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Best Cutting Natural Hair Tips for Trim Hair at Home

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Have you ever wondered what are the Best Cutting Natural Hair Tips for Trim Hair at Home? What if trimming your natural hair can actually have some benefits? Today I’m sharing with you the fundamentals on learning how to trim your natural hair easily!


So, The big question is…

Bellow are some of the best cutting natural hair tips for trim hair at home!

Trimming natural hair at home! When is the best time for a trim?

Best cutting natural hair tips for trim hair at home

  1. Trimming natural hair at home with dry ends

    You may have been doing all the right things, deep conditioning your natural hair, protein treatments are on the table, moisturizing your natural hair every day and night yet your ends seem dry. This is a indication that you may be in need of trimming.

  2. Thin twists towards the end

    If you see your so loved twists thinning at the ends then you sure need a trim! The ends of our hair is the oldest strand therefore when you see thin ends is a sign of trim bell calling you !

  3. Difficulty in detangling

    We all know that detangling takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes is may be easy and sometimes difficult. But there is a certain time that you can sense that your hair use to respond better to detangling. Then is when you have to start thinking of the possibility of a trim

Is there a limit in how often I can a get a trim?

Logically, our hair should grow ½ inch per month. If you trim less than that often then there is a possibility that you will still gain some growth while keeping your ends healthy. There is no limit to how often someone can trim their hair but one thing we must know is that we want to achieve a result and you have to use wisdom in order to get positive results rather than negative ones.

If You are aiming for a short cut then trimming often is going to be a great deal for you, that way you will achieve health and style at the same time! Many of us want to achieve some length and health, that is when I would recommend that you document your trimming habits and trim as needed.

Can I use any scissors to trim my hair?

Best way to trim natural hair for growthI highly recommend that you use a[eafl id=”1948″ name=”hair scissors” text=”professional hair cutting scissors”] due to the fact that they are specially designed and made for trimming every type of hair and they are sharp enough to give the maximum result. Meanwhile using any regular scissor for your trims you may end up creating more harm than good!

Trust me, better be safe than crying over split ends! So the bottom line to this question is always use hair cutting scissors for great results that will give you the desired hair health and growth!
Happy hair is a happier you! No wonder choosing the right scissor is among the list of the Best cutting natural hair tips for trim hair at home!

Best cutting natural hair tips for trim hair at home: Can I trim my hair on wet hair?

I personally don’t trim my hair when it’s wet. Why? Because natural hair shrinks when it’s wet and you may end up cutting more than what you intended to cut. But there are some advantages of cutting your hair while wet and that’s a easier and manageable process! Yes, Natural hair is easier to work with while wet.

Does trimming work best with straight or curly hair?

Depends on your most weared styles. If you wear your hair straight most of the time I recommend trimming while your hair is straight and dry. Because trimming on curly hair may leave the hair uneven and it will surely show when you get your hair straight.
If you in the other hand wear your hair curly most of the time and you don’t mind you could give trimming on curly natural hair a try!

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What are some ways to straighten/stretch natural hair before trimming?

We are aiming for health right now and there are many ways to stretch natural hair.

Without heat:

  • Bantu knots
  • Braids outs or braiding
  • Roller sets and air-drying
  • Curl-formers work great for stretching natural hair

Using heat:

  • Flat ironing natural hair
  • Blowout on your natural hair

Can I trim my natural hair while wearing a style?

Yes! If the style you are wearing falls into this category you can surely trim your hair while in that style. Trimming in two strand twists or braids (with your own natural hair)
while having your hair is a medium size twists/braids you can take each twist and trim the ends of it. This style is perfect indicator of thin twists/braids.

difference between trimming and dusting your natural hairEasy to trace thin ends and get rid of them. There is a disadvantage which is the fact that you are not working with even hair with this technique. So if you are aiming for even hair after your trim this technique is not for you!

What is the difference between trimming and dusting your natural hair?

Best cutting natural hair tips for trim hair at home: Trimming natural hair is what you do most of the time to get a really good cut and get rid of dead ends or split ends rapidly. Most of use use the trimming method in order to save time and achieve maximum result.

Dusting your natural hair is a method where you go ahead and clip a very small amount of your hair. Most of the women that choose this method are targeting longer hair rather than health so by dusting your ends you are in the safe side in both ways!

What are some tips for less trimming?

If you want to trim your hair less and benefit from this Best cutting natural hair tips for trim hair at home then this tips bellow are for you!

  1. Use protective styles in order to protect your entire hair and ends and in results less trimming.
  2. Use less heat and air dry after your washes. That way your hair and ends will not be over manipulated. ( If you use excessive heat or over manipulate your hair I recommend trimming your hair more often. 2 to 3 months is a good time range)


  1. Evaluate your hair and check when is the best time for you to get trims.
  2. Set your trimming limits in order to achieve your hair goal.
  3. Get the right equipment’s which is a good hair scissor.
  4. Decide if you will trim on wet or dry hair.
  5. Choose a trimming style or section your hair and start trimming using the trim or dusting method!

If you ever wondered how to grow your natural hair this 3 tips will help you grow your natural Long Hair Fast!

Happy trimming!

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