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13 Best Gorilla Snot Gel Edge Control Tricks For Layed Edges

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

What is gorilla snot gel or so called moco de gorila? That’s the first thing I asked myself when I heard of it and I guess you also have that question! gorilla snot edge control can really give you great results especially if you have some gorilla snot hair styles ideas!

gorilla snot gel on natural hair is a great way to give your natural hair a good hold to the hairstyle you’re trying to go for but let’s face it, we all have our concerns when it comes to hair gels.


Let’s talk gorilla snot hair loss (moco de gorila). Is it really happening? Could your hair fall from the excesive use of gorilla shot gel?

I’ll take you through some gorilla snot gel reviews that will help you understand the pros and cons of gorilla snot and make the right choice!


13 Best Gorilla Snot Gel Edge Control Tricks For Layed Edges

13 Best gorilla snot gel edge control Tricks for Layed Edges


Before We dive into the different awesome tricks you can do with gorilla snot gel let me take you through some basic stuff you need to know about gorilla snot gel.

Gorilla snot on natural hair!

gorilla snot gel

Is gorilla snot gel (moco de gorila) good for natural hair?

That’s a good question!

The answer is simple.

Many naturals use gorilla snot gel to achieve some amazing styles with no problem, therefore, it contains alcohol so use it for the right reasons.

What is Gorilla Snot gel used for?

Gorilla snot gel it’s just like the other hair gels.

Was invented in Mexico by punk rockers in order for them to achieve styles such as mohawks and other related styles.

The original name of gorilla snot gel is Moco de Gorilla.

The good thing about this gel is that it’s really long lasting with good hold due to its anti-gravitational properties.

That’s what makes it really known in the natural hair spere.

It’s a great gel for edges.


Types of Gorilla Snot Gel

gorilla snot gel types
Let’s have a look at the different types of gorilla snot gel.

There are four major versions: Punk, Rocker, Galan and Sports Energizer.

  1. Punk comes in a yellow bottle and has a hold factor of 10.
  2. Rocker comes in a red bottle and has a hold factor of 9.
  3. Galan comes in a green bottle and has a hold factor of 8.
  4. Sports Energizer comes in a purple bottle and has a hold factor of 10 (so called extreem version).

What texture does gorilla snot gel (moco de gorila) have?

Dimma has this review on gorilla snot gel which I think will help you get more before getting the gel.

gorilla snot gel’s texture feels like stickier that other regular gels but again it has the right thickness to be used on your natural hair.

What are the ingredients in gorilla snot hair gel?

If you take a good look at the ingredients bellow you will notice that it’s not really what you would call a safe product to be used daily.

I appreciate the fact that water is listed as an ingredient that makes it a bit reliable.

Note that there is alcohol as I mentioned earlier therefor you need to use it with caution else it can end up leaving you with dry hair.

Gorilla snot gel ingredients:

Water (Aqua), Pvp, AlcoholPeg-150SorbitolHydroxyethylcellulose,TriethanolamineCarbomerCyamopsisTetragonoloba (Guar) GumFragrance(Parfum), Yellow 10 (Ci 47005), Yellow 6 (Ci 15985), Green 8 (Ci 59040),MethylchloroisothiazolinoneMethylisothiazolinone. Apply a portion on your fingers, and start styling.

How to apply gorilla snot / moco de gorila

Now that you’ve mastered the art of understanding what exactly gorilla snot gel is it’s time to get into the fun part.

How do you apply gorilla snot gel?

According to them, you need to apply a portion on your fingers, and start styling.

Real simple instruction!

Gorilla snot edge control

Now we are talking all about gorilla snot edge control tricks!

What are some great gorilla snot edge control remedies that will guarantee you success?

At first, you might feel somehow by the look of gorilla snot edge control but fear not!

It does what it says!

Note that don’t do this every night but when needed.

I would cover my edges with a silk scarf to help keep your edges into place while the gorilla snot edge control set’s in.

Now if you’re in a protective style note that you can use a toothbrush and apply the gorilla snot edge control and start swoop motion applying it into your baby hair – edges.

Don’t use a large amount because we are trying to avoid the flaky look.

gorilla snot edge control Is really gonna be a great experience for you as you can see from the video above!

