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Sham-Who? How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo That Works

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Everyone enjoys having tidy hair. Thus, the worldwide shampoo market is worth more than $29 billion. However, it is possible to wash your hair without shampoo and still have strong, healthy, and lustrous hair afterward. How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo That Works.

hair washing without shampoo
You can wash your hair without shampoo in a variety of ways.

The approach using apple cider vinegar
Add water and two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
Put it on while you’re in the shower. Give it two to three minutes.
Clean up by rinsing. Voila! Clean hair.
Co-washing technique
Purchase a bottle of co-wash at the shop. Instead of shampoo, use this.
Some people refer to co-wash as cleaning conditioner. As its popularity grows as a result of beauty bloggers, it is currently only available in specialized beauty stores but is beginning to be carried by more mainstream retailers.
using a conditioner
Skip the shampoo and go directly to the conditioner while washing your hair.


Sham-Who? How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo That Works



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Other techniques

Other techniques, such as washing with simply water and baking soda, are said to work. They could harm your scalp, though. We advise using the aforementioned three as a starting point if you are new to no-poo.

Over the past five years, the no-poo movement has dramatically expanded. Here’s how to go no-poo if you’re no longer madly in love with Head and Shoulders.

Stocksy United/Studio Firma
How to shampoo your hair without using it
Here is all the information you require to put the shampoo down.

Getting going

Regardless of the approach, you’ll need a bathtub, shower, or other water dispenser before you begin.

To ensure that any extra or loose dirt is removed, rinse your hair. The no-poo magic can then start.


You’ll need a bottle of co-wash (also known as cleansing conditioner) before you can start washing your hair with it. Co-wash products were formerly difficult to locate outside of specialized retailers and salon suppliers. More stores than ever before carry them today.

Manufacturers have created conditioners called co-washes that also clean your hair. Some products may be marked as “no-poo” or “low-poo,” making them quite simple to identify on a shelf.

Many pharmacies and chain retailers have begun marketing their own co-wash products. It is utilized similarly to a typical shampoo:

Irrigate your hair.

The co-wash should be worked into your hair and scalp.
Wash it off.

They work particularly well when trying to heal heat damage and on textured or relaxed hair.


Using only conditioner instead of shampoo is a common no-poo washing technique. Conditioners don’t have the same amount of harsh detergents that shampoos do. This is the reason why conditioner doesn’t cause your bathwater to bubble up with suds like shampoo does.

It is kinder to the hair and scalp because of this. Additionally, the technique is very straightforward: wash your hair normally without shampoo. Instead, use conditioner.

Unlike shampoo, conditioner doesn’t deplete hair of its hydration and natural oils. However, you should exercise caution when using the conditioner-only method because product buildup might result in a dry, flaky scalp if you use it frequently or if you don’t thoroughly rinse your hair after using it.

ACV, apple cider

The tried-and-true apple cider vinegar approach is the best option for people who want to go all-out healthy rustic shampoo alternative.

Before washing with apple cider vinegar, there are a few simple steps to remember, unlike when using a co-wash or conditioner:

Add water and two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. ACV must be appropriately diluted or it may irritate your scalp. If your head feels a little raw after washing, adjust the ACV/water ratio.
In the shower, rinse any filth from your hair.
To your head, apply the ACV/water solution.
Allow it to sit for two to three minutes after massaging it in.
Clean up by rinsing.
Hey, hurrah! Your hair is tidy!

Some people choose to add baking soda to the solution. But none of this is a precise science (and what science there is suggests baking soda may actually not be great for healthy hair because of its high pH). Therefore, we cannot propose using baking soda in good conscience.

However, we can suggest apple cider vinegar. Unlike baking soda, the claims that it is effective in cleaning hair are supported by science. ACV has demonstrated antibacterial and antifungal effects. The people in the lab coats have demonstrated that some of the claims made by the no-poo beauty bloggers are true.

So yes, you can clean your hair with apple cider vinegar. World is crazy, right?

How can you wash your hair without shampoo to remove oil?

Going no-poo can cause you to worry a lot about having greasy-looking hair. But don’t panic; you don’t have to get rid of the accumulating oils. Your scalp and hair lose their natural oils when you use shampoo. It takes some time for your body to recognize it may reduce the amount of grease it consumes because it is overcompensating for this.

Your hair will start to appear less greasy after two to three weeks. Anecdotal evidence says that massaging your scalp with specific soaps, such as goat’s milk soaps, might de-grease un-shampooed hair fairly effectively if you’re extremely self-conscious about it.

What happens when you shampoo your hair without conditioner?

Absolutely, after giving it a no-poo wash, your hair will be clean.

The effects, though, won’t manifest right away. Don’t worry, it’s normal for your hair to feel a little greasy for the first two to three weeks. It doesn’t mean your hair is dirty, though. Shampoo disables several of your hair’s natural self-cleaning systems.

Since there have been showers, shampooing has been a standard part of shower time. That’s not hyperbole either; the first contemporary shower wasn’t created until 1767, more than 250 years after the earliest records of the usage of shampoo.

However, many shampoos remove the natural oils from your hair. Once you stop doing poo, it takes these oils a few weeks to return to their optimal levels.

Why is there a no-poo approach if shampoo works?

People who swear by the no-poo method think that skipping shampoo is the best course of action for maintaining clean, healthy hair.

Many shampoos contain substances like sulfates and silicones that deplete your hair’s natural oils. Your scalp overcompensates by producing too much oil as a result. The no-poo theory contends that shampoo is unhealthy for hair because of this.

Every no-pooer has a unique motivation for doing so. Some people avoid shampoo because of conditions like allergies. Others simply want to try something a little different to see if they may achieve better outcomes. Because it can be extremely challenging to maintain frizzy, thick, or naturally dry hair using shampoo, the no-poo movement attracted a lot of followers.

Things to think about when pooping

There are risks associated with washing your hair without shampoo.

Your scalp and hair are unpredictable. A little alteration in the pH balance as well as abrupt changes to your hair care regimen might cause thinning hair. With any no-poo technique, there is always a danger that your hair may not respond well.

Additionally, keep in mind that shampoo *still* cleans hair—the proverbial elephant in the room when it comes to no-pooing. Actually, it is really, extremely good at it. Using shampoo to wash your hair can stop dust, grime, and allergens from collecting on your scalp.

Do you understand what occurs when those accumulate? Dermatitis.

Who of us enjoys dermatitis? Nobody.

Your hair will probably appear a little greasier throughout those initial few weeks. Check your hair frequently all along. Consider modifying your no-poo regimen or temporarily switching back to shampooing if you start to see damage beyond a slight increase in oiliness before consulting a local hair expert.

If you’re losing hair, can you still wash your hair without shampoo?
You should keep in mind that the trichologists we mentioned advise utilizing shampoo. Trichologists, often known as hair and scalp doctors, have recommended Nioxin as a specialized shampoo for hair loss.

Before adopting any new hair care regimen, especially one as radical as quitting shampoo, if your hair is thinning, talk to your doctor.

As we previously stated, the no-poo movement has become more well-known thanks to beauty influencers. After decades of established study, shampoo has become widely used.

Your choice to go no-poo. However, it’s advisable to postpone risking additional hair loss until you have a professional evaluation. One of the worst ways to discover you are allergic to vinegar is to lose the last of your hair.


Here are some items to help you start living a life without shampoo:

Cantu Complete Conditioning Cowash with Shea Butter. Reviews indicate that Cantu Beauty’s co-wash, which comes in 10-ounce tubes, is excellent for curly/wavy hair. Additionally, it complies with the Climate Pledge, so you won’t have to sacrifice any adorable jungle creatures to reap the advantages of no-poo hair care.
CREME COWASH RENPURE. The makers claim that this coconut oil-infused product is suitable for all types of hair. Because it doesn’t include harsh salts, gluten, colors, or sodium chloride, it’s excellent for regaining strength and shine without using harsh chemicals.
Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash from EDEN BodyWorks. Customers seem to agree that the coconut oil and shea butter combination from EDEN BodyWorks is a good choice for people with dry hair. Aloe and avocado oil are also included, which assist your hair retain moisture even more.
Coconut Cowash by As I Am. People with colored, treated, or damaged hair recommend using this coconut co-wash (whether by heat or chemicals). However, testimonials from users with all hair types confirm to its success in replacing shampoo.
The Best Honey & Castor Cowash in Africa. Africa’s Best is an expert in hair products for people of color. Their co-wash, which is made with honey and castor oil, is exceptionally well-liked by people with this hair type. The co-wash incorporates traditional African herbs and oils and is created from a 100 percent natural mixture of honey and castor oil.
Legend’s Creek Farm goat milk soap without smell. Many people claim that exfoliating your scalp with goat milk soap can help reduce the greasiness that can appear after stopping using shampoo. This is among the possibilities on Amazon with higher ratings.
Apple cider vinegar hair rinse from dpHUE Although it is more expensive than other solutions, dpHUE has produced an ACV that is intended for use in hair washing. No more sneaking into your Mee-pantry Maw’s right before the shower! In addition to a ton of hair hallelujahs, it is loaded with proteins and oils that are high in vitamin E.


Many people find that shampooing their hair with shampoo works well, but not everyone. Some people’s hair becomes dry, brittle, or tangled after using shampoo. The no-poo movement has been a blessing for them.

Shampoo-free hair care is possible in a few different ways. Every year, new co-washes and cleaning conditioners are available in stores. Apple cider vinegar washes are a tried-and-true piece of conventional wisdom for the more traditional.

However, the majority of the evidence for its efficacy is anecdotal. Despite the fashionable backlash against shampoo, hair specialists still recommend it since it still effectively cleans hair. Influencers and beauty bloggers have helped the no-poo method become more well-known, but there isn’t any concrete evidence that shampoo is anything more than a… farce.

There are many products available if you wish to stop using shampoo. Just be careful to consult a physician if the ones you attempt cause your hair to become damaged (although experiencing a little extra grease for the first few weeks is natural).








There you have it, Sham-Who? How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo That Works

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!


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