Naptural85 Hair Story: A Journey to Long Natural Hair

Naptural85 Hair Story: A Journey to Long Natural Hair

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Naptural85. Who is really Whitney White? Today we are talking all about natural hair YouTubers and their amazing journey to longer natural hair.

As I was being inspired by her styles on whatthecurls (by the way you should check it out, so many amazing hairstyle tutorials over there!) it just hit me to share her amazing journey which I have been following for years!


Naptural85 Hair Story: A Journey to Long Natural Hair

Naptural85 Hair Story: A Journey to Long Natural Hair

With that being said here is what you are gonna learn in today’s post:

  • naptural85: All about her
  • naptural85 top 10 tips on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair
  • naptural85 favorite products
  • naptural85 flaxseed
  • naptural85 lipstick alley
  • naptural85 wash and go
  • naptural85 twist out
  • naptural85 aloe vera
  • naptural85 shea butter recipe
  • naptural85 hair oil
  • naptural85 pre poo
  • naptural85 curlformers
  • naptural85 deep conditioner
  • naptural85 updo

Now that we have a good overview of what you will knowing about naptural85 let’s get into the fun part!

naptural85: All about her

Whitney white is known as  Naptural85 on Youtube and she is one of my favorite YouTuber! She is a Graphic Designer (Like I am!), Vlogger, Blogger, and Natural Hair Enthusiast (Girl give me a high five :-)!

naptural85 family

She became a white in her twenties and married hair awesome husband Filipe and she is a proud mother of two lovely children!

You can follow her other two channels here:

Let’s not forget her two kitties: Chubs and Bella

naptural85 hair type is a 4a, 4b in Crown and she became natural Since August 2008 but didn’t join YouTube until 8 Aug 2009.

You can find her on social media through:

Some of naptural85 top videos on YouTube are:

  1. How To Cheat A Flexi Rod Set  (with over 3M views!)
  2. Do It Yourself: Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner  (over 1M views)
  3. Twist Out Method 101: How-To and Maintaining (over 1M views)

naptural85 very first upload was of her “Natural Hair Journey” (my transition from relaxed to natural hair) and was only meant to be a ‘thank you’ to those on Youtube who had inspired her to take the leap.

You can read more about her here.

With that being said you can tell that naptural85 has some amazing following and experience with natural hair care in general.

Let’s have a look at naptural85 top 10 tips on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair that will help you reach your own hair goals in no time!

naptural85 top 10 tips on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

These tips that were given back in 2012 never get old and the first thing is to keep your hair moisturized because your hair needs it.

How do you do that?

By misting your hair with water and seal with a oil like shea butter or mango oil and it’s a daily thing.

At the end of the day, your hair will feel dry so it’s needed.

naptural85 big chop natural hair 2008

#2: Trim your hair when necessary.

I totally agree with that because doing it every month is not needed but by checking your hair can tell when you need trimming.

When you’re getting knots or split ends then you need to get one.

#3: Don’t over shampoo.

naptural85 prefers to cowash rather than shampooing often because it can be very drying while conditioner is softer to your hair.

#4: Low manipulation

Our hair is super fragile so avoid styles that pull your hair tight because you can damage your follicles and they might not even grow as they used to.

You can also keep your hair loose or in a ponytail but not too hard.

#5 is my favorite… protective styling.

We talked about moisture daily but too much of everything is not good.

Protective styling helps give your hair a break from the stress of styling and it will protect your ends.

Her post on protective styling will help you out.

#6: Don’t do your hair when you’re stressed out!

I agree with that, if you’re having a bad day or not feeling yourself just wrap your hair and do it another day.

Natural hair takes time and needs time.

#7: Choose your accessories wisely.

Bobby pins and hair clips help keep your hair in sections.

Don’t use accessories that pull your hair into a ponytail while your hair is still short.

Elastic bands with metallic details can do more harm than good.

#8 avoid brushes and combs and stick to plastic brushes!

A good option in tangle teezer, wide tooth combs or Denman brush because the regular ones can pull your hair really hard.

I really don’t like the tangle teezer but she also doesn’t really go for it so first is the wide tooth comb then Denman brush for detangling and combing.

Finger detangling is also a good option because it’s less manipulation but you can always combine combs and your fingers!

#9 Eat protein a lot!

Your hair is protein and you need to eat well if you want your hair to get healthy but again there are people that have it in their genes and whatever they eat will not affect their hair.

#10 It’s not a race but a marathon

Don’t rush to let your hair grow but just enjoy your day and journey and one day you will realize your hair has grown so much.

Accepting your hair length is so important in order to enjoy it rather than being frustrated about your hair not growing.

With these tips alone you are on the right path to growing your hair longer!

But there are some really great things you can do in order to benefit from your hair and your curls.

Let’s have a look at naptural85 remedies for styling and products!

naptural85 favorite products

Since she didn’t share her favorite products in 2 years here are some of her favorite products and why she uses them!

Her routine is pretty simple so from years of experience naptural85 has put together products that she uses on a weekly basis and absolutely love!

These are the ones she goes to every single week and makes naptural85 hair amazing and in control of her routine.

She doesn’t use coconut oil due to the fact that it didn’t work for her hair.

Now let’s get into some awesome hair recipes and tricks she uses to help her better manage and grow her natural hair

Gel, Gel where you are? naptural85 flaxseed all natural Gel!

What is flaxseed and why do you want to give it a try?

Flax seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help you avoid a dry, scaly scalp, and nourish your hair.

It also increases the hair elasticity – which means less breakage. Plus it can help reduce dandruff, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Let’s look at Whitney’s excellent way of creating one:

This all-natural DIY hair gel is perfect for all hair textures and hair types. The flaxseed gel is super moisturizing, has a nice soft hold, and defines your curls perfectly!

Stress no more! naptural85 wash and go is here!

So what on earth is a wash and go?

wash and go is when you wear your hair in its natural curl pattern, without manipulating the style with tools, braids or stretching.

This is how Whitney get’s her most defined was and go!

Twists on fleek! naptural85 twist out technique revealed!

If you’re natural then you will agree with me that achieving a bomb twist out wasn’t always easy.

at least for me, it wasn’t 🙂

In this tutorial, Whitney shares her tricks and step by step guide to achieving one.

These are some links to reference recipes she mentioned in the video above

The Best naptural85 aloe vera prepoo for nourished hair!

Whitney’s complete pre-poo routine for healthy natural hair!

This is the BEST method she has used so far because it nourishes her scalp, the hair shaft, as well as her natural hair, ends, leaving them nourished and moisturized!

Perfect for all hair textures, you can customize this pre-poo based on what oils you like best, and how much you like to add to your hair.

For those that want a really quick solution for a prepoo..

This QUICK 112-minutenatural hair aloe vera pre poo is perfect for busy women (and men) who love my original aloe vera pre-poo but just couldn’t find the time!

The Ultimate naptural85 shea butter recipe for lush hairstyles!

I totally love shea butter although I get lazy to whip it but Whitney has this amazing recipe that I couldn’t but share with you:

She shows two types:

  1. Thick and Fluffy Pomade-Type Moisturizing Creme
  2. Thick, Silky, and Creamy Moisturizing Creme

She is using:
-Unrefined Shea Butter at Room Temperature
-About 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
-About 1 tsp Olive Oil
-About 1 tsp Castor Oil
-About 1 Tbsp Jojoba Oil
-About 1/2 tsp Vitamin E

The naptural85 hair oil Excellent for your hair and body!

When it comes to hair oils we need to be strategic!

  1. Add all of the oils to the applicator bottle.
  2. Apply the oil to damp skin immediately following a shower or bath.
  3. Shingle the oils throughout freshly washed hair before towel drying or plopping.

you will need

  • 2.5 oz Olive oil
  • 2.5 oz Jojoba oil
  • 1 oz Castor oil
  • 1 oz Sweet almond oil
  • 1 oz Avocado oil
  • 1/2 oz Vitamin E
  • Applicator Bottle

naptural85 curlformers

If you’re like me then you know how easily you can get bored of a style but hey who doesn’t love curls on curls?

Curlformers are an excellent way to get the curls you want without the fear of heat!

A great technique to achieve Heatless, Silky, Curls using Curlformers!

and in case you’ve been wondering how to sleep with those..

Here’s a few simple tips and tricks that’ll have you sleeping comfortably in your Curlformers, in no time!

naptural85 deep conditioner

We are looking into two deep conditioner recipes

A WORD ABOUT PROTEIN SENSITIVITY FROM NAPTURAL85: If you’re protein sensitive, please remember to test a small hidden patch first before committing to the entire head. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, so please use caution as every woman reacts to various ingredients differently.

Bananas and coconut milk contain a small amount of protein. However, some protein sensitive women love using bananas and/or coconut milk to condition.

Some, do not and cannot handle ANY amount of protein. So please test a small amount to figure out where you stand.

This mixture is not “Protein-Free” but is geared towards those who have “Protein-Sensitivities” based on ingredients that have been recorded to work well.

Next recipe is..

DIY Hair Growth Deep Conditioner w/ Fenugreek | VEGAN Recipe

This recipe was created to strengthen and help support healthy hair growth!

It combines banana, avocado, fenugreek powder, and aloe vera juice for a powerfully reparative and moisturizing deep conditioner!

naptural85 updo

She has some really amazing updo hairstyles and some of them could not let me pass them by without sharing:naptural 85 updo

This Elegant Faux Hawk Updo is so much easier than it looks, and is sure to impress your friends and family this holiday season!

This can be done on medium to long length natural hair of any texture! It’s a perfect formal natural hairstyle, you can wear this to prom, or even a wedding!

naptural85 updo

Here’s an easy style that’s perfect for a casual holiday gathering! Nothing’s better than a messy bun and braids, a little boho, a little chic!

This style requires little to no preparation, so it’s the perfect style for if you’re in a rut and need a quick fix!

Here’s how to create the Faux Tapered Cut Updo on Natural Hair!

This chic natural hairstyle is super cute and easy, and is perfect for anyone with medium to long natural hair, that may want to switch it up for a few days!

It’s also a great professional natural hairstyle, great for weddings, graduations, pretty much every occasion!

naptural85 lipstick alley

In case you’re a super fan of naptural85 there is a naptural85 lipstick alley threat currently focussing on naptural85 and her life!

Everything from hair to her family.

naptural85 | Whitney White and Felipe Selfie

Was really surprised to see the loyal fans went an extra mile to create this really long naptural85 lipstick alley threat.

(Haters will always be around but so know that they exist!)

And that’s a wrap on naptural85 journey to longer hair.

Make sure to follow her journey over on YouTube, she is amazing!

What’s your favorite naptural85 hair recipe?

Let’s share this post and share the love!

What to read next? I’ve got you curlyqueen!

xo, Queen


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