18 Braids Hairstyles that will Rock your World!

18 Braids Hairstyles that will Rock your World!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by The Blessed Queens

Braids hairstyles are great for a protective style and a styling break!

Here i was sitting and thinking of my next great hairstyle! If you are like me you already know the struggle of changing styles often and since i’ve done all the braid outs for the summer i am in the hunt for a great protective style!

What better than braids hairstyles!

I personally love bob styles and stumbling across this lovely styles i couldn’t but use a bob hairstyle as my go to thumbnail!

I mean look at this style! Love it! So Let’s check out this amazing hairstyles that surely rocked my world and will do the same for yours 🙂


Braids Hairstyles… Here we go!

18 Braids Hairstyles that will Rock your World!

We will check 3 braids hairstyles according to each lenth, feel free to try any depending on your desired length:

Short/Bob braids hairstyles

Bob Box Braids (Tight Roots)

I Love her hair cut first of all but she did a amazing job with this box braids tutorial! I love the way she gives us details and each tool was shown nicely.

Although i’m not a fan of extensions she describes exactly how and why she sectioned in that amount which is perfect for every one that wants in-depth understanding to why and how to section our hair for this style!

Lob Or Bob Braids

In this Box braids tutorial the sizes asre a bit larger and i love the color and shape! If you are a color lover then this type of braids is for your taste!

Make sure you follow her instructions to get the desired result! Notice they all use similar tools!

How to Style a Box Braid Bob 8 Ways!!!

I Love mona and her styles! This tutorial is to show us that we can style short and long box braids!

I Love the fact that she shares different styles if you already have this length of braids!

Just be creative and give your braids some love with this styles as she shared!

Purple bob box braids | Lioness Davis

Okay, This braids are for the bold in heart and ofcourse the color lovers! I love the shape and although its a bit longer it surely will fit dark/light skin women!

If you dont have time to go to the saloon then try this tutorial and learn how to braid by yourself. She did it for the first time and she did great!


You cant go wrong with bob braids styles! I love this size and the gold “beads” she has on!

Our black is beautiful !!

What we think of this look? We think she did great and it looks lovely with the off shoulder top!

Hottest PURPLE BOB Box Braid

Her personality is something else 🙂 But hair hairstyle is everything i must say!

This style looks really nice and she plays around with different beads colors. This is to show that this style has no limit! Purple with black so be it!

Medium- Long braids hairstyles

Jumbo Box Braids Tutorial | MISSKENK

Now we are talking large braids right there! If you want more length with your hair then this style will suit your needs.

Very detailed tutorial on how she section and connect the hair to get the desired result.

The sectioning is on point in my opinion! (shhh i need to send this to my sister to save her life on sectioning 😉


If you grew up in the 90s you know exactly where this styles are coming from! Those shades took this styles to another level!

If you have long braids in mind this tutorial is great to get some style ideas in order to keep it as long as possible and enjoy it as the same time!

How I Style BOX BRAIDS | 8 Quick Hairstyles

From what i am seeing purple is really a popular color when it comes to braids! This tutorial is all about styling longer purple (okay this works with any color!) braids.

Box Braids – Quick & Easy Styles | Just Ana

I love how neat and put together her braids look! If you are in school then this styles will surely meet your need!

Styling them seem so fun but maintaining them is important as well so think twice!

TOP 7 Hairstyles For Box Braids/Senegalese Twist!

We dive straight into the styles and we love the fist style, easy and beautiful! This works with braids and twists so for those that love twists this is calling you name!


Wow this braids are super long! If you can pull them off i salute 😉

Inspired from different celebrities here are few styles you could try for much longer braids! I think they all look great although it needs some time to get all that hair into the sections!


I just love side parting and this styles does it justice. I think this braids looks absolutely fantastic

Top knot bun with braids are really popular and they look great, cant wait for my hair to grow some more to try them!

Box Braids Hair-styles

Okay if you have some spare time go get some large and long braids and try this styles!

I personally don’t have that’s time but they came really nice,

Can you imagine all natural long hair rocking this styles in braids?! I Love it!

30 Box Braids Styles !

so many styles in a video! The options are endless! a style for each day of the week 🙂 from top bun to bow braid styles and even low buns!

I Love the side braids to give yourself a break from all the top styles as well! Check them out and let me know what was your favorite?!


This tutorial shows us how to get our hair braided from start to finnish! If you have watch all the videos above and you still cant figure out how to braid to save your life, my sister sit and watch this tutorial as well!

Her braids came out amazing and i love them!

Medium triangle box braids

Triangle parting looks super neat and nice! I think this style is easy and time caring due to the fact that the braids are not so small.

I would go for them if i was a beginner in braiding!


Last but not least, the rubber method. Honestly this looks easy and the results awesome!

I haven’t try this before but seem to be a nice style for a change! Have you tried this type before?

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