How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water

How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water

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The most remarkable thing I noticed when I started using the rice water was that it instantly conditioned my hair, making it super soft and super easy to detangle. In fact, these days I primarily use rice water for detangling and as a conditioner.How To Grow Natural 4C Hair


How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water

How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water
How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water


Benefits of rice water in hair

What makes rice water such a phenomenal hair product? This is a questions that so many natural hair enthusiasts are asking. Below we will explore the various benefits you will get from using rice water on your natural hair care regimen.

1. Promotes hair growth

Rice water contains amino acids that helps in hair regeneration. Rice water also contains Vitamins B, C and E which further promotes hair growth. Consistent use of rice water has been proven to promote hair growth as evidenced in Asian women.

It is no wonder the Yao women have an average length of over 1.5 meters. Not only do these women have long hair, the hair is luscious and very healthy.

I have consistently used rice water for over 6 months and I have noticed faster growth. My breakage has also reduced significantly.

2. Protects hair from damage

Research shows that rice water contains inositol which is a carbohydrate that can repair damaged hair.(1) Even after rinsing off the rice water, Inositol stays in the hair acting as a protective shield.

In addition to the carbohydrates present in hair, rice contains between 7-16% proteins. The rice proteins form a protective coat on your hair hence preventing breakage.

3. Increases shine and improves hair elasticity

The amino acids contained in the rice water strengthens the hair roots, increases the hair volume and makes the hair smooth and shiny.

4. Detangles hair

Rice water smoothens the cuticles and reduces the surface friction which helps the strands of the hair not to tangle.

If you’d rather eliminate all the headache with using rice water but still want to get all the goodness from rice water, you could try products that have rice water

Mielle Organics just dropped the Mielle Rice Water Collection: This collection has 5 products: 1. Rice Water Moisturizing Milk 2. Rice Water Clay Masque 3. Rice Water Split End Therapy 4. Rice Water Hydrating Shampoo and 5. Rice Water Shine Mist. You can try the line and see if it works for your hair.

How to make rice water for 4C hair growth

There are several method to prepare rice water. In this article I will share 4 recipes for making rice water for hair.

One of the most recommended methods of preparing rice water is the fermentation method, the process of fermentation results in a solution that is very potent for the hair. In fact some people find it too strong that they have to dilute the fermented rice water.

Below are 4 methods of preparing rice water for hair growth.

1- No Boil Method


  • ½ cup of clean raw rice
  • 2-3  cups of water
  • 3-7 drops of an essential oil (Where to buy)


  1. Place clean rice in container and add water.
  2. Swirl it using a spoon in a round motion.
  3. Leave it to sit for 30 minutes in room temperature, the longer the better so that all nutrients are obtained from the rice.
  4. Strain the rice water and add 3 drops of an essential oil
  5. Rinse your hair with the rice water



The most effective method to utilize rice water on 4C hair

I have tried different things with a few techniques for utilizing rice water and I have discovered the accompanying to be the best ways. You can get as innovative as you need after you have tried how your hair responds with rice water.

1-Use rice water for detangling hair

When applied to hair, rice water in a flash conditions the hair making it delicate and simple to detangle. Rice water smoothens the fingernail skin and lessens surface grating which keeps the strands from tangling.

Utilize your favored planning technique (from the rundown above) to set up your rice water

Shower your hair with warm water to make it clammy not wet.

Utilizing a splash bottle, apply the rice water liberally to your hair until you begins feeling the delicate quality. (in the event that you don’t have a splash bottle, gradually pour the rice water on your hair utilizing a container, contain the flood by utilizing a bowl. You can reuse the flood during a similar meeting)

Leave the rice water in for around 5 minutes and afterward continue to delicately finger detangle your hair.

Flush your hair and continue with your hair care schedule.

3-As a cleanser/Add it to your cleanser

Due to its compelling molding properties, adding rice water to your cleanser has a major effect in your wash day. The hair will be a lot simpler to oversee as you wash it.

Another approach to utilize rice water as a washing specialist is to set up your own cleanser utilizing rice water. In case you are a DIY individual who likes to painstakingly look at what is in your items, then, at that point you should attempt this. To make the cleanser, basically add fluid castile cleanser to your matured rice water. For added benefits, you can add a fundamental oil to your blend.

