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15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

What are some black hair growth secrets that you can’t live without? Well, As I went natural I started searching for ways to keep my natural hair looking healthy and still growing.

Possible? Yes! So today we are talking about some common black hair growth secrets that might sound simple yet they can be super effective!


15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

I have noticed that most black women seem to suffer from shoulder-length hair syndrome.

The symptoms of this chronic hair disease are chronic hair breakage that at the final end leads to shoulder-length hair.

That’s the reason many of us just like are stuck at shoulder length. Ugh the length that was unpassable!

I mean I was daydreaming if the day I would finally pass it! Have you given up on the idea of attaining longer hair that reaches beyond your shoulders?

Many black women who suffer from chronic hair breakage seem to believe that long, healthy black hair is impossible to retain.

Is there some sort of secret trick to gaining long hair for African American women?

There is NO secret to growing long, healthy African American hair.

When it comes to short natural hair there are two things that could be the cause:

  1. Incorrect knowledge and
  2. poor grooming techniques.

The best way to grow natural black hair is to become knowledgeable of hair growth facts, and routinely practice what you have learned.

You need to ask yourself simple questions such as

  • How have you been styling your natural hair?
  • How often are you cleansing your hair?

People tend to associate hair growth to hair texture or even special hair products which is not all that true.

But due to that, we are constantly seeking a hair product that will miraculously correct all of our curly hair problems.15 Best Diy Deep Conditioner For Damaged Hair

Here is the thing, choosing a good hair product can make a difference in the softness, and texture of the hair strand, but using hair products alone will not make your hair grow faster, nor longer, sorry!

Although this is not what you might want to hear, this is one of the biggest myths about black hair growth.

Five Top Myths About Black Hair Growth:

1. Our Black hair cannot grow super long… come on!!
2. Clipping the ends will make your hair grow faster.. it helps but that’s not the main reason!
3. Black hair growth involves expensive hair products… chale I don’t use super expensive ones and my hair grows..!
4. Black hair growth involves hair vitamins.. they do help but that’s not the only thing you need!
5. Black hair needs grease and oils on the scalp to grow… nope!

The Real SECRET to hair growth is knowledge and patience.

I am here to tell you that if I was able to grow my natural hair, YOU can grow yours too! Here are some interesting facts about our hair!

Five Top Facts About Black Hair Growth:

1. Our Black hair CAN grow super long, oh yeah sis!
2. Your hair grows from the scalp, not the ends so care for both!
3. When it comes to long black hair .. water is involved so drink it (runs to fill my glass of water!)
4. Your hair is always growing .. just that it’s also breaking at the same time.. :/
5. hmmm Grease and oils on the scalp can stunt hair growth…

So now that you know this much encouraging facts about your hair I’m sure you’re ready to grow it super long!

But hold on, there is something preventing your hair from growing.. let’s have a look at 3 reasons why your black hair is not growing:

  1. Chemical and/or heat overload (overprocessing)
  2. Lack of moisture/ inadequate moisturization (not enough water on hair)
  3. Too much manipulation/tension (comb, brushes, styling tools)

Hey, girl, don’t be disappointed yet! Let’s get into some black hair growth secrets to help you boost your hair growth!

15 Black hair growth secrets that you wish you knew!

1// Maintain a balanced scalp pH.

The natural pH of your scalp is between 4.5 – 5.5, the ideal acidity for preventing fungi and bacteria that can inflame the scalp, slow hair growth, and even cause hair loss.

Be sure to check the pH of your hair products and avoiding alkali products (with a very high pH.)

Oils such as Jojoba oil is an excellent way to balance scalp pH, since it mimics the pH of your natural scalp oils.

Vitamin E oil also helps balance scalp pH and repairs damage to your hair follicles.

2// Wash And Condition Regularly

Moisture is what makes your hair flexible and keeps it from breaking.
From what I know, water is the only thing that provides this level of moisture.
So make sure you wash and condition your hair once every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it healthy, hydrated & strong.
You can use sulfate-free shampoos conditioner because sulfates tend to strip your hair of its good natural oils.

3// Reduce inflammation and infection.

This one is a no-brainer: the healthier your scalp, the easier your hair can grow.

Try something like Jamaican black castor oil which is effective at warding off infections. Essential oil such as lavender, orange, and lemon are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

I also love Apple cider vinegar rinses because it can kill off bacteria and reduce inflammation (as a bonus, ACV is also ideal for restoring your scalp pH if it is unbalanced.)

