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Why Moisturizing 4C Hair In Winter Is Key!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Moisturizing 4c hair in winter, yes, that is what we are dealing with !! So w

Why Moisturizing 4C Hair In Winter Is Key!

Why Moisturizing 4C Hair In Winter Is Key!

Why Moisturizing 4C Hair In Winter Is Key!

Keeping your hair moisturized during winter days can take your hair a long way but caring for it after you’ve moisturized it helps even better! Here are some great ways to care for your hair once it’s moisturized:

Know Your Hair’s Porosity

Porosity refers to how open your cuticles are on your hair shaft.  If they aren’t open enough, moisture can’t get in (low porosity).  Your hair may feel dry and straw-like if you use too much protein.

If the cuticles are too open, your hair can frizz and tangle easily (high porosity).  High porosity often comes from heat or chemical damage.

1) Give pre-poo with coconut or olive hot oil treatment a try!

We all know that shampoos have the tendency to dry out the hair, now think of its adverse effects in the winter time. So instead of advising against shampoos, I suggest choosing sulphate free shampoos such as Jason Shampoo or African Black Soap. And if you must use sulfate shampoos, you will be better off protecting your hair from the harshness of shampoos by doing a hot oil treatment prior to shampooing your hair.

The Baggy Method May be for you!

This is a great way to replenish moisture at night. Spritz your hair with water so it’s slightly damp. You may also want to add a moisturizer of your choice. (Remember, real moisturizers have water listed as one of the first ingredients.)

Cover your hair with a plastic cap while you sleep. Secure the cap with a headband. The water, moisturizer and body heat will help to condition and moisturize your hair overnight.

Will this cause frizz? Yes, it may if you are wearing your hair out. However, the baggy method is a great option for women wearing afros and/or those that don’t mind the frizz.

Give Sulfate-Free a try

Use sulfate-free shampoo products to keep from stripping your hair. Sulfates are harsh detergents that rob your hair of its natural moisture. A great line to try is Giovanni.

Hot Oil Treatments will go a long way

This is one of my favorite pampering routines because it softens my hair so much and brings out its natural sheen.

It’s really good to make a habit of doing this in the winter months because your hair will probably dry out faster.

You can even experiment and develop your own concoctions based on your favorite oils.

Sleep With a Satin pillowcase

Sleep in a satin cap or use a satin pillowcase to keep your hair from drying out at night. Cotton will soak all the oils out of your hair and can dry it out very quickly.

Drink Your Water sis!

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. Not only will water help keep your hair moisturized, but it can help your hair grow at its optimal rate.

Give your hair a break!

Constantly touching your hair will strip the moisture and oils right out of your hair. You can even see the oils on your fingertips.

If you must touch and play in your hair, that’s fine. Just know that you’ll have to moisturize it more often.

Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue!

If you want to add some sheen to your hair, mix one-part apple cider vinegar with 3 parts water. (Feel free to adjust the recipe as needed.) Use this as your final rinse when shampooing your hair.

Do weekly moisturizing deep conditioning treatments

It’s normal for the hair to dry out faster in the wintertime due to the lack of moisture in the air. Since we have no control over this, we must try our best to restore moisture back into our hair on a daily basis by applying a moisturizer at night or in the morning. However, for maximum effects, it’s best to re-moisturize clean hair as its able to absorb more moisture than dirty hair which has already been layered with products.

Use heavy creams

Heavy creams will provide our hair with more than enough moisture while the heavy oils and butters will seal this moisture in for a longer period of time.

Go slow on the wash and go

Keep any wet style for the summertime or when the weather warms up. You shouldn’t walk out of the house with wet hair, because it will freeze and then break!

Try Skipping the coconut oil as a sealant

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and extremely hard in cold temperatures. So using coconut oil as a sealant will only make your hair hard when outside. And who wants hard hair?

Protective styles will help you out

Hair that is bounded is much stronger to withstand any environmental stress than free hair. It also allows the hair to stay moisturized for a longer period of time in comparison to loose hair which easily looses moisture to the atmosphere. If your priority is length retention during the winter, you’d be better off protecting your ends from the harsh environmental condition. Protective styles can be done with or without synthetic hair. hair.


There you have it, Why Moisturizing 4C Hair In Winter Is Key!

How do you moisturize your hair during winter?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

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