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How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

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A keratin treatment on 4c hair can help to fight frizz, split ends, and straighten your curly hair without doing permanent damage to your strands (hopefully). The Keratin treatment has gained popularity among many naturals but has also caused controversy, due to its ingredients and possible side effects.

How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

Keratin is a protein that makes up the outer layer of skin and hair. This protein protects the cells from damage such as frizz, breakage, and tangles.

When you use a keratin hair treatment, it loosens curls and creates a more manageable texture. These treatments are semi-permanent and are usually used so straightened hair does not frizz, or curl, right away.

It strengthens the hair by repairing damaged strands, eliminating frizz, and preventing breakage. After receiving the treatment, Your natural hair is meant to be easier to manage for straight styles.

The usage of keratin in most of the hair products comes with constant back-and-forth within the natural hair community, as it temporarily alters the texture of hair to become straighter. Regardless, many curlies enjoy the strengthening benefits of this protein (which is naturally already in your hair).

A hairstylist puts the treatment in and flat irons the hair, keeping the new cuticle fibers in their place. The salon process usually takes about 90 minutes. Keratin works best on those with excessive heat and/or chemical damage because it can fill gaps in the hair cuticle with its amino acids.

The pros

  • It will eliminate frizz, even in light rainy conditions
  • Your hair will be softer and shinier than it was before
  • Keratin strengthens your hair shaft

The cons

  • Keratin treatment upkeep can be expensive, as it needs to be touched up every couple of months.
  • You must wait a few days before cleansing your natural hair. So if you’re outside in the elements, the build-up in your scalp and odors will be less than pleasant. But you cannot wash.
  • The long-term effects of keratin treatments can do more harm than good to your hair cuticle, causing the very damage it was intended to repair.

Keratin Treatment Before And After

Before keratin treatments, your hair may be damaged and frizzy. The silicon polymers in the treatment coat the hair shaft to relax it.

This loosens the curls, reduces frizz, and allows the hair to become more manageable. The formaldehyde then links your natural hair’s keratin with the keratin in the product.

This allows the hair to be straighter for a longer period; this is why formaldehyde-free treatments do not last as long. After the treatment, you cannot wash your hair for two to three days and must use a sulfate-free shampoo.

It is recommended to use keratin products such as keratin oil, a keratin hair mask, and keratin conditioner to make your treatment last as long as possible.

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How long will a keratin treatment last?

Like most of the hair treatments, longevity depends on the person, their lifestyle, and their styling habits. Keratin treatments are no different. “The life of a keratin treatment varies,”. “Usually, your results should last up to 20-24 shampoos.” Though keratin treatments can be touched-up as often as necessary, Saviano suggests another treatment every 3-5 months for his curly-haired clients.
“If you come in for the first time and want to manage frizz, the process is totally different than if you want to totally straighten your curl.” The touch-up process may also vary based on the different textures within your hair. “Curly hair is usually never the same pattern all over the head,”. So, sometimes a stronger formula or heat setting may be focused to different areas of your hair.

What happens during a keratin treatment?

If you’re getting a keratin treatment, prepare to spend up to three hours in the salon chair depending on the length and thickness of your hair. “Generally, your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo,”.
“Then, the keratin solution is applied to roughly-dried sections from root to ends.” After the treatment sits for a few minutes, your hair is then blowdried and flat ironed in small sections to smooth the hair. “If you don’t want certain areas to be super smooth, your stylist should only pass over your hair once with a flat iron,”.
After your treatment, talk to your stylist about how long to wait before shampooing your hair on your own. “The less you shampoo the hair, the longer your treatment will last,”. “Since the treatment coats your hair, the more you shampoo, the more it washes away.” It’s why Gurgov recommends shampooing once a week but focusing suds on your scalp.

Product To Try

Here are some of the most popular products contain strengthening and frizz-eliminating keratin protein.

How To Grow Natural Hair In A Month

If your hair is extremely damaged, a keratin treatment might help revitalize it. However, after you do it to your hair multiple times your hair will begin to feel over-processed (much like a chemical relaxer) and the products might undo all of the good they have done. So if you feel that a keratin treatment will be beneficial to your hair’s health, be sure to get it done at a reputable salon and try to only do it once or twice so it does not begin doing damage to your hair.

Will a keratin treatment ruin my natural curls?

One of the biggest keratin concerns is that, like straightening perms, the treatment could permanently alter your curl pattern. The reality is, you can’t bank on having chemically-straightened hair and a perfect curl pattern.
“If you want less frizz, you’ll have less curl, it all depends on the strength of the treatment you get. If you want to retain more curl, speak to your hairstylist about determining the formula’s strength and hot tool temperature to use.
Pick one that reduces frizz over 50% will have a more obvious change to curl, becauseNone are permanent.”

Things to Consider:

Most of the women with badly damaged hair hold off from doing a Keratin Treatment until they get their curly hair’s health in check. Try to avoid coloring your natural hair soon after, wait at least 2 weeks.

If you decide to do at home kits follow instructions to the letter plus if you are expecting it to dramatically change your hair from kinks to curls, it won’t!

How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

There you have it, How To Give Keratin Treatment On 4C Hair A Try!

What is your biggest hair fear?

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