell graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelors of the Arts in Political Science and Philosophy, followed by a Masters in Special Education from Brooklyn College.

  20. KlsNaturals

    Kemi Lewis is the owner and manager of one of Nigeria’s pioneer All Natural Hair Salons – KL’s Natural Beauty Bar.

    A lawyer by training, her passion for styling and maintaining the health of natural hair saw her switching professions which led to the creation of her brand ‘KL’s Naturals’ in 2013, which has recorded enormous success in the short time it has been around.

    Kemi is both manager and stylist and has also added natural bridal hair styling to her growing resume.

    Her passion in educating women on healthy hair habits for themselves and their daughters has seen her creating a blog, guest writing for several magazines and newspapers, and  guest speaking on a number of radio shows.

  21. Blacknaps

    In 2010, Black Naps was created to blog about natural hair and to share helpful tips with others.

    She became so in love with the community here that she pursued blogging full-time. That’s how this lovely natural hair blogs was born!

  22. The kink and I

    This natural hair website love Africa and are excited to add into the list of natural hair blogs this awesome Nigerian based natural hair blogs!

    AB & MeeMee are two Nigerian girls living in their favorite cities in the world – Lagos & New York City.

    They are currently on that 8-6 professional grind and are happy doing it! Ultimately, they are on this continuous journey called life to figure out themselves, their purpose, and yes, their hair!

  23. Hey Fran Hey

    This natural hair website is owned by “Francheska Medina which is a lifestyle influencer based out of Harlem, New York.

    After years of battling a chronic illness and then healing herself through alternative medicine, nutrition and fitness.

    She became an advocate of more conscious living. and is the creator of the natural hair blogs Hey Fran Hey!

  24. KinkyCurlyYaki

    KCY joins the natural hair blog list based in Toronto, Canada. In 2010, after watching tons of videos of ladies torturing & killing their own natural hair to blend with exotic textures like “Brazilian”, “Peruvian” & “Malaysian”,

    Then started searching for textures through her natural hair blogs that looked believable and blended seamlessly with my own hair as She was tired of the infamous “African in the front, Indian in the back“.

    So She searched and searched and searched & found that most hair extension companies carried only light yaki or kinky straight, but it was buried underneath the exotic silky texture du jour.  

    She made up her mind to create a company that only sold high quality, kinky, natural looking textured hair extensions. 

    That’s how KinkyCurlyYaki was born.

  25. Curls Understood

    Curls Understood is a platform that delivers inspiration and information to the curly, natural hair community with a special focus on new naturals (those just starting to embrace their curls).

    They create and curate reliable content from around the web then organize it so we can get to what we need to know quickly.

  26. Kimberly Elise

    Kimberly Elise Natural Living is your natural hair blogs guide to natural beautyholistic wellness and cleanhealthy diets for women of all colors. Written by Actress Kimberly Elise andher editors since 2014, the website speaks to a multi-cultural audience of over 400,000 women per year.

  27. Curls

    CURLS was founded in 2002 in Elk Grove, California by CEO, Mahisha Dellinger. Now greatly expanded, CURLS continues to maintain the highest standards for quality ingredients and product dependability. Dellinger collaborated with leading cosmetic experts to develop CURLS.

  28. Bylungi

    Lungi Started her blog as a hair blog to document her healthy hair journey but since January 2016 evolved to a lifestyle blog. On her blog she share her favorites about beauty, hair, travel, food and a bit of girly DIY.

  29. LexiWithTheCurls

    Lexi also known as LexiWithTheCurls was one of the original natural hair Youtube vloggers starting back in 2008 reviewing her favorite products and learning her hair. From there she has grown to be featured in magazines, on commercials, and representing brands at events.

  30. African American Hairstyles

    This is a blog dedicated to natural hairstyles for all king. They also have a variety of tips and trick in order to maintain your natural hair

  31. VeePeeJay

    This blog is owned by Vashti, a wife, tea lover, purpose driven entrepreneur and island girl (who still can’t swim *the shame*), and naturalista.

    In 2011, she started blogging because she wanted to step out of my comfort zone.  At that time she was petrified to put herself out there. Initially, She chronicled her natural hair journey in her posts. As her hair grew, so did she and VeePeeJay is now a lifestyle blog.

  32. African Naturalistas

    This blog was created on 16 August 2011, in order to assist black women and men who have chosen to wear their natural hair, with special emphasis on Africans, because of the challenges they face in carrying natural hair, though the site is of great benefit to naturalistas all over the world.

    African Naturalistas is run by a group natural hair lovers, who have decided to help other naturalistas scale the hurdles they may come across in their hair journey.

  33. Natural Sisters

    Evenes Ruth Mafupa is the main writer and editor of this blog. A Christian, a mother to 3 boys and wife. She have a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and is a free lance draughtsperson to help pay the bills.

    She is a D.I.Y junky, self-taught clothing designer, self-taught hair stylist and love everything healthy and natural.

  34. Adede Lifestyle

    Adede Lifestyle | Natural Hair Blog

    Adede is a 20 something years old psychiatric nurse from Ghana living in the Netherland. She has always been that person with a camera in her bag. She wants to capture every adventure and with a little bit of luck, She always happen to create something for all to enjoy. Her natural hair is just beautiful and she helps natural with fine/thin hair learn how to better care for their natural hair! Check her out!

  35. The Everyday Ones

    The Everyday Ones | Natural Hair Blog

    Her love and passion for curly hair (extra emphasis on black curls and coils) has given her the knowledge to help friends and family in their hair journey and was the inspiration to the beginnings of her blog. She also enjoys writing about mental wellness, spirituality, and the positive power of the tongue and living in your truth.

This Natural hair website list was made for you, share yours below!

Bottom Line:

There are so many natural hair blogs with great content. If you own a Natural hair Blogs we would love to feature you into the list!
Leave a comment below!

Question for You Reader:

Who are your favorite natural hair blogs?

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