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The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!

Will it work? chebe powder for hair growth? Yes,  if you have been curious about how to use chebe powder for hair growth then today we are talking all about it, grab some lemonade lets talk!

Before we just into it, Let me introduce myself if you're a newbie here!

Hi There! I am Queen, I would like to warmly welcome to my Natural hair Blog! Here i share great information and valuable tips that will help you maintain your natural hair, after all we all want a beautiful crown, right?! :)

I made a special page for you all (my lovely queens!) with helpful resources like coupon codes, discounts and products that will help you and me in our hair journey! I'll also be sharing different Best Selling Products for natural hair as i discover them!

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

chebe powder for hair growth has been seen tp help make natural hair strong, healthy, soft and moisturized so why not use it to your advantage and benefit from this great natural resource?!

The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!

The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!
The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!

Let’s not forget the fact that it helps you grow your natural hair and if you’re like me growing your hair is one of your hair goals.

So where did this chebe powder came from? Chebe powder originated from a tribe in the Chad Republic.

Yep, the women from this tribe have very long hair and attribute this to the chebe powder (Remember we also mentioned the rice water for natural growth a few weeks ago!).

What is Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder first came into the limelight when a blogger from the Chad Republic, Miss Sahel, discussed chebe powder and its origins(You can get it and read some reviews from here).

What are the Benefits of Chebe powder?

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using the  chebe powder in order for you to use it to the maximum result:

Chebe powder Helps Thickened Your hair!

By using the chebe powder like the chad women your hair will get thicker after using it for a while.

Everyone loves thick hair, right? Because your hair appears healthier and fuller.

By this process, in the long run, it will help your hair grow faster.

Who said hair loss?

Once you keep this routine and your hair become thicker, this also will make it less prone to breakage.

Then your hair follicles will also become stronger after using the powder for a long period of time.

Oh yes,  you will notice a significant decrease in shedding (I use to get worried about shedding girl), which is great if you are trying to grow out your hair.

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It makes sure to lock in the moisture

Moisture is one of the biggest issues for most naturals because out har is dry and brittle and most of the time it does not keep the moisture in well.

Chebe powder can help your hair retain the moisture for longer, resulting in healthy and shiny hair, yes, please!

If all of this is not enough, then you should keep your measuring tape close, as you will be able to see improved hair growth in no time.

While you keep using the powder you will notice your hair getting healthier, fuller and longer, and you will see the results in a short while.

It doesn’t hurt to try it out!

From what I see it is an inexpensive natural solution to give a boost of growth to your natural hair!

Chebe Powder  Ingredients

Chebe powder consists most of the time of these ingredients:

  • Lavender croton
  • Prunus Mahaleb  (Cherry plant)
  • Misic – used for fragrance
  • Mastic gum
  • Sudanese Khumra Perfume oil
  • Cloves

Although, some sellers include additional ingredients to make the powder work faster. 

Ingredients like cassia, fenugreek powder, amla powder, ginseng, burdock rootbabassu oilJamaican black castor oil, and so on.

Because those have additional ingredients included you should do a strand test a few days before the full application on your hair.

My pregnant queens, you may also want to exercise some caution with using chebe powder.

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How do I use chebe powder on my hair

People who struggle to grow out their hair have been using the chebe powder lately so here are the basic ways of usign it on your natural hair:

You should always do a test on a strand of hair and see if you have an allergic reaction to one of the chebe powder ingredients.

One other important note is to not let the powder get to your scalp, it might cause irritation and dandruff after prolonged use (yikes, no one wants those).

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Now that you are forewarned, let’s get to our methods!

Method #1: The Chebe powder and karkar oil method

In order for you to go about using this method, you are going to need chebe powder, karkar oil and shea butter.

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Once you get the above ingredients, follow these simple steps:

  1. Mix shea butter with karkar oil until you get a slightly liquid mixture. There should be enough to cover all of your hair.
  2. Section the hair and wet it. You can use a spray bottle to make it more convenient.
  3. Apply your mixture to the hair and then add the chebe powder on top. Do this to all of your sections and make sure the powder is not touching the scalp.
  4. When you feel like your hair is properly covered and moisturized, braid it up.
  5. Remove the excess oil from the braids and spray them with water.
  6. Leave the braids for up to 5 days, then unbraid the hair and repeat the process. If you notice buildup, wash your hair thoroughly before going through with the procedure. If all is fine, you can repeat the treatment without washing out the previous one.

Method #2: The LCO method and Chebe powder!

You can go ahead and do the LCO method where L stands for liquid, C stands for cream, and O stands for oil.

But instad of cream you will use the  Chebe paste, and this is how this method works:

Start by making a paste out of your chebe powder by adding the ingredients of your choice, such as natural oils, perfumes and butters.

  1. Moisturize your hair with some water.
  2. Apply the chebe paste to your hair. Cover all of it to the tips, but avoid the scalp.
  3. Leave the paste in for up to 3 hours.
  4. When the time is up, wash it off with water.
  5. Apply the oil of your choice to the hair and put it up in braids or twists.

In order to get the best results this process should be repeated every 5-7 days.

Method #3: The Overnight Chebe method

In order to get started with this method mix

  • mango butter
  • cocoa butter
  • jojoba oil and
  • honey
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until you get to your desired consistency and add a teaspoon of chebe powder.

Continue by applying the mixture to your hair, braid it and wrap it up to make sure it all stays in.

You can go ahead and wash it off in the morning and go about your day, or you can leave it in.

I think it might be best to wash it out, for the sake of the smell!

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Where Can you Buy Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder is available on Amazon via the direct supplier from the Chad Republic and I found it here.

He sells the 50 gm packs.

If you are thinking if its gonna be enough, since you’re gonna be using only 1 -2 teaspoons at a time, this should last you for a very long time and be more than enough.

You can find it, read the reviews and buy from Amazon anytime you feel ready (this seller is the one I am talking about).

Can Chebe Powder Make Hair Grow Faster?

Honestly, the chebe powder cannot make your hair grow longer or faster but it helps you retain moisture and make your natural hair stronger and less prone to hair shedding and hair falling.

One thing that I notice and you can too if you pay attention to the hair care regimen of the ladies from Chad, is that low manipulation is one of the things they do.

They act in three ways

  • Apply the powder
  • braid up their hair and
  • go about their business

If you can follow this 3 simple steps you then will be in the path of the chad ladies, growing your hair long and healthy!


The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!
The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!

There you have it, The Mystical Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Revealed!

Will you try the chebe powder?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen