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Frustrated with your damaged hair? Worried you might be damaging your hair with everyday things like washing, drying and styling? Today let’s talk about how to prevent hair damage or help the damaged hair you may already have!,Damaged Hair.

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Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Natural hair Blog! Here I share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all, we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

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Quick Tip❤️--> If you are experiencing lots of breakage or shedding... maybe you need to solve it from the inside out! I Remember I experienced shedding and breakage and when i strategically started taking specific vitamins it stopped (well, this supplement makes things soooo much easier instead of taking 5 vitamins a day, haha!). Or  you can try this hair formula which i think targets more hair problems. I helped me and I hope this tip helps you dear .

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

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My post-pregnancy

Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

hair is crazy. I lose such a lot of hair in the wake of having my infants and my regrowth isn’t something to try and kid about. (My beautician has disclosed to me it’s the most exceedingly terrible she’s consistently seen. Marvelous, haha!)

Thus, I attempt to take great consideration of my hair so it fills in solid and the hair that is left is solid! None of us needs harmed hair, particularly on the off chance that you have slim or fine hair to begin with!

Look at what’s in this post!

Step by step instructions to Prevent Damaged Hair – 9 Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Hair

In the event that you have harmed hair, or simply need to have better hair, here are 9 slip-ups that are making harmed hair and ways fix it!

My most cherished recordings!

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Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

1. Blow Drying Your Hair Too Much

I’m certain we as a whole expertise awful blow drying your hair can be for your hair – particularly on the off chance that you do it each and every day! Pursuing your whole head with your blow dryer as opposed to doing it segment by segment can likewise be tricky.

The most effective method to fix it:

Attempt to wash your hair each and every day to kill half of the blow drying you right now do.

Air dry your hair one day seven days. (Pick a day where you have additional time at home to allow it to dry before you style it!)

Area your hair off in areas when you do utilize blow dry it. (I own and love these clasps to effortlessly divide my hair for both blow drying just as styling.)

Utilize a hair dryer that advances sound hair utilizing cooler air or cutting edge innovation.

This is my air dried hair look! I add a touch of dry cleanser (discover the entirety of my tips for utilizing dry cleanser here) to give it some surface and volume.

Instructions to forestall hair harm

2. Utilizing Cheap Hair Tools

One thing I didn’t understand was what utilizing modest hair instruments was meaning for my hair.

At the point when your hair dryer isn’t exceptionally viable it makes you utilize more warmth for a more extended timeframe on your hair – accordingly drying it out and perhaps harming it much more.

Same goes for your level iron or hair curler. In case heat isn’t circulated as expected or it simply doesn’t function too, you’ll be compelled to go over a similar area various occasions to get it styled how you need. Minimal measure of warmth on your hair the better!

Step by step instructions to fix it:

Put resources into quality hair devices. This is something that might require some investment since man, the great ones are not modest! Watch out for deals and set aside your cash – trust me when I say it’s awesome.

What I use: I’ve been utilizing this styling wand threesome for just about a year now and it has changed my hair! It makes it such a great deal simpler to style and I in a real sense just do each segment once. I additionally utilize a similar brand’s hair dryer – Costco once in a while has them for way less cash so in case you’re a part, check there first!

3. Not Using a Heat Protectant

This is a very normal error that a ton of ladies make and surprisingly simpler to fix!

Warmth protectants assist with adding dampness to your hair which makes a defensive layer for when you’re blow drying or styling with heat.

Most warmth protectants are really double reason so they shield your hair from the warmth as well as add sparkle, surface or volume!

Step by step instructions to fix it:

Get a warmth protectant this is ideal for your hair and begin utilizing it! There are various alternatives for utilizing it on dry hair or wet hair – you might require both!

What I use: I’ve been utilizing this Bumble constantly splash throughout recent years and love it. It speeds up dry time, adds sparkle, eliminates frizz and is throughout my fav. There’s additionally 1k audits on it from loving fans so this one is a guardian! I additionally love R

The most effective method to forestall hair harm – utilize a warmth protectant

4. Wearing Tight Ponytails Every Day

The existence of a bustling lady implies bunches of braids, isn’t that so?

I had a companion who used to wear braids the entire day and the entire evening (in a real sense!). At the point when she went to her beautician for a cut, the beautician could tell precisely where she was wearing her pig tail due to all the breakage she was getting from it.