3-Hair Rinse/Conditioner

Quite possibly the most mainstream ways the regular hair local area is utilizing rice water is as a hair flush. This is accomplished by utilizing the rice water to wash your hair subsequent to shampooing. Leave the rice in for around 10 minutes and afterward wash off with plain water. For a more lovely smell, add a fundamental oil to your rice water.

4-For Pre-crap

This is for individuals whose hair can tolerate ricing Water for longer periods.

You can utilize rice water as pre-crap or overnight splash. To do this, add your typical pre-crap oil, for example, Olive oil and a fundamental oil to weakened rice water. Splash your hair with the blend and leave for the time being if your hair can stand the hair proteins for long or for 30 – 45 minutes if rice water makes your hair hard when left in for long, don’t attempt this.

Is aged rice water better compared to plain rice water?

A 2012 Study has shown that aged rice water is more successful than plain rice water and here is the reason:

The PH of plain rice is higher than that of your hair, aging cuts down the PH level to that of hair and helps close the fingernail skin subsequently ensuring the hair.

During aging, a substance called ‘Pitera’ which is plentiful in nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and natural acids structures in the rice water. Pitera is known to advance cell recovery and keep your skin and hair solid.

How Long would it be advisable for you to leave rice water in your hair?

Rice water ought to be left on the hair for no less than 15 minutes so the supplements are consumed into the hair strands and not very long that it might prompt harm.

How long you leave the rice water relies upon a few factors like hair porosity and the centralization of the rice. A few group, particularly those with low porosity hair find that leaving rice water on hair for a really long time, e.g overnight, prompts drying of the hair.

In this article, we have done a contextual analysis of 7 Influencers who have shared their encounters on utilizing rice water to decide on normal how long they left rice water in their hair. Look at the article to discover the consequences of the contextual analysis and to comprehend the various variables that decide how long to leave rice water on your hair.

Would i be able to leave rice water in my hair short-term?

As referenced above, If you have low porosity hair or then again if your hair is protein touchy, you should flush off the rice water following a limit of 60 minutes.

Even subsequent to flushing off the rice water, Inositol stays in the hair going about as a defensive safeguard. So truly, there is no additional advantage of leaving it on for a really long time. I found that when I leave rice water in for a really long time, my hair begins to feel incredibly dry.

There are clearly numerous ways of thinking on this however this is my view dependent on my experience. You can analyze by leaving the rice water for long and see what occurs. Your hair might act in an unexpected way.

How regularly would it be a good idea for me to utilize rice water on my hair?

Utilizing rice water time and again on hair might bring about harm particularly on the off chance that you have low porosity hair or on the other hand if your hair is touchy to the rice proteins.

Rice water contains a lot of proteins and thus ought to be treated as a protein treatment. Thusly utilizing of rice water on hair ought not exaggerated.

At the point when you are simply beginning the rice water treatment, you should probe the recurrence however guarantee you get going with one time each week or after at regular intervals. With time you might acclimate to once every month particularly in case you are treating your hair with different sorts of medicines.

Would it be a good idea for me to utilize a conditioner after rice water?

Rice water is a conditioner all by itself and it makes an ideal showing with molding your hair. I consequently discover no additional advantage of utilizing a locally acquired conditioner subsequent to utilizing rice water. Utilize the rice water as the last wash after you have shampooed your hair.

Here is a significant note on rice water… .

Deal with your assumptions on utilizing rice water. We as a whole respond distinctively to rice water. Since you saw a Youtuber guarantee that their hair grew 4 crawls in seven days subsequent to utilizing rice water, it doesn’t really mean it will be something very similar for you.

You should figure out how your hair acts when you use rice water, decide how long and how long frequently to utilize this normal cure and above all, show restraint on your excursion!

I have discovered rice water to be amazingly advantageous to my hair, it is normal, practical and simple to make. This doesn’t imply that I totally depend on rice water to develop my hair, I have fostered a basic sensible schedule that considered all the significant hair care factors. You can check this point by point guide on the most proficient method to develop 4C hair to get familiar with regular 4C hair care.

Did you discover the article helpful? What is your view on leaving rice water for the time being? Leave your reactions in the remark box beneath.



How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water
How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water


There you have it, How To Grow Low Porosity Natural Hair

What helps you grow your low porosity hair?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!


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