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Super Simple Ways On How To Maintain Black Hair Naturally

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My grandmother was, and still is, the most stunning woman I have ever seen, in my opinion. I remember the cotton saris she always kept in her trunk, always pristine and perfectly folded. Her particular soaps were “homemade,” but trust me when I say they smelled divine. Her woolen shawl contained the calming scents of my youth. I spoke with her for my journal and learned that she was close to 90 years old. She never had to conceal her gray hair because her hair was remained “jet-black.” I never thought to ask her how she maintained her still-black hair; I assume it was due to the “mystery soaps” she stashed between her clothing. how to maintain black hair naturally

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Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Super Simple Ways On How To Maintain Black Hair Naturally




1. Mulethi and Ghee

This is more like a natural ‘deep-conditioning’ treatment that would work wonders for dry and frizzy hair. Mulethi makes the hair black, thick, shiny and glowing. To make the hair-mask you will need:

1kg Ghee (preferably home-made)
1litre Amla juice/extract
200gm of Mulethi
Mix all the ingredients together and allow to heat in low flame. After the water-content of the mixture has evaporated completely, pour the remaining concoction in a clean-glass container and allow to cool. Apply this ‘color-rejuvenating’ hair mask just before you shower and you will be surprised with the black color appearing back again in your hair. Its a wonderful solution to make your hair jet black instead of the hair dyes available in the market

2. Amla

We have heard about the wonders of Amla time and again and this little fruit manages to surprise us every single time with its benefits. A common commodity in an Indian house-hold, Amla has great benefits of retaining the ‘blackness’ of your hair. You will need:

½ liter clean water
2 tbs of pure Amla powder
1-2 lemon juice/extract
All you need to do is, blend-well the above mentioned ingredients and store it in a clean container. This natural shampoo is a wonderful natural solution which can be used to wash your hair in order to maintain those long, black locks of hair.

3. Mango Stones

This sounds new (at least to me). Mainly, the oil of Mango stones is known to magically turn grey-white hair black again . Better still, if you start utilizing Mango stone oil before you climb into the age-ladder, you might never see yourself graying ever! Now that sounds good, if you wish to be known as a ‘yummy-mummy’ or ‘yummy-granny’!

4. Mango

Summertime in India is all about Mangoes. Mango drinks, Mango milkshakes, Mango pickles and Mango chutneys and everything just goes Mango! Now, for your hair, you can grab a few raw Mangos and work-out the age-defying magic to get black hair.. For this Hair-pack, you will need:

1-2 raw Mangos
A bunch of fresh Mango leaves
Hair oil
Mix all the ingredients together and mash them into a fine pulp to form a paste by slowly adding your favorite hair oil. Now place this paste in a container under the sun for a couple of hours. Apply this as a hair pack just before you shower to create thick and black hair.

5. Coconut Oil with Lemons

This is one of the most ancient and trusted natural home remedies to treat the problem of gray hair and grow a nice head of thick, black hair. The process is a simple one:

½ cup pure coconut oil
½ Lemon juice/extract
Heat the coconut oil over low flame till it is brimming and hot. Now squeeze in the Lemon in to it and blend well. That is about it. You have your solution ready and you can apply it once it cools down. Massage your hair and scalp luxuriously with this solution all the way from roots to tip, when it is still lukewarm. This way the solution will seep-in to your pores and hair-follicles, giving you nourishment in the best possible manner treating your gray hair naturally. If followed on a regular basis, you will soon be growing back your black hair in no time.

6. Onion Hair Pack

This is one of the most simple and easy-breezy method you can whip-up in almost no time. While you are in the kitchen and preparing a gravy-base Indian style, be sure to stock-away a small jar of fresh Onion paste to stay away from gray hair.. When you are ready, apply the Onion paste luxuriously all over your hair and head and cover it with a shower-cap.

Leave the pack on for about 30 minutes (if you can stand the odor of Onions) and wash normally. Follow this regime at least thrice a week for best results. You will be surprised with the results, as your hair will soon restore the dark-coloration it once had. Visible difference in your hair can be seen in a month.

7. Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves

This is simple two-ingredient concoction you can prepare in just a few minutes. I remember a South-Indian (they have the most gorgeous hair) friend of mine who would follow this beauty regime religiously. And boy! Did she have beautiful hair or what! Just before your daily bath-ritual, heat some pure coconut oil in a clean vessel over low flame, careful not to burn it altogether. Add about 5-8 curry leaves while the oil is heating-up.

After a while, remove the solution from the flame once the leaves let-out their aroma. Strain-out the oil, separating it from the leaves and let cool. Massage it all over your hair and shampoo as usual. Quite effective in bringing back color of your hair back.

8. Carrots

This is more of an internal natural home remedy than a topical one. All you need to do is, grind some carrots and strain the juice. Drink this juice first thing in the morning every day for best results. People who follow this particular nature-fix own a great head of thick, black hair.

9. Hibiscus Flower

Have you seen one of those catalogues of luxurious Spa’s that offer the best of beauty treatments? Ever noticed Hibiscus flowers tucked into the hair of either the masseur or the (lucky) client, who is laying on her stomach in a blissful sleep. Well, the flowers are not to make the catalogue look beautiful, but have more significant purpose. Hibiscus is a trusted natural remedy for dark hair. For this you need:

1-2 Hibiscus Flowers
Hair oil
Boil-in clean Hibiscus flowers with your favorite hair-oil. After you have allowed the oil with flowers to boil sufficiently for about 10-15 minutes in low flame, strain the concoction. Allow it to cool and massage your head luxuriously with it. Do this as often as you can just before you shower and you will never grow a single grey-hair in your life.

10. Watch What You Eat

Like always, what you eat directly affects how you appear. Your inner good health shows through your skin and hair (and everything else apparent). You need to make a regular diet of Vitamin B rich foods like Blueberries that help in Melanin production. Nuts like Almonds should be taken on a daily basis to retain both health and natural color of your hair. Include good portions of sea-food like Salmon and Tuna in to your diet, as these are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Proteins.

Well girls, now you see beauty can be wee-bit of a preparation as well. As we are in the age of everything either coming out of a tube or a bottle, getting our way into our kitchen to prepare our beauty-fixes can be new to us. However, while sitting at a Salon and having our hair artificially colored by a specialist might be the call of the day; it by no means is a permanent solution (unless you have millions to spend). The key to the effectiveness of natural remedies lies in its consistent utilization. Now, I guess it’s time to play ‘wizard’ and ‘stir-out’ your magic potion in the kitchen.


There you have it, Super Simple Ways On How To Maintain Black Hair Naturally



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