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How To Grow 4c Hair To Waist Length Like A Pro By Experts

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

By this point, you’ve most likely read a lot of blog posts and watched a lot of videos about natural hair growth tips. But, if none of these suggestions work for you and you’re still wondering why your hair isn’t growing despite your best efforts, this blog post might be able to answer all of your burning hair growth questions.How To Grow 4c Hair To Waist Length

That’s why, in this essay, I’ll show you how to grow your hair in the simplest and most straightforward manner possible.

But, unlike other blog posts, I’ll go into great detail about the science and technicalities of hair growth so that you have a better understanding of how it works.

I always start by explaining the “whys” of a problem before moving on to the “whats” and “hows.” This, I feel, is the most effective method for resolving an issue and preventing future occurrences.

I’m aware that this is a lengthy blog post, possibly the longest you’ll ever read on hair growth. But, rather than sending you all over the place, I want to make sure I answer all of your hair growth questions in one post.

How To Grow 4c Hair To Waist Length Like A Pro By Experts



I will, however, provide links to related posts about hair care that I’ve written so that you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of natural hair growth.

A brief introduction
Hello, my name is Adeola, and here is my hair development since I started my natural hair journey. You can read about my hair journey HERE, which explains why I founded this site to assist other Naturalistas in achieving their hair objectives.

4c hair growth suggestions
I recommend reading through this blog article once and then returning to read the associated post to get the most out of it. You’ll be able to stay focused on one page without being sidetracked. I’ve included links to related posts so you can get a complete picture of natural hair growth.


The Science of Hair Growth: What It Is and What It Isn’t
If you’re wondering why your hair isn’t growing, it’s important to understand how it grows and what it needs to keep growing. This is why I’d like to start with the hair growth cycle.

There are four main hair growth stages, as shown in the diagram below. Each hair follicle on your scalp, from which your hair develops, has its own hair development cycle, which occurs independently of the others.

1. the anagen

This is the hair’s birth period, and it’s also the most active because your hair is actively developing at this time. The good news is that this phase accounts for over 90% of your hair growth cycle, which can last up to 6 years! This means that your hair will continue to grow indefinitely.


2. The Catagen Protocol

This is the point at which your hair growth factory slows down as it prepares for the next phase, when your hair stops growing entirely.

3. Telogenaemia

Your hair shaft is no longer attached to the dermal papilla, which acts as a seed for hair growth in this phase.

Because your hair is no longer growing and is simply waiting to exit the scalp in the next cycle, this stage is referred to as a resting phase. This is also the point at which your hair reaches its maximum length and stops growing.

4. Exogenous substances

This is when your hair sheds from the scalp. Simultaneously, the dermal papilla reforms in order to produce new hair growth from the hair follicle that just bid farewell to the shed hair.

The hair growth cycle occurs at the same time.
As I previously stated, each hair follicle has its own hair growth cycle that runs independently of the others. This is why, despite the fact that your hair sheds every day, you still have hair on your head.

If you think your hair isn’t growing because it takes forever to grow long, these four simple stages of hair growth have just proven that it is.

If your hair isn’t falling out, it means it’s growing.
If you think your hair isn’t growing, you’ll see some bald areas on your head since new hair never grows out of the follicle when it sheds.

If you don’t have any bald spots on your head, however, your hair growth cycle is in full swing and your hair is constantly growing.

Your issue could be length retention, which I’ll go over later.


Questions about natural hair growth that are frequently asked
Now that I’ve deconstructed hair growth science, I’d like to address some frequently asked questions and popular hair growth tips from a scientific and practical standpoint.

Why isn’t my hair the same length as yours?
Naturalistas have asked me why one side of their hair is longer than the other. Some people believe their left side is shorter or longer than the right.

I don’t have a scientific explanation for this yet, but parts of your head, such as your edges, are generally shorter than the rest. And this is just pre-determined by the genetics that controls your hair growth cycle.

Another reason your hair length is uneven can be explained by the simultaneous hair growth cycle that’s taking place all over your scalp.

While a particular follicle might have hair that’s about 6 years old and 12 inches long, a neighboring follicle might have baby hair that’s only a few months old and not longer than 1 inch.

So the next time you start to wonder why one part of your head has shorter hair than the other, remember that each follicle has a different hair growth cycle.

If you believe that one side of your hair is significantly shorter than the other, you can try changing the side you sleep on at night. Instead of sleeping just on one side all night long, you can either sleep on your chest (which is better for you anyway) or sleep on your back.

This way, your scalp is free to produce healthy hair all night long while you sleep.

Incredible right?

how to grow 4c hair to waist length
Does terminal length exist?
According to the hair growth cycle diagram, terminal length does exist because depending on your genetics, your hair can be in the Anagen phase for as little as two years or as long as six years before it stops growing and sheds.

But there are women with hair down their back or even almost touching the floor because they haven’t cut their hair in over a decade and their hair just keeps growing. Which goes to show that the hair growth cycle is just an average and some people can fall outside of the norm.

However, before you blame your short hair on terminal length, it’s crucial that you first examine your hair habit and track your hair loss to see if it’s breakage or shedding.

You might also struggle with breakage which is interfering with your length retention rate. I will discuss length retention in more detail later on.


Can Scalp Massage Speed Up Hair Growth?
It’s believed that when you massage your scalp, you stimulate more blood flow to your hair follicles which then boost hair growth. While this method might work for some people, it’s not practical and it’s also not necessary because your hair is constantly growing.

Merely massaging your scalp for a few minutes doesn’t make that much of a difference to the 24/7 hair growth cycle.

But if you absolutely believe that your hair isn’t growing or is growing slowly, you can try massaging your scalp at night with a scalp brush for at least five minutes before you go to bed.

This will help to increase blood flow to the scalp and increase hair growth. Don’t be surprised if you give up this technique after a few days though, because this method is just not practical and it’s hard to stay consistent with it.


What about the inversion method?

The inversion method works in a similar way as a scalp massage because it causes a rush of blood flow to your scalp. The blood flow carries necessary nutrients needed by your hair factory to start producing hair at a faster rate. Also, standing upside down will cause more hair to grow out of your scalp due to the law of gravity.

The inversion method is not a practical way to speed up hair growth and it’s also a dangerous way to grow your hair because you can have a concussion from the sudden rush of blood flow to your brain.

This is why the method fizzled up so quickly because most people won’t commit to standing upside down for a few minutes everyday just to grow their hair.

Can I Speed Up Hair Growth With Hair Products?
Hair products such as Jamaican black castor oil, virgin hair fertilizer and wild hair growth oil have helped many women to grow their hair, especially around the edges. Like many other topical creams, these products works to heal the hair follicles so that they can open up to produce hair.

When these products are applied daily and massaged into your scalp for a few weeks consecutively, the active hair growth ingredients in these products will work to heal the hair follicles from the inside out so that your hair follicles can start to grow hair again.

A few other things you can do to ensure that these products work as described is to protect your hair at night by wearing a satin bonnet, keep your hair moisturized so it can retain more length, and be gentle with your edges.How To Grow 4c Hair To Waist Length

What about hair vitamins?

Many women have used hair growth vitamins successfully. However, in order for hair vitamins to work for you, you must take it in the recommended dosage so that you don’t overwhelm your body with an excess amount that it ends up doing more harm than good.

Essentially, hair growth vitamins work to supplement your body with any hair benefiting nutrients it might be lacking due to an unhealthy diet. This means that if you’re not eating healthy and getting the required amount of nutrients you need for a healthy body, your hair growth factory will slow down.

So taking multivitamins or a hair vitamin such as infinity will help to ensure that your hair grows.

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