Actually, you just use a toothbrush to apply and then the back of the brush to form your baby hair.

How well does moco de gorila work on 4c natural hair? Does it last all day?

Now if your hair texture is a 4c I’m sure you might be concerned if gorilla snot edge control will work with your hair type.

Know that gorilla snot edge control can leave a white residue if you use a large amount of it on your natural hair.

Using it on your edges has seemed to be the best way to go about using gorilla snot edge control not forgetting to cover your edges with a silk scarf in order for it to set.

I Love this post on 4 effective gels for 4c hair.

If you work your way through styling your edges and covering overnight you could get it to last all day.

Remember, gorilla snot gel is just as all other gels so if you find yourself sweating or in a humid area it might not hold as well as when you’re not in those areas.

What about gorilla snot hair loss? Does moco de gorila makes your hair fall?

Yikes, that’s a serious one.

I would also have that concern when it comes to gorilla snot hair styles ideas and hair loss.

gorilla snot hair loss

Remember that when you see a good amount of hair loss it is highly unlikely that your hair gel is causing you to lose your hair.

Many people worry that styling products can cause hair loss – but, in reality, this is very rare.

pros and cons of gorilla snot

So you are at the edge of getting gorilla snot gel!

Great 🙂

But there are few things to note before getting.

Like every other product, gorilla snot gel has it good and not so good side.

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of gorilla snot also known as moco de gorila.


  • Lays edges down flat,
  • it’s inexpensive and affordable in price
  • a quick way to get your hairstyle on point



  •  It’s drying to hair,
  • it could smother the hair follicles,
  • it can be difficult to remove
  • sticky in texture

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest?

The gorilla snot gel has a really good hold and the results are really good. The sticky texture might turn you off when it comes to gorilla snot gel.

The gorilla snot gel is cheaper and harder.

Gorilla snot gel is not for a full head of hair due to how hard it can get. It’s totally perfect for your edges tho with a good fragrance!

The purple one can give you less residue and can last max an entire day and it depends on your climate.

Heat is equal to sweating and then the gel won’t work the best way it can.

What are some great gorilla snot gel reviews?

Bellow are some great gorilla snot gel reviews that will help you better see how it works and how it’s applied before you go ahead and get it.

You have to try it out in order to see if you will get any flaky sections because many get and others don’t.

A good thing about it it’s the price.

A good way to apply it is by first combing your edges out and then apply the gorilla snot gel.

The smell has a fresh scent to it but you’re gonna notice the snot feeling it leaves as you apply it to your hair!

What are some good gorilla snot hair styles?

Bellow are three really nice and simple hairstyles you could try using gorilla snot gel.

The 10-minute hairstyle using Gorilla Snot Hair Gel!

The TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) Hairstyle using Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

The Shingling method using Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

How to remove gorilla snot gel?

When the time comes to remove gorilla snot gel you need to know the right way to do so in order to not harm your natural hair.

One good thing you can do is trying your best to not keep gorilla snot gel for longer than 24 hours.


Gorilla snot gel contains alcohol as one of its ingredient which tends to be drying to your hair.

Try to use less for more!

A mistake I see we do often is trying to force gorilla snot gel off our head.

It’s not gonna work like that! Don’t try to peel it off.

Seriously, don’t!

Warm some water and rinse it through your hair following up with a mild shampoo.

A good practice is to deep condition your hair after using gorilla snot gel so that you can counteract the drying effect of the alcohol.

Where to get gorilla snot gel?

I always love shopping from Amazon because it’s always safe and has most of the products I use on my natural hair.

You can get the gorilla snot gel here.


Is gorilla snot gel aka moco de gorila worth it? It totally is!

Gorilla snot gel is a great gel with a snot texture that can help you achieve a better edge control. If you have some gorilla snot hairstyles ideas make sure you don’t overuse it or apply too much due to the alcohol in it.

Gorilla snot on natural hair has gotten really good reviews although gorilla snot hair loss is always question we should work on answering.

Base on the gorilla snot gel reviews I would recommend to not use it too often and always know that the pros and cons of gorilla snot can change.

Have You / Would you Try gorilla snot gel?

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