7 Best How to Slick Back Natural Hair Techniques!

7 Best How to Slick Back Natural Hair Techniques!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

I Must agree with you that learning how to slick back natural hair is not easiest thing to do. Especially when your natural hair don’t want to come to agreement with your gel!

Girl i feel you, I can’t tell you how many times i tried to slick back my natural hair to no result! But today we are checking out 7 amazing how to slick back natural hair techniques and products for maximum results.

before we dive into the tutorials here are some helpful tips you need to have in mind when you want to learn how to slick back natural hair easily.

When you follow this tips it’s guaranteed that you will get much more better results than you normally get.


7 Best How to Slick Back Natural Hair Techniques!

7 Best How to Slick Back Natural Hair Techniques!

When did you last wash your hair?…

Before you go ahead with this style make sure your natural hair is clean. I recommend you check out this 10 best Shampoos for curly hair without sulfate for natural hair and give your hair a good wash.


How To Slick Back Natural Hair

Products Used:
-A Moisturizing Spray
-Ampro Shine ‘n Jam Extra Hold Conditioning Gel with Honey Extract

Will Dry hair slick down? Girl grab some spray bottle…

Next you want your hair to be as moisturized as possible.
If your natural hair is almost completely dry go ahead and lightly mist your hair with water using a spray bottle. This will ensure that your hair is well moisturized and ready for the next step.

If you feel your hair extreemly dry go ahead and get a leave-in conditioner and apply it before the gel comes in. here are 12 Mind blowing leave-in conditioners for curly hair to try that will save your hair!


Products used:
Garnier® Fructis® Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Butter Cream
Garneir whole blends leave in conditioner (cocoa)


No Matted Hair Needed right now!

Using your favorite detangling comb or just your fingers go ahead and detangle your natural hair. get rid of any matted hair so when it’s time to slick the job will be easier!


Sleek Bun Tutorial on Awkward Length/Short Natural Hair

Products used:

Right Parting? Left Parting.. No Middle one!!

Choose which type of parting you want to have. Make your you section your hair before you proceed with applying gel into your hair. This will guarantee a good style as the hair sleeks down!


Slicked Down TWA

Products used: Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel

Do i really need gel to slick it down?

I totally recommend using a gel of choice in order to get the best slick result. As you can see each lady in the tutorials use a gel. Just try some of the recommended gel’s out there and stick to the one that work’s best for your natural hair.


How I Slick Back My Natural Hair

Products used: Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel

Pony…Pony…Where did i drop my ponytail holder?!

Secure with a ponytail holder when you are all done. Keeping your hair well ensured can play a big role when working your way out to achieve this style.

Make sure there are no hair bumps or left outs because a small mistake can completely sabotage our style attempt!

How I Slick Down My THICK Natural Hair

Products Used:
Rat Tail Comb
Argan Magic Paddle Brush
-“Conditioner water” in spray bottle
-Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizing hair oil
Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel
Boar Bristle Brush
Goody Ouchless Hair Ties
Evolve Head Wrap

Hey! Who took my scarf?!

In order to complete this style get a satin silk scarf and tie it around your head. This will make sure that your hair will dry without disturbance and once the scarf is our the miracle is made!

How To slick Back Natural 4C Hair

Products used: Argan oil Eco Styler Gel

Last and not least don’t over do it with gels. This style is advicable to stay for a day or two and then make sure you moisturize it again by lightly misting your natural hair.

This is a way of avoiding breakage from this simple style.

Extra Helpful tips:

Blowdry natural hair before applying gel can stretch your hair out in order for it to fit into a ponytail.

This is a wraaap! When do you normally rock a slick down hairstyle on your natural hair? On work days? Day out’s? Church?

Leave a comment bellow and let’s share ideas!

As always i’ll see you in my next one!

Here are some cute hairstyles you could try if you want a change from slick down hairstyles:

xo, Queen!

4 Replies to “7 Best How to Slick Back Natural Hair Techniques!”

  1. Hi, how long do you suggest keeping it slick? Is it okay to “freshen” up the style with a little gel every night for about 5 days then wash it? Thank you.

    1. Hey Michelle, Lovely name btw!

      Okay, I believe there is nothing wrong with refreshing it. Adding gel every night for 5 days could be too much depending on the amount of gel we talking about.

      You can always your spray bottle of water and mist your hair and add some gel but don’t over do it and I suggest you can keep it slick for a day or two and then release it a bit to not stay in the same slick style.

      Too much of everything is not that great they say!


      Hope this helps,

      xo, Queen!

  2. I am 11 and i really want to have my hair slick for my sis first day of school to not embrass her and i am happy i found this thx Queen

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