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The Best holiday gift guide amazon Finds for Natural hair!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Holidayssss are just around the corner! Wohoo!! Wait…. have you get your holiday gift yet? Well this  holiday gift guide amazon Finds will make this easier to find some pretty nice hair gifts for you or any natural hair lover!

Let’s hop into the gifts, shall we?!


The Best holiday gift guide amazon Finds for Natural hair!

The Best holiday gift guide amazon Finds for Natural hair!

Previously i shared some amazing finds for natural hair during black Friday! So guess what! Christmas is right around the corner and i am more than excited to share some excellent finds that will enhance our natural hair game!


CurlyGirls Combo Kit (Get it here!)

CurlyGirls Combo Kit: All You Need Styling Essentials - Natural Hair Accessories for Curls, Coils, Kinks & Locs by Loccessories

You’re natural hairstyles need this helpful tools in order to deliver a great style! Every curly girl will agree with me that parting curly natural hair is not that easy!

Using a variety of tools like a rat tail tooth comb can make the job easier!

Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Jumbo Combo (Hair Lotion, Curl Cream, Shine Mist, Coconut Creme, Twist Gel, Deep Treatment) (get it here)

If you’re natural and you haven’t try the Cantu brand , my dear grab yourself this gift kit and give it a try!

I totally love their leave in conditioner. It always delivers well and leave my natural hair soft and smelling amazing!

What you will get in this gift set:

  • 3 oz Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo
  • 3 oz Sulfate-Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner
  • 2 oz Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream
  • 2 oz Coconut Curling Cream
  • 3 oz Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist. 1.75 oz Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque


Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling Kit (Get it here!)

Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling Kit Spiral Curls for Super Long Hair

I don’t really know how many still use curlformers but they can give you some amazing heat-free curls if you master the art of using them!

in the deluxe pro styling kit you will get 40 pieces! Curls are always in the game honey!

Wooden Baby Brush Set (get it here)


Wooden Baby Brush Set: 4-Pack Set of Natural Goat Hair Bristles Brush + Wooden Bristles Brush + Comb + Wooden Toy | For newborns and toddlers | Perfect Baby Shower Gift by The Joyful Baby

Our little ones are the best thing that God has given us! Why not take care of their hair with extra love?

This beautiful baby hair brush set will surely do the trick!

Kiss Products Red Detangler Dryer Plus 3 Attachments (get it here)

Kiss Products Red Detangler Dryer Plus 3 Attachments, 1.75 Pound

I’m including this because of my ladies that are in need of a blow dryer for the winter days!

Girls i totally get it… our hair takes forever to try and this might help speed it up! Let’s not go overboard with the heat tho! (Just saying!!)

46pcs magic 4 in 1 Self Holding Hair Rollers Set (Get it here)

XNICX 46pcs magic 4 in 1 Self Holding Hair Rollers Set with Big Curl Foam Rollers, Multi- Sized Flexible Long Bendy hair Curling Rods, Soft,& Bouncy Sleeping Curls Ball, all in 1 Pack

Flexirods are absolutely amazing! You should get them and try them on your hair! A great way of stretching and styling natural hair without the fear of heat damage.

I sit under a hooted dryer for some time in order to get my hair dry faster in the cold winter days!

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Combination Pack – Strengthen, Grow & Restore – Shampoo, 16.3 Oz, Conditioner 13 Oz. & Leave-In Conditioner 16 Oz  (get it here)

Genuine Patented Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer (get it here)

Genuine Patented Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment

The Limited Edition Deluxe B Softhood hair dryer attachment is a fast and easy way to dry your hair when using hair curlers. Best of all, it won’t cause heat damage because you use it on a low heat setting.

Etae Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner Combo Kit (get it here)

Etae Carmelux Shampoo Conditioner E'tae Carmel Treatment Natural Products Combo Kit (3 items)

  • 1 Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo 12oz
  • 1 Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner 12oz
  • 1 Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment 8oz
  • 1 eHairClub Shower Cap
  • 1 eHairClub Shampoo Comb 8″ 

I Don’t Need A Relaxer My Hair Aint Stressed Out Earrings (get it here)

I Don't Need A Relaxer My Hair Aint Stressed Out Earrings / Natural Hair Earrings

I use to search everywhere for statement earrings for natural hair! This piece from Amazon looks really nice and has a unique message!

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Ultimate Kinky & Curly Girl Kit (get it here)

If you are looking for something that will give your curls moisture and curl definition try this set as a gift to even yourself! It is Perfect for Wash and Go styles as well!


This is a wrap ladies! Let me know in the comment box bellow what did you find during this season! Let’s share some ideas!

Don’t forget to shareee this with a friend!

See you in my next one!

xo, Queen!

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