How To Moisturize And Seal Natural Hair For Real!

4// Promote blood circulation to your scalp.

Blood circulation feeds your hair follicles with the oxygen, nutrients, and minerals they need to grow.

If you want to increase blood circulation try head massages, regular stretching, and yoga!

Many essential oils, such as lavender essential oil, increase blood circulation to the scalp.

5// Clarify and exfoliate

If you use a lot of styling products you need to clarify your hair.
Your hair follicles need oxygen to grow, so that’s why you need to make sure your scalp can breathe.
If you shampoo every two weeks or less often, consider using a cowash or doing apple cider vinegar treatments (I love this Aztec Clay Official Premium Mask Set by Etana Beauty) in-between washes to reduce product buildup and exfoliate your scalp.

6// No Heat! Air Dry Instead

Using blow dryers and flat irons dries your hair and causes split ends, damage, and breakage. If you use blow dryers stick to then no heat settings. Silk Or Satin Scarf Or Pillowcase. 
When you toss and turn at night your hair rubs against cotton pillowcases that dry your hair out.
Protect your hair with a silk or satin scarf or pillowcase.
These retain moisture and keep your natural hair oils in your hair – not your bedding.

7// Don’t overwash.

Yeah, I mentioned that you need to wash and exfoliate your scalp but shampoo has an alkali pH, which can offset the normal pH of your scalp.
What it does is that it strips your hair of sebum, which is essential in maintaining the normal pH of your scalp.
You shouldn’t shampoo more than once per week always using a gentle shampoo that won’t strip your hair of sebum.

The Ultimate Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair Growth Guide!

8// Reduce stress.

Stress can cause your hair to fall out so… reducing stress will reduce hair loss and reduce physical tension in your scalp, which can stunt hair growth.
Try to find what works for you because we all function differently, whether it’s singing, spending time with friends, dancing, or spending time outside.
These activities are universally helpful in reducing stress: exercise, sleep, yoga, meditation, and essential oils.

9// Change your diet.

Your hair needs vitamins, nutrients, and protein to grow. While you can add them to your hair topically, they must be present in your diet as well. Eat foods rich in protein, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, biotin, and niacin.
 If your calorie intake is too low, your body will limit the nutrients and energy allocated to hair growth. So don’t go on diet but change it for the best!

10// Exercise regularly!

Yeah, I too need to catch up on this one !!
Exercise is one of the best ways to follow many of these other tips.
It reduces stress and promotes blood circulation and oxygen/nutrient flow to the scalp. Sweat itself helps exfoliate the scalp and unclog hair follicles.

11// Hydrate Your Hair Daily

Dry hair is one of the biggest culprits of breakage that prevents retaining ethnic hair growth and length.
Our hair type is dry by nature and needs a lot of moisture to stay supple.
Counter this with daily leave-in moisturizers (not hair grease) such as shea butter and a water-based humectant. Ensure you hydrate every part of your hair, from root to tip.
Moisturized hair is more elastic, less prone to breakage, and less prone to tangles.
This will all help you retain length as your hair grows.How To Build A Night Routine For Hair Growth That Works!

12// Trim your hair regularly.

Those split ends and single strand knots lead to tangles and dryness, which in turn cause breakage.

They can even increase hair loss by making it impossible for you to detangle your hair gently.

Trim your hair every few months (3-4 times a year) to keep your ends healthy and retain length.

13// Drink enough water.

If you are dehydrated or under-hydrated on a regular basis, your body will ration less moisture to your hair. This results in dry hair.

Make sure you drink 64 ounces (8 glasses) of water a day for healthy and soft hair.

Girl, that’s hard tho!!! Let’s do it!

14. Deep condition your hair

Try and deep condition your hair after every wash especially with ingredients that promote hair growth.

15. Avoid chemicals & color that strip your hair

You should avoid chemicals such as sulfates, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol alcohol, polyethylene glycol or that coat your hair without moisturizing it like mineral oil.

Such ingredients make your hair more brittle and prone to breakage.

You should watch out for treatments also, some might strip moisture out of your hair, and increase your likelihood of breakage and hair loss.

15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

There you have it, 15 Spicy Black Hair Growth Secrets To Wow Everyone!

What is your black hair growth secret?!

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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