How to Make Your Natural Hair Look Longer and Fuller

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Growing out your hair takes a while. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning hairstyle with long beautiful locks now. Of course, you cannot go from nothing to waist-long tresses without using a wig. However, if the change you want to achieve is not so “drastic”, you can use a few tricks. Depending on what you choose, they may only add a bit of length visually or truly add a few inches to your tresses. In either case, the result will look natural and lovely.


Stretch it out

The easiest way to make natural hair look longer is to straighten it. Curls are wonderful, but they do appear shorter than your tresses actually are. Therefore, by straightening you’ll get your hair to its natural length.

The problem here is that straightening your hair can be quite damaging. It shouldn’t be too bad if you only do this a few times for special occasions. In that case, you can use a flat iron or blow-dryer. Be sure to apply heat-protection and condition your hair generously when washing your locks before and after the event. A hot oil restorative treatment after straightening will help your locks recover from heat damage.

However, if you want a more permanent solution, you’ll need to consider keratin hair straightening, also known as Brazilian. But bear in mind that this kind of treatment is damaging to some extent. Be sure you are ready to provide your tresses with restorative care before you try it.

Use extensions

While straightening your hair does make it appear longer, it doesn’t truly change its length by much. However, if you use 20’’ clip-in hair extensions, you’ll be able to achieve exactly that. Moreover, unlike more permanent types of extensions, these are much less damaging and more flexible. You can remove them whenever you wish and some types can even be reused after that.

Clip-in extensions are versatile, so they will work for both those who want a natural look and those who want something more fun. The extensions can add a significant amount of length. But they also add volume. Therefore, your hair will get an all-over boost. This can be a good choice if you are recovering from a bout of hair loss. For example, like the one some women suffer during pregnancy.

However, note that if your hair is damaged, you’ll need to choose extensions very carefully. Some of their types can put undue stress on follicles. Therefore, they should only be used with healthy hair.

Layer up

If you are more interested in adding volume and texture to your locks with only an illusion of length, you’ll need to layer your natural hair. This type of haircut does wonders to volume, regardless of your hair’s length. But it does make it appear visually longer because of the optical perception of varying lengths.

However, you need to understand that this type of change will be minimal. It’s a good option for hair that is somewhat long already.

You also need to remember that this haircut is best done by a pro. Due to its complex texture, natural hair can look stunning when cut in layers. However, it can also look like a complete mess. Only an experienced stylist will know exactly where and how to cut to achieve the best visual result.

There is also the added bonus that this method is not damaging at all. In fact, a regular trim will help your hair grow out faster and healthier.

Can You Speed Up Your Hair Growth?

All these methods of lengthening your hair are not perfect. However, you can’t just order your hair to grow overnight by magic. And you should be wary of any product that promises such results. The speed of hair growth is not a factor that you can affect to any significant degree.

Eating a healthy diet and taking biotin supplements can help achieve the maximum speed of hair growth your body is capable of. However, you can’t make this process go faster than your body is “programmed”.

All you can do is ensure that your hair is healthy and receives good nourishment. Then, you just need to trim and wait until the length you want grows out.

Bear in mind that damaging lengthening techniques can reduce the actual speed of hair growth.

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