Instructions to fix it:

Lay off the top bunches and tight braids! 🙂

Utilize a harm free fastener or scrunchies whenever the situation allows. On the off chance that you like to lay down with pig tails in, the least you could do is utilize a scrunchie (and don’t wrap it excessively close!) to kill a portion of the erosion.

Decide on low, free buns when you need to get it up.

This haircut is certainly not something you should wear regular! 😉

bubble braid is an approach to cause harmed hair

5. A Bad Diet

This is most likely the main thing my beautician (Jenna from Cajah Salon) says to me when I request that her how get my hair to become quicker and be the best it tends to be.

Eating bad food, insufficient products of the soil and not drinking sufficient eating regimen will show itself in a greater number of spots than simply your waistline! Your hair, skin and nails will reflect what you put inside your body.

The most effective method to fix it:

Clearly eating an eating routine wealthy in vegetables, natural product, entire grains, and so on is critical to a sound eating regimen.

Ensure you’re getting fundamental unsaturated fats (like omega-3s) which can be found in salmon, fish, almonds, and so forth

Eat food varieties with Vitamins B6 (bananas, potatoes, spinach), B12 (meat, fish, dairy) and folic corrosive (new products of the soil, entire grain, beans).

Likewise lean meats (fish, chicken, eggs and soy) are additionally required for solid hair.

On the off chance that this appears to be excessively overwhelming, start with each part in turn. Include the food sources in that part and afterward add in the following and the following!

6. Too Hot Water When Washing

I’m 100% liable of this. Boiling water for your hair and body isn’t acceptable. It can dry it out and make it more inclined to breakage – precisely the thing we’re attempting to forestall!

Step by step instructions to fix it:

This present one’s simple – turn down that water temp! I realize it’s difficult to do however put forth a cognizant attempt to turn it down, even a tad!

instructions to forestall harmed hair

7. Utilizing the Wrong Brush on Wet Hair

Wet hair is considerably more powerless than dry hair so watch out! Getting a brush through wet hair to split it up can cause a ton of harm.

Step by step instructions to fix it:

Utilize a wide tooth brush (something as basic as this will do) or Wet Brush when your hair is wet.

In the event that your hair gets actually tangly, utilize the brush in the shower to work the conditioner through your hair. This can assist with delivering tangles simpler.

8. Not Using the Right Product

Did you know there’s item out there for practically each and every sort of hair and hair need?

So on the off chance that you have thick, straight hair you most likely don’t should utilize hair for fine, wavy hair. Utilizing some unacceptable item will make your hair not put it’s best self forward and normal occasions be really sound.

Instructions to fix it:

Converse with your beautician about what they suggest! They are the experts and get prepared in on all various types of brands and items. I ask my beautician each time I see her about what new item I ought to utilize. Your hair needs can change contingent upon climate, diet, how frequently you’re styling it, and so forth so your beautician ought to have the option to prescribe in the event that you need to add a hair cover, volumizing splash or whatever!

One thing to note – be wary if your beautician is continually attempting to sell you huge loads of new item every time you see them. My beautician is marvelous about seeing what I’m as of now utilizing and just adding something I truly need instead of simply up-selling me on the best in class. She ensures I go through what I purchased prior to suggesting an alternate item that does something comparable. That is the sort of beautician you need in your life!

9. Drying it With the Wrong Type of Towel

I did this for gracious, around 34 years. I in a real sense just purchased another towel and it has been the BEST.

Utilizing a commonplace shower towel and scouring your hair with it can cause a huge load of harm and breakage (otherwise known as not ideal particularly for those of us with post pregnancy hair!). Utilizing a delicate towel and tenderly squeezing it instead of cleaning it will do ponders.

Instructions to fix it:

Get a delicate, hair-explicit towel and start squeezing, not scouring!

What I use: I got this hair turban and it has been a distinct advantage! In addition to the fact that it dries my hair better it permits me to wrap it up without causing extra harm. At just $30, I enthusiastically suggest.

Step by step instructions to forestall harmed hair – utilize a slip silk pillowcase!

I’m certain we have all done or are as yet doing some of these errors that are bringing about harmed hair! I trust this assists you with being admirably headed to realize how forestall hair harm and having an astonishing hair day consistently!


Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

Have Damaged Hair? Stop Making These 9 Mistakes



There you have it, How To Grow Low Porosity Natural Hair

What helps you grow your low porosity hair?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!


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