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While beauty tutorials can be a super helpful resource in finding your next signature natural hairstyle, it’s true that some videos or step-by-step guides can a bit too complicated for beginners to master on their own. If you are tired of hair guides that are tricky or downright confusing to understand, here are some easy natural hairstyle looks for beginners that won’t leave you in the dark.Easy Natural Hairstyles For Beginners You Should Know

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10 Easy Natural Hairstyles For Beginners You Should Know



1. Curl without the use of heat Create simple natural hairstyles with flexi rods.

Flexi-rods aid in the creation of naturally beautiful curls.
Flexi-rods are a terrific way to get a beautiful natural curl for a reasonable price, and they’re usually accessible at your local beauty supply store. To get the most out of your rods, make sure your hair is clean and conditioned beforehand.

FOR CURLY HAIR: SheaMoisture 100 percent Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave In
SheaMoisture Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment with 100 percent Virgin Coconut Oil
Then, while your hair is still damp, apply a decent leave-in conditioner to provide some more moisture to your style. Use a soft detangling comb to spread your product evenly in your hair, such as SheaMoisture 100 percent Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment.

Roll the ends of each portion of your flexi-rods towards the root, twisting your rods to secure your curls in place. Starting at the back and working your way to the front, use your rods all over your head. Remove your rods with caution once your hair is completely dry.

2. Hair Bun with Natural Hair

Bun for Natural Hair
When you’re pressed for time, a top knot is a terrific option. Dvora is the photographer that took this photo.
When you’re short on time, a top knot is a terrific style to try because it takes less than 10 minutes to put together. It’s important to start with cleaned and conditioned hair if you want your bun to stay in place.

FOR NATURAL HAIR, a pleasant sulfate-free shampoo
Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo by Suave Professionals
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Cleanse and detangle your hair with Suave Professionals Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner. Once your hair is dry, carefully form a ponytail at the top of your head with a comb. You’ll want to utilize a donut bun maker to produce that perfect bun for your top knot. Wrap and tuck your bun into place with bobby pins after gently slipping the bun maker over your ponytail. Hairspray will keep your appearance in place for a long time.

3. Buns in Space

Space buns are a simple natural hairdo.
For shorter lengths, double buns provide a sleek and trendy style. Verity is the photographer behind this image. Jane Smith is a woman who works as a
For shorter lengths, double buns are a sleek and trendy style; the even better news is that they aren’t too difficult to do.

Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner by Dove Amplified Textures
Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner by Dove Amplified Textures
Begin by evenly applying a decent leave-in conditioner, such as Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, to your hair. Then, part your hair in the middle with a comb, and create pigtails on either side of your head with elastics. To make your space buns, use bobby pins to neatly wrap and tuck your hair into two buns.

4. Easy natural hairstyles with fauxhawks: frohawk

A fake hawk is a terrific natural appearance that won’t make you jump out of your skin. Verity is the photographer behind this image. Jane Smith is a woman who works as a
A fauxhawk is one of those fantastic natural haircut ideas that isn’t too daring. And, while this style appears to be difficult to achieve, it isn’t. Begin by adding some styling gel to both sides of your head to achieve your look. Brush the sides of the head carefully and pin them into place with bobby pins to give it a mohawk-like appearance. Use vintage barrettes to assist dress up your style if you want to take it a step further.

5. Easy natural hairstyles with a head scarf: pineapple

Dress up your curls with a headscarf!
Gorgeous printed hair scarves spice up classic braids, twist outs, and pineapple updos without causing breaking or damage, making for an effortless and gorgeous appearance. Accessorizing is a terrific technique to keep your hair out of your face and is suitable for all hair types and textures.

6. Easy natural hairstyles with a double twist

You’ve got a new style with just a few twists in your hair!
If you’re running late for work but still want to look good, go for the double twist style. Simply twist two strands of hair together and clip them into a half-updo style. We adore this style because it gives the impression that the rest of your hair has more volume when you pin the twists down a little tighter and sleeker.

7. Boxer Braids with Twists are a simple natural hairdo. boxer braids twisted

Add a fun twist to your boxer braids.
Keeping with the ever-popular twist style, why not braid some twists into a stylish boxer braid? With this hybrid style that is sure to flatter, you can nail two trends at once. This style may be worn with a lob or any length longer than that.

8. Easy natural hairstyles with a head wrap head-wrap

A protective style that is both basic and effective. Shaquille Dunbar/Shaquille Dunbar/Shaquille Dunbar/Sha
A head-wrap is ideal for days when you want to give your hair a break from all forms of styling and just want to let it relax or soak in some leave-in conditioner. It’s one of our favorite types of protection.

9. Easy natural hairstyles with crown braids braided crown

If you like braids, this is the one for you. Shaquille Dunbar/Shaquille Dunbar/Shaquille Dunbar/Sha
A crown braid is ideal for girls who prefer larger braid types. With this braid, you’ll look like a queen. This look is perfect for the summer since it keeps your hair off your neck and keeps you cool even in the hottest temperatures.

10. Curls That Are Good For You

healthy curls with easy natural hairstyles
Maintain the health and happiness of your curls. Craig Alexander is the photographer for this image.
If all else fails, simply concentrate on maintaining your curls healthy and in good form. Apply The Good Stuff Hydration Butter to your hair before leaving the house to keep those gorgeous curls.








There you have it, 10 Easy Natural Hairstyles For Beginners You Should Know

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