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How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized Like a Boss!

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Last Updated on September 10, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

When it comes to how to keep natural hair moisturized there is a question mark right there! I receive tons of emails asking me questions and one of them is how to keep natural hair moisturized!

I must agree with you that it’s not the easiest thing to figure out along and that’s why i’m sharing this tips today to help you learn how to keep natural hair moisturized like a boss!


How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized Like a Boss!

How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized Like a Boss!

Why do you need moisture in your hair?

This is a good question and the simple answer to it is that our hair tend to dry up pretty fast and one thing we can do is to make sure we keep it well hydrated and moisturized using the right techniques or methods that will give us the maximum result!

Wait, what?

Okay let me simply put it this way, if you don’t moisturize your natural hair the right way it will end up breaking off or get super fragile.

Then you will experience what many other ladies are experiencing which is inability of hair growth!

Yikes, no one wants that! So let’s have a look at some ways we can skip all that drama, shall we?!

  1. Moisturize your hair more often (Morning, noon & night..)
  2. Change Your Deep Conditioning routine
  3. Give glycerin a try
  4. Clean your Hair and Scalp More often
  5. Limit how often you dye, highlight or heat style your hair
  6. Protect your hair at night
  7. Do a porosity Check and
  8. Seal the Moisture
  9. Use a Moisturizing Styler
  10. Drink More Water Ma’am!

Moisturize your hair more often (Morning, noon & night)

Yes, coming up with a good moisture game includes finding the right moisturizing hours. If your best time to take care of your hair is in the morning times choose Morning, if again you are a night owl (just like me you) you will understand the fact that waking up and having enough time for your hair is not the ideal thing for you.

In that case you would like to choose noon time, when you’re back.

Many of us are at work by that time, so this is mostly applied to let’s say students and so on.

I personally moisturize my hair at night, before i go to bed.

This makes my waking up a breeze! By the way i do have this interesting post on how to moisturize your hair daily that can give you some extra tips on how to get better in moisturizing your hair! (pssst, don’t forget to get your free moisturizing checklist guide!)

Change Your Deep Conditioning routine!

Ookay, so you have a deep conditioning routine, great!

But maybe you need to tweak your deep conditioning routine a bit in order to add more moisture into your hair.

Here are some great deep conditioners under 15$ if you need to get one but if you are a diy lover then you will love this  Amazing deep conditioner diy recipes !

Give glycerin a try

So how to keep natural hair moisturized using glycerin?

Glycerin is a common ingredient found in tons of products and when used correctly, glycerin can also be amazing for your hair.  But, you must understand how glycerin works first.

At the core, glycerin is a type of humectant, which means it attracts moisture to itself and your hair when it is found in your products.

However, on low humidity days (cold, dry days) where the surrounding air is more dry than your hair,  the opposite occurs.  Moisture is drawn from the hair back into the air to balance the moisture in the atmosphere.

Clean your Hair and Scalp More often

You scalp needs to breath and you know what? Those products you’re coating your hair with daily will not help in the moisture if your hair needs to be clean.

Make sure that your hair and scalp is regularly clean. If you need to do co-washes (conditioner washes) between your washes (plus you can try sulfate free shampoos) then go ahead and try that. allure has some good points on why you should wash your hair.

It will give a good boost of moisture to your hair since water is involved!

Limit how often you dye, highlight or heat style your hair

Oh this tools that we all love, they can do more harm than good many times. This time we are talking about them draining our natural hair from the needed moisture.

Did you know that heat is not really that moisture friendly? unless you add a type of moisturizer after styling but a great moisturizer is one that has water as it’s first ingredient and indirectly it could distort your cute style :/

So work on limiting the use of heat and color.

Protect your hair at night

The very simple practice of how to keep natural hair moisturized by covering your hair at night will just blow you away, so easy!

Covering your hair with a silk scarf or satin bonnet will do the work on this one. I know it’s easy to say but many times i am guilty of sleeping with just a bun. (shhh!)

What i can advice you that has worked for me is to have your silk scarf near your bed so once you’re ready to sleep you won’t have any excuse to give!

Do a porosity Check and

You need to know what’s your hair porosity level in order to target best ways to deal with your hair base on your hair porosity! essence has a good post on porosity check here.

Here are some great low porosity characteristics you need to know!

Seal the Moisture

Okay Queen i did the moisturizing, now what?

Well glad you asked hunty! I want you to master the sealing game.

What is sealing? Let me explain. Sealing your hair is when you first apply a moisturizer and then you use a oil to coat the moisturizer.

Meaning you first apply the moisturizer then over it apply the oil on your hair strands.

What that does is that it traps the moisture into your hair which will prolong our hair moisture.

What are some great oils for sealing?

Use a Moisturizing Styler

Yesss i love this one.! There are so many stylers out there that can give you some amazing curls or add volume to your style but what happens when all the moisture is drained from this stylers?

A good practice is to use a moisturizing styler or a leave in conditioner like Cantu Shea Butter leave-in but my favorite so far which i recommend you trying at least once is the As I Am double butter cream! My hair loves it and it always leave it soft!

Drink More Water Ma’am!

I once downloaded a app that allows you to be reminded when it’s time to drink water. That’s what you need when it comes to moisture. Love this benefits here on drinking water!

Our hair grows from the inside out and one thing you can do that will help your overall health is to drink more water.

You hair, skin and health will thank you (and me for telling you, ha!).

Yes it’s a wrap! If you’re still wondering how to make your hair soft then check this 9 Clever Tips on How to Make African Hair Soft that will help you out or even How to Make Natural Hair Soft and Manageable.

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See you in my next one,

xo, Queen!

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