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Singleness quotes are the best way to refill your spirit when dough come in. We Need to understand that Singleness is a gift and make the best out of it.

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Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue!

Today we will check 16 singleness quotes that will fill our spirit with hope and faith knowing that things will workout for our good.

You are not alone, I am not alone, and that is why we should always encourage each other and help each other!

Singleness quotes

Being single is smarter!

singleness quotes

Singleness quotes #1 Brief:

Many people just jump into relationships and end up in the wrong one. Is being single a smart decision after all?

It is much better to be Single and happy than being with the wrong person. Many go through this silently.

Don’t be one of them.

The Rejected stone

singleness quotes

I can recall so many stories and things i’ve heard of people being rejected by others that makes me question if there is real love at times.

The thing we have to know is that sometimes rejection is part of God’s plan in order to protect us from something harmful that was awaiting!

So see that rejection you got from that guy, that job, that family member as a way of God protecting you today.

Your tomorrow is gonna be better.

My Love Story will be great!

singleness quotes

Don’t we all see our single life as a moment of prayer and fasting in order for God to bring us the perfect partner?!

But wait a minute, God could be busy writing your love story while he prepare you during this season.

So take a seat and enjoy the ride! Your Love story is going to be one of the best ones!

Doubtful relationship? No please!

singleness quotes

When we talk about being in a relationship we always think about the good side. But listen, there are some things many wont tell you when they are in that situation.

One of it is being in a doubtful relationship. Trusting someone is the ultimate ingredient and without it peace cannot abide.

So be happy if you are single rather than being with someone and doubting every moment.

It’s not worth it!

Waiting for the one!

singleness quotes

Waiting for the one is the best thing you could do. Many of us compromise out will for settlement. You should be happy with what God has given you.

Take this moment of singleness to build yourself up while waiting for that right one person.

Be Happy, Love your single life!

singleness quotes

If we all was expecting happiness from someone else, we would have been sad and miserable! The only person that can give you true happiness is Jesus Christ and what you have to learn is that if you are not happy NOW while single then you wont be happy in a relationship. Point blank!

Learn to appreciate and enjoy your own life. Love it and love who you are. The God will allow you to share that love with a spouse rather than expecting love from him.

You need someone worth the try!

singleness quotes

Dont you get tired wasting your precious time and heart with people that dont really value you but just want to benefit from you?

You need someone worth the try that will appreciate and love you for who you really are!

So be patient and trust God for the absolute best!

He don’t deserve me but it’s OKAY!.. Really?!

singleness quotes

If you dont know your worth, let me tell you who you are! You are precious daughter of the King! He died for you so you may be happy and live for Him.

Someone that deserves you knows exactly who you are and values you for that exact reason.

Sometimes waiting may take longer than expected but it’s totally worth it at the end!

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You are reserved for the best!

singleness quotes

Your heart is so precious and what you have to know is that you are single for a reason. There is someone out there that deserves a woman like YOU! Someone is praying for someone like you!

Just pray for God’s patience, He will bring him very soon!

You have the best gift

singleness quotes

You have the best gift right now! Your singleness. Learn to enjoy, seek and grow as a person as you mature the Lord is working on him to prepare both of you for His glory!

Don’t play with Love!

singleness quotes

You can choose to play around with your heart or learn from this quote and look to God rather than playing around finding love.

Many of us think that praying for love is the secret, but sadly it’s not!

God’s will for your life will come to pass even if you make the worst mistakes. he knows the beginning from the end and all he wants from you is to trust and obey.

Singleness is not your status!

singleness quotes

Are you siting all alone, crying for companion? Then you haven’t understand the meaning of singleness.

You are stronger than you think. What you need to do is empower yourself and live  your life depending on no one but Christ.

He will come through for you!

Trust the process, He got you!

singleness quotes

This can be hard! Oh so hard! I have been through some hard times and who ever told you it’s easy was lying to you.

The process might be painful, tearful, sadful (if that’s a word), lonely… But what you have to always remember is that things will eventually get better. You will heal again. Time is what you need.

Learn to trust God during the good and bad times, trust the process. He got you dear!

Okay, I’m single..i need LOVE!!

singleness quotes

Look, Let me tell you. You don’t need love, sorry! This singleness quotes is for you!

You need time to work on yourself before love finds you. We all need the time to learn from our past mistakes and grow as individuals. Don’t expect to be perfect for that perfect love. Take this God given time to work on yourself and become a better version of YOU!

Serve God and He will lead you to him

singleness quotes

Our minds are often moved by what we are expecting that we forget what really matters. It was never the job of Eve to find Adam, Seriously!

God brought her to him.

Expect God to do the same thing for you while you serve Him with all your heart. He is faithful.

Every Girls dream..

singleness quotes

Come on Ladies 🙂 Let’s face the truth! Laughter is good! Be Happy!

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