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How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back

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Hair plays a big part in a person’s visual identity and, as such, it can be traumatic for anyone suffering from hair loss. How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back.

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Confidence may be impacted by hair loss, but the good news is that it can usually be reversed. It’s still necessary to be realistic and understand that a full recovery takes time. Although some hair growth development can be observed in as little as a few weeks, it often takes many months to see noticeable benefits.

There is no doubt regrowth requires patience and a consistent routine but we’re here to talk you through how long it takes for hair to grow back, so keep reading!

Average regrowth times: A Summary
average hair regrow
Stages of Hair Growth
Hair growth starts at the follicles, which is an opening on the surface of the scalp for the hair to grow through. On average, there are around 100,000 follicles on the scalp.

How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back



Hair growth is a cycle of four stages which are as follows:

Anagen- the active growth phase which lasts between 2 and 8 years before follicles become dormant.

Catagen- a transitional phase that occurs when hair stops growing. This lasts around 4-6 weeks.

Telogen- this is the resting phase when hair doesn’t grow or fall out, lasting around 2-3 months.

Exogen – this is the shedding phase where hair falls out, it tends to last around 2-5 months.

stages of hair growth

In a normal scalp that is not suffering hair loss, between 90-95% of the follicles will be in the anagen, or growing phase, with most of the remaining 5-10% in the telogen phase. There will also be a small number of follicles in the catagen phase.

The exogen phase, which some consider part of the telogen phase, is when hair sheds from the scalp and it is normal to lose anywhere between 50-100 strands a day.

How long does it take hair to grow back?

The rate of hair growth is not an exact science as it will vary depending on circumstances, including ethnicity, age, lifestyle, and even gender.

For instance, male hair will develop more quickly than female tresses. Hair growth tends to slow down and become smaller as we age, especially beyond the age of 30, which is why mature hair thins.

The rate of hair growth can also be significantly influenced by ethnicity. According to studies, Asian hair grows the fastest on average, at 0.49 inches per month, followed by Caucasian hair at 0.44 inches per month, and black hair at 0.33 inches per month.

If you were to chop shoulder-length hair into a cropped bob, it might take two to three years before it was back to the original length, for those wondering how long hair grows back after a haircut. In general, hair will grow to be about three inches long in a period of six months.

How long does hair take to grow back after hair loss?

Once again, hair regrowth rates will vary based on the reason for your hair loss and the type of hair fall you are experiencing. Hair regrowth after loss can also grow back a different texture, or even colour, to what it was previously. Causes of hair loss and regrowth rates include:

1. Alopecia Areata

An autoimmune condition, sufferers of alopecia areata see their immune systems attack the hair follicles causing hair to fall out in patches. Typically, it affects the scalp, but it can also cause hair on other parts of the body to fall out including the eyebrows, lashes, and legs.

This form of alopecia is unpredictable in nature, in that hair can begin to regrow and then fall out again. When hair does grow back, the overall process can last months with a full recovery within a year, but most sufferers will experience more than one episode during their lifetime.

2. Stress

When a person is under stress, it can cause a hair loss known as telogen effluvium. Stressful situations that induce this type of hair fall include illness, a death in the family, childbirth, and surgery.

Generally, this hair loss will start around two months after the initial event that triggers stress and can last up to six months. Telogen effluvium tends to be an all over thinning of hair, rather than patches like alopecia areata, that take about three to six months to regrow.

One way to help relieve stress is to perform a daily scalp massage which can also encourage blood flow to promote regrowth. Use a hair treatment, such as the Black Seed Hair Oil Elixir, which is designed to support hair and scalp health as well stimulate hair growth.

Black Seed Hair Oil Elixir

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3. Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal changes, caused by childbirth, the menopause, thyroid problems, or even a hysterectomy, can impact on hair and induce hair loss. When oestrogen and progesterone levels drop, hair growth slows, and hair can thin out.

Although it is often not permanent, it can be difficult to determine how long hair will fall out for, but once regrowth starts, you will notice a difference in around three to six months.

4. Nutritional deficiencies

Hair loss episodes can be caused by a deficiency in specific vitamins and nutrients. Iron, biotin, folate, zinc, vitamin B12, and all of these have been linked to hair loss, but you may stop the problem by eating more of these nutrients or by taking a supplement. It will take about two to three months for it to start growing after the shortage is resolved.

5. Scalp conditions

Certain scalp conditions, such as psoriasis, can cause hair loss particularly if the scalp is inflamed, or you are frequently itching the area as this can loosen the follicle.

Try treating the scalp with a naturally derived hair mask, like the Babassu Oil Treatment Hair Masque, which relaxes the scalp, decreases inflammation, and encourages hair growth, even though steroid medications can be administered to help this disease. During a few weeks after the psoriasis has healed, regrowth will start.

Babassu Oil Treatment Hair Masque

The Babassu Deep Treatment Hair Masque is an intense protein-moisture balanced treatment that uses steam to promote absorption into the hair shaft while applying a restorative ingredient to the hair. Brazilian butter, seed butters from Tucuma and Murumuru, and revitalizing oils are all abundantly present to nourish your hair. You only need to apply it once or twice a month because it is so rich and works for such a long time.

Babassu Oil Treatment Hair Masque

In between washes, when you feel like your scalp could do with a moisture boost, spritz the Rice Water and Green Tea Hair Tonic all over the hair and scalp, this gentle formulation can be used daily.

Rice Water and Green Tea hair tonic and detangler

The natural, moisturizing, and detangling botanicals in the Rice Water and Green Tea Hair tonic are crammed in for everyday hair refreshment. When your hair is sweat-dried out from the gym, it works wonders at restoring your confidence. When used to detangle hair on wash days to save time before using the cleanser, the rice water and green tea hair tonic is equally helpful.

6. Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as pattern hair loss, can affect both sexes. Hair loss can be slowed or even stopped in its early stages, despite the fact that it is often a permanent condition. Taking a therapy like Minoxidil helps to maintain hair follicles in the growth phase for a longer time by stimulating them while they are in the resting phase. With minoxidil, telogen effluvium can be reversed in as little as 8 weeks.

7. Chemotherapy

One side effect of chemo treatment is hair loss, but once the treatment is complete, it does not take long for hair to begin to regrow. In fact, hair can start to grow in as little as 2-3 weeks. Generally, the hair growth signs in the first month will be a soft fuzz but after that, on average, locks can grow at a rate of 6 inches per year. If you have had a long period of strong chemotherapy treatment, there is a chance that your hair won’t regrow.

Final Thoughts

Although growth rates vary depending on the reason of hair loss, you should often start to notice improvement within a few months. Before attempting to manage hair loss, it’s crucial to determine the source because you could need medical attention before your hair starts to grow back. Remember, you cannot hasten the regrowth of hair. To return locks to their former splendor, you’ll need to be patient and maintain a regular routine.




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